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Chapter 10: Bitter Irony

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Chapter 10: Bitter Irony

written by Joie

added on: 06 Apr 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Enter RAYANNE. She regards RICKIE curiously.)

RAYANNE: What's the matter with you?

RICKIE: Nothing!

RAYANNE: (shrug.) Okay, okay.

RICKIE: By the way, Angela, before I forget, Corey asked me to tell you he wants to talk to you.

ANGELA: What about?

RICKIE: (shrug.) Something to do with painting I think.

ANGELA: Oh God! He probably wants me to come and do more painting after school. For that Our Town thing.

RAYANNE: Hey, it's not a "thing". It's a play.

(ANGELA and RICKIE regard RAYANNE, stunned.)

ANGELA: Wow, you're, like, really into this now.

RAYANNE: Yeah, well, the amount of time I'm giving up for this thing, you better believe it. I mean, if this thing flops... I'll have, like, *wasted* so much time.

RICKIE: Try and think of it as... as a positive experience, Rayanne.

RAYANNE: What, this is coming from the boy with his eyeliner halfway down his face?

ANGELA: You guys... look, wait, what am I going to do about Corey? I don't like him anymore.

RAYANNE: Well you should just...

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