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Chapter 12: Sweetest Sin

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Chapter 12: Sweetest Sin

written by Georgia

added on: 29 Nov 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

I now realize I messed up, sorry, just pretend they were rehearsing at Angela's house, please.

They kiss on the bed.

Angela V.O.: It's kind of like this thing I've been waiting for. You know, everybody does it, all that. But now that I'm so close, I just can't
"Jordan, Jordan, stop it."
He looks dazed."What's wrong?"
"I just--I can't. And it's not your fault. Just--not now."
"Why do you always do this? If you're waiting for it to be perfect and everything, it's not, like, like that. It's not even a big deal."
"I--I think you should leave."
"Fine. But if I leave, I can tell you, You better wake up soon. I can get someone else, and you'll just be sorry you gave me up."

He leaves.
Angela V.O.: I wanted to go after him a little, but I kind of didn't. I felt, like, a strange relief. You know?

After a few minutes, Angela walks outside, and sees out the corner of her eye that someone is in her garden.

She finds that it's Brian.
"What are you still doing here?" she asked when she found him.
"Nothing. I just, uh. . . " he faltered. "Wait, where's Jordan?" he sounded confused.
"You didn't see him leave?"
She notices a scar above his right eye.
"Brian, your face--"
"Oh, I know. I'm going home now to fix it."
He turns to go home, but Angela stops him, and insists she clean it for him.
They're in the kitchen, and she finishes up cleaning it. "There. That's better."
"Um. . . I'll walk you out."

They're on the porch.
"Thanks. You didn't have to do that for me," he said.
"Oh,it's OK. It was, like, my fault anyway." She gave him an awkward smile. "Oh, sorry I told you to shutup."
They both laugh.
"So, I-- I'll see you tomorrow, Angela."

Angela V.O.: When he turned to walk away, I just felt, like, a sense that we weren't really done talking.

"Wait," Angela said, quieter than she meant to, reaching out and hold his sleeve.
He turns around. "Yeah?"
She walks up to him until she's close enough to kiss him, and puts her hands on his shoulders and kisses him softly. He looks surprised and she can tell he's happy.
"Do you, um, do you want to come in?"
He looks even more surprised, as if too surprised to speak. They both move toward the door, into the house, and up to Angela's bedroom, where they awkwardly and sweetly, for the first time, do it together.

Angela V.O.: It's like something you don't think will happen, and it turns out to be the best thing that can, like, happen.God knows I never expected it to happen like this. But it was special.

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