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Chapter 14: Taking a Stand

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Chapter 14: Taking a Stand

written by Naja Touray

added on: 17 Sep 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela:I think I just might have a crush on you Krackow. (playfully)
Brian:I've had a crush on you for a loooong time!(Angela giggles. Brain pulls her close and gives her a sloppy kiss )I don't belive Im here with you now (he whispers)this is so unreal.
Angela:Im just glad Im here with you.
Brian: Angela, do you love me?
Angela:Ofcourse, why would you even need to ask that!!!
Graham: Angela are you awake?
Angela and Brian both blot up right
Angela:Um yeah Im up.
Graham:Who are you talking to?
Angela:No one,um myself Im a listning to music?(Brian breaks into the theme song for Seseme Street as he creeps out of Angela's bed to grab his jeans of the floor)
Graham opens the door to Angela's room and sees Angela trying her best to help the clothless brian put on pants Angela: Daddy it's not what you think Brian and I only
Graham:Only what(boiling over)decided that you wanted to have a little co ed. sleepover!
Angela: Daddy please don't be...
Graham Don't tell me what to be I can be what I want to be!
Angela: Daddy!
Graham: I can't belive that...IM GETTING YOUR MOTHER!!!!!!
Angela starts sobbing and grabs on to Brians arm
Brian:Mr.Chase um, sir I've known your daughter for a while now and I have loved her ever since the first day I met her ( he pauses to gulps in air)I never did expect her to return the feeling but she has she really has,we love each other ,we make each other happy!I haven't been happy in such(his voice cracks) along time.Im not a bad kid really Im not.Im not a bad neighbor either I don't think, and I promise I will never ever make your daughter cry, so why would you take my happiness away?
Brain VO: Oh gosh, did I just say that stuff to
Mr.C?Am I crying ?!?!

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