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Chapter 15: Reality Slaps

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Chapter 15: Reality Slaps

written by jen

added on: 21 Oct 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

angela - Dad!did you never have a good time with friends and like, forget about home for one second?
greame - Angela its half twelve, thats hardly a second.Listen, your Mother just worries...
Patty - And you don't...
Greame - Patty, that's not fair,your just more uptight than me with her,i remember being her age and...
Greame - (interupting)... hanging around the streets,or strange boys cars?or how about having slutty friends or bi guy mates?I hate her life greame!
Angelavo - That was it,the end of the line.My mom hated my life?I could har the jealous rage in her voice as she spoke. Sometimes she could look so...old.
angela - Look, i am here,whats the problem, that i was late or that your jealous your prom queen days are over and you were incapable of passing those genes onto me?I'm not you mom, and wouldnt ever want to be.(patty slaps angelas face hard.)
Greame - What the hell was that for?
Patty - Angela i...
Angela looks confused and dazed.She backs away from them and heads for the door.
Angela - Do you wanna know what I was really doing... in the car... with jordan the jock catalano?(there silent.)didnt think so.
***She storms out the house shaking and crying***

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Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"