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Chapter 17: Jordan loves Chase

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Chapter 17: Jordan loves Chase

written by silent angel

added on: 22 Oct 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan - No Angela... Rayanne was drunk and I found her in one hell of a state.(getting upset)Believe me!I don't want her!
Rayanne - Thanks.
Angela(going to leave)-You don't want me either!
Jordan(shouting)- your not leaving! Get out Rayanne!
Rayanne - What did i do?
Jordan - Just go!
(she leaves banging into Angela on the way,only cause shes drunk.)
Angela - Why?Why was she really here Jordan? is she... bettter than me?
Jordan(leaning awkwardly on door)-
Angelavo- Awkward silence is the worst.It just hangs there above you and it's out of reach so you can't break it. I missed the warm silence of his room,of any room.
Angela - What then?
Jordan - Look,Chase I love you and you know it. i honestly saw her lieng in the street crying like a kid and I felt sorry for her.
Angela - Did you feel sorry for her that night in your car?
Jordan - Whatever Angela.Seriously, are you not over that yet?
Angelavo- That's like asking are you over that horrific car accident where you lost your arm?Only this wasnt my arm,this was my heart,breaking,slowly.
Angela - I dunno.
Jordan - What do i have to do?It happenned no matter what and I can't erase it, though I wanna.
Angela - Me too.Why did you lie then and say you had a problem?You lied about her being here!(crying now.)
Jordan - Cause youd act like this!
Angela - What am I supposed to do?This was supposed to be a special night.
Jorgan(looking hurt)-I thought it was.

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