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Chapter 12: rayanne's life changes

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Chapter 12: rayanne's life changes

written by jessica Robertson

added on: 14 Dec 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: Hey, Delhi.

Delhi: Hey Angela.

Angela: Look Delhi I know we don't know each other that well or anything but we need to talk.

Delhi: If this is about Brian...she felt really awkward.

Angela: Look Delhi, I'm sorry about getting involved with the whole World Happiness Dance, I kinda invited myself, Brain like thought I wanted to go with him and I just thought I wanted to tag along. Delhi, I've grown up with him and he's not a bad person. I just was jealous that you to hada connect with I saw you looking at the science stuff but I didn't understand Jordan, but we have reconciled and works things out.

Angela: It's not that Brain doesn't care, he just feels so isolatedfrom things that he doesn't know what to do. It's like me, I used to think no one would love me for who I am. He wants to be close to people, butlike doesn't know how.

Angela: He really does care for you, and has felt guily ever since.

Delhi: Your nopt just saying that, you really do care about him? Okay, I understand...her eyes begin to well up as she sees BrainI'll talk to him.

Delhi: Brain, Angela like explained what happened, so I like understand you didn't think that I would like, care about you because you weren't good enough. Brain, I'll give you a second chance but promise me to be careful how you treat me from now on.

Delhi: Brain do you still want to be my boyfriend, she gave him a big smile.

Brain: yes, he kisses her with more passion than Angela for a long time, and starts to cry. Thank you for forgiving me.

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