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Chapter 11: The Romance of Paris

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Chapter 11: The Romance of Paris

written by Joie

added on: 28 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

KATIMSKI looks around the classroom. He consults his sheet.

KATIMSKI: Jordan Catalano?

JORDAN puts his head up.

KATIMSKI: (cont'd) Jordan, you're Paris...

JORDAN: Uh... yeah?

KATIMSKI: Do you have your text with you?

JORDAN: Uh, no... I forgot--

KATIMSKI: Okay, well, you can borrow mine, since I know the play pretty well. (KATIMSKI puts his text on JORDAN's desk, JORDAN squints at the page) Act 4, Scene 1... let's go. Jordan.

JORDAN: (reads, with difficulty) Happily met, my lady and my wife...

(ANGELA tucks her hair, looks around, self-concious)

ANGELA: That may be, sir, when I may be a wife.

JORDAN: That 'm-may be' must be, love, on ne- Thursday, next. (sigh in frustration)

ANGELA: What must be shall be.

(ANGELA exchanges a secret look with JORDAN.)

BRIAN: That's a certain text.

KATIMSKI: Okay, let's stop there. Now, uh, what do we notice about Paris' language, in this scene? Hmm?

BRIAN: (bitter) That he's already acting like he owns her or something.

KATIMSKI: Yes, uh, some examples?

BRIAN: He calls her his wife, he calls her father his father, um... and yeah.

KATIMSKI: Yes. Well, that's true. Paris uses possessive language when referring to Juliet. But she says... (looks at ANGELA)

ANGELA: Oh, um... (reads) What must be shall be.

KATIMSKI: So, what does that suggest?

ANGELA: (blushes) Um... I'm not sure, but maybe, like: 'cause she knows, she's not gonna marry Paris, so it's like, well, think what you want, but it's not gonna happen that way.

KATIMSKI: Yes. Exactly.

BRIAN (VO): Exactly!

KATIMSKI: The bell is about to go... for homework, I'd like you to choose a character from the text, and write from his, or her, point of view.

BRIAN (VO): I know what I have to do...

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