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Chapter 10: One of those moments

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Chapter 10: One of those moments

written by Cookie

added on: 19 Feb 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Window of fathers restaurant, and Angela and Brian are seen in the frame, from the inside looking out. The noise of the restaurant chatters in e background and Graham is talking to customers. He sees angela Walking in with Brian.

Graham: Angela, well hi, Brian?
Brian: Hi, we just came to um...
Angela (voiceover): this is one of those moments when you knew something awkward was going to happen but you didn't think far enough ahead. like of all the places to go i have to pick here, where, like, my father is. Brian. My father. Hanging wallpaper together. Talking about me.
Angela: hey dad, um... we were just like stopping by. So brian this is the place, lets go.
Graham: No. no, stay. Take a table, have a seat.
Brian - just does not know what to do )voiceover: do you ever fell like you want to melt everyone around you, just make them into puddles so you can be alone, or be with just one other person and not have to worry about looks, voices, faces, except, hers...
Angela: well we can take a seat, in the back or something...
Graham: Okay, Go sit over there, take a look at the menu, order something, talk, do... whatever (totally puzzled)

(they sit, and look at the menus for one minute, awkward looks over the top of them, and eye contact is made and locked.)

Brian(voiceover) this is one of those moments....
Angela (voiceover) when you just know know whether
Brian (voiceover) to stay and let it flow
Angela Brian (voiceover) or run....

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