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Chapter 11: Something to think about

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Chapter 11: Something to think about

written by Nu

added on: 12 Dec 1999 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela watches Jordan drive away and walks up to Brian, who has a smirk on his face.

Angela: "Hey, Brian."
Brian: "So, Prince Charming has dropped off his princess."
Angela: "What are you talking about?"
Brian: "I can't even look at you. I thought that our friendship meant something to you. Well, that is if we still have a friendship. And that letter---"
Angela: "Can we please not talk about that letter? And we are still friends, Brian."
Brian: "He--Jordan--he doesn't deserve you. I mean, he has hurt you once. He can do it again."

Angela does not reply.

Brian: "You never thought of that huh?"

Brian starts walking away.

Brian (his smirk has come back): "The same old Angela...."

He leaves a baffled Angela in the front yard.


Jordan and Angela are sitting in Jordan's car in the school parking lot.

Jordan: "I'm really glad we're back together. And that you know how I feel."
Angela (with smile): "Me too."

Jordan leans over and kisses Angela.

Angela has a flashback to her conversation with Brian.
Brian: "He--Jordan--doesn't deserve you. I mean he has hurt you once. He can do it again."

Angela pushes Jordan away all of a sudden.

Jordan: "What?"
Angela: "I'm sorry, but something is bothering me. It won't go away. Not unless I do something about it."
Jordan: "What is it?"

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  • Angela tells Jordan how she feels:
    Chapter 12: Honesty by anonymous author (21 Jun 2000)
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