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The Interactive FanFiction Story

One of the longest-running fanfiction stories on the 'net.

Chapter 7: The Non-event, and all that came after

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Chapter 7: The Non-event, and all that came after

written by Jamie

added on: 10 Nov 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Angela pushes Jordan away suddenly)

Ang: Jordan!
Jor: What? Isn't this what you wanted?
Ang: No, I just...I...oh I don't know. I just don't know, okay? (She turns and glares)
Jor: (Leaning back into his chair and sighing deeply) Jeez, whatever you say.
Ang: Look, can we just, like, drive, or something?
Jor: You're behind the wheel.
Ang: (glares again, and gets out of the car.) Fine. I'll walk.

(She walks away from the car, slower, and slower.)

AngVOC: Do you know how irritating it is when you've planned something out in your head, and it's, like, totally different in reality? Like why isn't he following me and pulling me back, or something?

(Camera pans out to show her walking away from the car, still moving slower and slower. Eventually, she realises he's not coming, and so starts to run down the road.)

(Cut to the next day. Rayanne is chasing Ricki down the hall)

Ray: I swear to you, I, like, totally swear, Jordan told Tino and Tino told me.
Ric: She wouldn't do that! Why do you have to believe everything that guy says?
Ray: I'm telling you she did! She DID sleep with him!
(The hall suddenly goes quiet and people look at them. Rayanne nervously pushes her hair back. Ricki looks around and sighs.)
Ric: Did you ever learn the meaning of tact?
Ray: Oh just shut up. It's the truth, even if you don't believe me.
(Rayanne walks away, and crashes into Cory who is holding a handful of paintbrushes and an abstract picture.)
Cor: What the--oh, Rayanne. Hi.
Ray: Hi. (she looks at Ricki, then at Cory. Then she moves away down the coridoor. Cory looks after her distractedly, and then suddenly spots Ricki.)
Cor: Is she, like, always like that?
Ric: Usually, but it's probably her time of the week.
Cor: Time of the week?
Ric: Most girls have that excuse once every four weeks. Rayanne's special. In the best sense of the word.
Ric: Anyway, so I should, like, probably be going.
RicVOC: Why did I say that? Why couldn't I just leave it? Why does it have to be me who says everything? What is it with him, can't he talk?
Cor: Sure. (he moves to go, but then looks back.)
Ric: Did you want something else?

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