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Chapter 11: Decisions of a lifetime

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Chapter 11: Decisions of a lifetime

written by Keleigh Montgomery

added on: 28 Nov 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Brian (looks over at Angela): I'm so sorry I forgot i have to tutor someone...somewhere...anyway it's an emergency... gotta go!
Angela:...but wait Bri...(couldn't even finish his name before he ran out the door)
Angela sits there confused
Brian is shown running around a corner
Brian (voiceover): What am I doing? I finally get the girl i have wanted for....well for forever....and i bolt? Real smooth Krackow! I blew it....WAIT! maybe not...
Angela is shown walking through the front door to her house
Angela (talking out loud to her self): Great! He doesn't even want me. Why does every guy i ever care about realize they don't want to be with me once i've fallen for them? First Brian...
Angela turns to shut the door and a hand grabs the door and gently stops her from closing it
A guys voice: You feel for me?
Angela opens the door and....

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