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Chapter 10: Angela and Jordan happy together!!!

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Chapter 10: Angela and Jordan happy together!!!

written by LuvMSCLJordan

added on: 26 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: "Jordan, I really appreciate you trusting me enough to, like, you know, share and everything...(Looks at watch)-But it's getting late, and you know my parents are relatively psycho about my curfew lately and..."
Jordan: "It's okay...just knowing that, there for me is enough...I'll take you home. One more thing?"
Angela: VO:"Anything you say..." Actually says: "What??"(grins)
Jordan: "Do you that Brian guy???"
Angela: "WHAT??? (laughs) Why on earth would you think that??? He's just a friend... I like you, Jordan.."
Jordan: (looks at Angela in relief) "You, er, like mean that?"
Angela: VO: "At this moment, I am so totally amazed that this gorgeous guy is-gasp!-insecure about losing me!!!! Ah, complete bliss!!" Actually says: "Of course!!!"
Jordan: "Great.. and one more thing??"
Angela: VO: "This is my absolute dream come true. Jordan Catalano voluntarily having a complete and total conversation with me...Does he realize that he's like completely being open and sharing????" Actually says: "Mmmmhmmm?"
Jordan: "I think you know, I mean...I'm not sure if you do..but, before we go, I have to let you know one more thing...(blurts out quickly, like he's unsure how to say what he's saying) "I didn't write the letter..."
Angela: VO: "I wonder if I should act shocked. I mean, I AM shocked that he's admitting this, but I KNOW he didn't write it..."
Jordan: "You knew that already, right???"
Angela: "Yeah, I kinda had a feeling..."
Jordan: (still looks worried) "I had that kid Brian write it..."
Angela: VO: "Please say because you thought you would never be able to find the right words"
Jordan: "because I couldn't find the words"
Angela: VO: "Yes!"
Jordan: "to, um, tell you how I , like feel about you.. how I've always felt"
Angela: VO: "Wow, Jordan's expressing his feelings!!!Yea!!!" Actually says: "You have to know that anything YOU say to me, means a lot."
Jordan: (continues with his sweet speech) "I had to tell you important you are to me, so that you would know..and you'd know, yeah, and..and I was so, er, ummmm.. (pause) scared that you would-"
Angela: VO: "Did Jordan Catalano just say he was scared?? Like he's been thinking about me all this time??? Ohmygosh!!!"
Jordan: "that you, uh, would never forgive me..."
Angela: (smiles really brightly) "But you just told me..."
Jordan: "Told you what?"
Angela: "How you feel!" (giggles)
Jordan: "Oh, uh, yeah, right" (laughs)
Angela: "I totally forgive you!" (they hug) "And what you just said... (grins) was the most amazing thing..."
Jordan: "Better than the letter????"
Angela: VO: "I can't believe that he's so unsure of himself. Is it not completely obvious how much I like him??? Wow! This is so amazing!!!" Actually says: "A thousand times better than that letter...because what you just said, came from you, and you're who I---love" (Angela looks away)
Angela: VO: "I said I love him...oh my gosh... I didn't mean to say it!!! I mean, I feel it, of course, but what's he gonna do now???: (Angela gets the nerve to gaze back at Jordan)
Jordan: (In the most surprising event ever) "I uh, yeah, um..ll--oo--vv-e, (Jordan blushes) you too..."
Angela: VO: "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.........I have never ever been this happy...Wow! In my humble opinion, the rest of my life will ultimately be downhill from here. This is the best day of my life! Jordan Catalano just said he loves me..."
Jordan: "OK, uh, yeah (they both smile)-you have to get home... Let's go"
Angela: (Giggles) "O.K. You know, I am so happy about what you said! I am just so happy...I can't believe we wasted so much time!"
Jordan: "Thank you"
Angela: "For what?" VO: "Could it get any better than this?"
Jordan: "For being HOW YOU ARE"
-They are both silent on the ride home, but can't keep from staring at each other. Jordan is driving with his left hand on the steering wheel and his right arm around Angela. Angela is happy and Jordan is nervous neither know what to say next...

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