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Chapter 10: love-lives for dummies

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Chapter 10: love-lives for dummies

written by vienna taylor

added on: 14 May 2002 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Int. Tino's bedroom night

Jordan V.O.: I like have these times that I just test people. I think it's important to try people out and see what they do. in the beginning, that's kinda what angela was. But now.... it's different. I once saw this painting that reminded me of her face. It wasn't even a picture of a person, but it was, like, calming. I looked into it and I thought of her.

Jordan is standing across from the bed and angela is sittingon the bed facing away from him.

Angela: So....... you're jsut not going to say..... anything.

she stands.

angela: that's fine jordan, I get it. (tries to hold back tears.)

Jordan stands there a bit stunned, but then, snaps out of it.

Jordan: angela, I .....just, well .... don't hate me, please. but I think you know that this is over. It's, like obvious or something, right?

jordan notices something now that he's face to face with angela.

Jordan V.O.: Just by her face, I knew that she wasn't thinking that. Those words were not the ones she thought I was gonna say. Those werent the ones I wanted to say, but the were already out there.

angela leaves crying. jordan sits on the bed.

JOrdan V.O.: I should never let myself talk. It's not like I really know what I am saying, like, most of the time. It's like in my head i say one thing, but in real life... it gets all messed up. WHen I was watching tv one time I flipped to this channel where a bunch of guys were sitting in a press conference or something and one guy didn't speak english so he had one of those translater guys next to him so you could understand what he was saying. I should get one of those.

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