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Chapter 16: A Haunting Past

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Chapter 16: A Haunting Past

written by silent angel

added on: 21 Oct 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela outside Jordans house.Rings the bell.
Jordan(looking shocked) - Oh hey Angela. Didnt I just drop you off?
Angela - Yeah, like in your car. Listen, can I crash here tonight? My Mum went crazy at me and we had a fight and...(starts to cry)
Jordan(hugging her) - I wish I could help you but...theres been a problem and well theres no room here.
Angela - Can't I crash with you?It's not like I haven't before!
Angelavo - He was freaking me out.Like he wasn't Jordan, he was this caring person who didn't care really, but felt he had too,and he was leaning,sooo well. Like before all this happenned. Before we had a history.
Jordan - Angela I...
Rayanne(running from upstairs to door) - Jordan, who is it?
Angela - What the hell is she doing here?
Jordan - I can explain Angela... she was drunk on your street and...
Rayanne - Angela,hi.
Angela - You two make me sick!Why can't you just keep your dirty hands off each other!

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