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Chapter 11: De Ja Vu !

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Chapter 11: De Ja Vu !

written by Kay

added on: 10 May 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: OK. So we're, like here now.
Angela: Yep. We're here.
(After that deep conversation before, they are both lost for words.)
Angela: So see ya.
Jordan:Wait! (Jordan leans towards Angela and kisses her tenderly.)
AngelaVO: This is like so much more than a kiss. I feel like we're soul mates. I think he's actually gonna miss me for those few hours that we're going to be apart!)
Angela: Well, I guess I better go now.
Jordan: OK. Bye!
Angela watches as Jordan drives away. When the car is out of sight she dances to her door and disappears behind it.

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  1. The next morning:
    Chapter 12: Enquiries by Joie (24 Jun 2001)
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  2. Later that night:
    Chapter 12: Hold Onto What You Have by Joie (30 Nov 2001)
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