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Chapter 11: Love Sucks

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Chapter 11: Love Sucks

written by anonymous author

added on: 21 Mar 2005 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela VO: I had heard those words before. They were just so familiar to me. Like when we were little, and he had to go in for dinner. But then, it was saying them. Brian always followed the rules. He never stayed out past dark back then. it was as if we had like, switched places. Just for a few seconds...

Brian looks up at Angela and blinks. She smiles at him and sort of laughs.

Angela: Okay...*pushes her hair behind one ear and looks at the ground*

BrianVO: She wasn't saying anything. And i felt like I needed to talk. Like, if I didn't, then nothing would be said between us. Like...ever.

Brian: Angela?

Angela: yeah?

Brian: *nervously* The letter.

Angela VO: oh god. Not again. I didn't know what I thought about the letter, so what was the point?

Angela: Oh, I, uh...The letter.

Brian: I'm really sorry. I just wanted to say...I...I really thought...

Angela: What?

Brian: I think...VO: Oh no. It was coming. Like an avalanche just waiting to hit to ground.

Brian: I thought...I loved you. And when I said the letter wasn't the whole truth or whatever, I meant it. When I said I hated the paper, and the pen, and the words, I meant it. I wanted to be with you. For so long, I've wanted to be with you...

Angela stares at Brian with tears in her eyes.

Angela VO: At that moment, everything from the past was rushing back to me. Everything Brian and I had ever said, was like, totally reacurring...

Brian: And it's like, when you were with Jordon. When he held your hand, or kissed you, I felt like dying. And I know this must sound, like, stupid, but really...

BrianVO: I couldn't believe this. I didn't even sound like myself.

Angela looks down with tear filled eyes and shakes her head.

Angela: I Brian...I don't want to be in love anymore...

Brian looks confused.

Brian: With like, Jordon Catalano, or, ya know, anyone?

Angela bursts into tears.

Angela: That's the thing! I don't know! I forget all about Jordon when I'm with you, and lately, it's actually made me feel good.

Angela falls toward Brian and wraps her arms around his neck, sobbing.

Brian VO: I suddenly realized, that I felt like, the exact same way. But I felt like if i said anything, she'd hate me. Besides, Angela was already crying, right onto me. I could feel her tears like, seeping through my shirt and onto my chest. They were warm, just like she was.

Angela VO: For some reason I wanted to kiss Brian, and for another reason I wanted to like, shoot him. He was shaking as we stood there, practically like, groping eachother on my front porch.

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