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Chapter 14: Only Today

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Chapter 14: Only Today

written by Joie

added on: 13 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman


ANGELA at her locker.

ANGELA (VO): Sometimes, it's so strange to think that I even *was* friends with Rayanne Graff. Like this distant memory from your childhood? It doesn't seem real.

ANGELA slams shut her locker, and walks along the hallway. As she passes a RANDOM CLASSROOM, she looks in, and sees:


ANGELA, RAYANNE and RICKIE are giggling about something. ANGELA herself steps into the room to try and see what they are doing. FLASHBACK RAYANNE looks around, but doesn't see her. ANGELA sees that they are holding a notebook diary.

FB RAYANNE: Listen to this... (reads) Tried to see C.H.'s pants in gym, but she was wearing bike pants!

FB RICKIE: Ew! Who's is that?

FB ANGELA: Who's C. H?


FB ANGELA: Oh, right.

FB RAYANNE: Hang on, there's a name... Ryan Laszlo! Who is that?

FB RICKIE: Oh, I think I know, I think he's that guy... in our soc class...

FB ANGELA: The guy with the varsity jacket?

FB RICKIE: I think so!

FB ANGELA: Oh my God, that guy is definitely a perve.

FB RAYANNE: (laughs) Wait a second.

FB RAYANNE scribbles something in the diary.

FB ANGELA: Let me see.

FB ANGELA and FB RICKIE grab the book, read it. CLOSE ON PAGE, it says: I read your message, call me sometime, and I'll show you more! C.H. 236 555 8546.

FB RICKIE: (laughs) Oh my God!

FB ANGELA: Wait, who's number is this?

FB RAYANNE: Ms. Krzyzanowski's home number! She gave it to me in case I need to talk...

ALL THREE crack up, and dump the diary. They walk past ANGELA, who is watching them, her face crumpling.

RICKIE (VO): Because the truth is... even though it's like dangerous to admit it? This is why Rayanne is such a good friend.

ANGELA (VO): I guess I never realised what I *really* lost in all of this.

ANGELA takes off down the hall.


RAYANNE is making her way out of school. ANGELA is walking in the opposite position. They pass, then ANGELA stops.

ANGELA: Um, Rayanne, wait!

RAYANNE turns, totally stunned.


ANGELA (VO): And then I didn't know what to actually, like, say.

ANGELA: Look, I just... (blurts out) Are you sorry? 'Cause, I mean, you never said you were, and...


RAYANNE: (serious) I am sorry. And, I"m sorry I never said it before. I just didn't think it would make a difference.

ANGELA: Well, it does.

RAYANNE: So, are we, I mean...

ANGELA: Yeah. I forgive you.

ANGELA and RAYANNE hug, and then...

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