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Chapter 10: To Ask or not To Ask

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Chapter 10: To Ask or not To Ask

written by Joie

added on: 28 Oct 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(RAYANNE and RICKIE exchange looks at BRIAN disappears around the corner. Finally, RAYANNE shakes her head)

RAYANNE: Um, excuse me, when did Krakow's brain finally eat itself?

RICKIE: He seems kinda...

RAYANNE: Yeah. Exactly.

(RAYANNE and RICKIE round the corner after BRIAN)

RAYANNE: (cont'd) Y'know, that is really *rude*, to just, like: ignore people, when they talk to you?

RICKIE: He's not usually... like that.

RAYANNE: (thinks) I dunno. I mean, everyone goes on about how Brian's so *polite*, and Brian's so *sensitive*... since when? Whenever I talk to the guy, he's pretty hostile... he spread all that stuff about Angela-- Polite?

RICKIE: Wait, there he is.

(RICKIE nods in the direction of the noticeboard, where BRIAN is checking out the band practise timetable.)

RICKIE: (cont'd) I mean, do you think we should go talk to him, or...

RAYANNE: I dunno.

RICKIE: Maybe we should just ask if he's okay.


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