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Chapter 13: Angela says no, hesitantly

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Chapter 13: Angela says no, hesitantly

written by Amy

added on: 25 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: So, what do you think? About living together. Do you wanna?

AngelaVO: I ,like, can't believe he just asked that. Does he think that we could live together. We don't even work. I'm not even OLD enough to work.
Angela: God, Jordan, I... I can't.

Jordan: Well, why not?

Anglela: I'm fifteen. My parents would kill us...

Jordan: You still care about what they think?

Angela: (shaking her head slowly) No. I just... I think it's too soon. Besides, it's illegal. Wouldn't you ,um,go to jail or something, because you're eighteen?

Jordan: (realization dawning) Oh yeah.


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