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Chapter 11: Worrying Matters

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Chapter 11: Worrying Matters

written by Joie

added on: 18 Aug 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(ANGELA watches JORDAN driving away, shaking his head. The reality of her situation sinks in: that she had JORDAN CATALANO and now she'd lost him. Her face crumples, and she cries. BRIAN watches her. ANGELA starts to wander slowly back across the lawn. BRIAN stops her, hugs her.)

BRIAN: Sorry.


ANGELA: It's not your fault.

BRIAN: But still...

ANGELA: Thanks.

(ANGELA and BRIAN release the hug. ANGELA wipes her face.)

ANGELA: Sometimes, it's like... I mean, I *liked* Jordan, don't get me wrong, and... I'm not gonna get into it, like, fully, but... it's like, you want something you don't even know, and... then you like: get it, and it's not what you expected or something.


ANGELA: In this way, it's like you fall in love with the image of the person or whatever... instead of the actual person. (Beat) It's weird.

BRIAN: So, you like fell in love with the image of Jordan Catalano?

ANGELA: Like I said, I don't wanna get into it fully, but.. kind of. Yeah. I mean, I think I did.

BRIAN: So you didn't actually like enjoy spending time with him?

ANGELA: No, I did enjoy spending time with him, he's... like, he doesn't come across this way all the time, but he can be pretty warm-hearted, you know?

BRIAN: Hmm. Well...


BERNICE (OS): Brian? Dinner's ready!

BRIAN: (to ANGELA) You wanna eat with us?

ANGELA: Thanks, but... um, I think my parents have got dinner for me, so I should probably...

BRIAN: Okay.


ANGELA: Thanks. You know.

BRIAN: Yeah.

(ANGELA heads across to her house. She enters the house, goes upstairs to her room.)


(ANGELA flops on the bed. She suddenly remembers something, takes out a homework diary, sees a major Social Studies assignment is due the next day. She freaks.)

ANGELA (VO): Oh my God!

(ANGELA hurriedly starts getting books out, etc, etc. She sits on the floor, with papers around her.)

ANGELA (VO): Schools should realise, that by the time you reach sophomore year, you've got, like, no time for work. Or maybe they do, realise this. Maybe they're all just like: sadists or something. Sounds likely.

(ANGELA works.)

ANGELA (VO): I bet Brian has already finished his. I should've asked him....

(Suddenly, ANGELA stops, looks worried.)

ANGELA (VO): Oh my God. I never told Brian that we're just friends. How could I not!?! What if he thinks, just cause I dumped Jordan, that I'm automatically with him?

(ANGELA groans, flops amongst her books.)

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