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Chapter 11: Dehydration

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Chapter 11: Dehydration

written by Joie

added on: 21 Dec 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

DELIA: (wipes eyes) No, it's okay. I really think I should just...move on. Past it. Don't you?

RICKIE: Well, you'll probably save yourself a lot of heartache over it, yeah.

DELIA: Actually, I know this sounds really weird, after I just said I liked Brian and everything, but there is this other guy I know. He's really nice.

RICKIE: Oh yeah?

DELIA: Yeah, he's in my art class, his name's Corey. Corey Helfrick, I think. Do you know him?

RICKIE: (face falls slightly) Uh, yeah. Kind of. He's- he's painting the scenary. For 'Our Town'. He's- he's nice.

DELIA: Anyway, he asked me, a couple of times, if I wanted to, you know, come and help paint scenary, and I mean, I know he probably asks lots of people, I mean, you're painting scenary aren't you?


DELIA: So, I mean, just coz he asked me to paint, it doesn't necessarily mean anything, but still. I might come along, you know. After school.


DELIA: I'll see you later. (Exit)

RICKIE: Yeah, later.

RAYANNE: (kisses RICKIE) What's up with you?

RICKIE: Nothing. Where've you been?

RAYANNE: She give you the flick?

RICKIE: No. Anyway, it's definately not anything like that. We're just friends. She's nice.

RAYANNE: Uh huh. Oh well. So, what are we doing tonight?

RICKIE: Uh, nada.

RAYANNE: Come on Rickie, we haven't done anything in ages! My life is, like, starting to dehydrate or something.

RICKIE: Well, what do you suggest? (notices RAYANNE's mischevious grin) Though, that's probably a bad question.


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