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Chapter 12: Sharon Tells It Like it Is to Angela

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Chapter 12: Sharon Tells It Like it Is to Angela

written by Lexy

added on: 28 Dec 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela is at her locker, Sharon walks over
Sharon: Angela, hi, could I, um , like, talk to you for a minute?
Angela(VO): I knew where this was going. After she betrayed me, she, like, became friends with Sharon or whatever.
Sharon: I don't know if Rickie's already, like, told you this or not, but, Rayanne is, like, so close to hitting absolute, like, rock bottom *again* that it's not even funny. She's probably, like, hurting even more than you are.
Angela: Get to the point, Cherski.
Sharon: My point is, both *you* and *Rayanne* need each other in your lives. Rayanne needs you the most. You've always been there when she's gotten herself into the worst situation, like, ever. Last week, she was in the bathroom sobbing,like, hysterically because she lost, and I quote, "The best friend I ever had." Rickie's even told *me* that she's been going to these, like, totally wild parties or whatever and like just absolutely, like, getting plastered just to numb the pain.
Angela: And the moral of this little sugar coated lesson is?
Sharon: That you *both* need each other in your lives for support, both moral and emotional.
Angela: Fine, I'll talk to her.

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