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Angela the Vampire Slayer

written by Ryan Donovan

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Published: 1997 | Size: 32 KB (6135 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
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based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons and the forces of darkness. She is the Slayer

FLASHBACK: The 2nd Season Finale of Buffy The Vampire Slayer titled "Becoming". We see the end of the first part. Drusilla, a vampire has hypnotized Kendra The Vampire Slayer. We see them swaying back and forth. Drusilla suddenly slashes Kendra’s throat with her fingernails. Kendra grabs her throat as blood comes pouring out. She falls to the floor.

DRUSILLA: Night, Night!

When one slayer dies, a new slayer is chosen…

Scene Fade In: Liberty High <Katimski’s classroom>

Angela Chase is talking with her friends Sharon and Rayanne. Mr. Katimski appears to be worried, shuffling madly through all the papers. As some papers spill on to the floor, Brian Krakow gets up and helps him.

KATIMSKI: Thank you… Brian…

BRIAN: No problem Mr. Katimski. I have one question for you though. I’ve been meaning to ask it since we found out…

KATIMSKI: What’s that?

BRIAN: Do you think she’s ready?

KATIMSKI <pauses>: I guess… she’ll have to be.

We go back to the girl-talk.

ANGELA: The cops have looked everywhere. He just like disappeared or something.

SHARON: He probably just skipped town with his buddies for a few days.

ANGELA: I don’t like it. People have been disappearing left and right for the past month. Nobody has come up with any explanations.

RAYANNE: Maybe there aren’t any. Maybe you’re looking for something that isn’t there.


The bell rings.

SHARON: We’ll talk later. See ya.


RAYANNE: Let’s go.

KATIMSKI <to Angela>: Can I see you for a moment… Angela…

Rayanne gives Angela a "now you’re in trouble" look and leaves. Brian is sitting at his seat staring at her. So is Katimski.


Katimski and Brian look at each other.

KATIMSKI: There’s something that we have to show you Angela.

ANGELA: What? What is this about?

BRIAN: It’s important. It’s about Jordan.

ANGELA: Brian? What the hell are you talking about? God, you’re jealous aren’t you?

Brian sighs.

KATIMSKI: Angela. Brian is right. If you ever want to see Jordan again you must come with us tonight. To the graveyard.

ANGELA: You two are like weird.

She pauses.

ANGELA: Okay. I’m in. But if this is a joke, I’m like never going to speak to either of you again.

Angela leaves the classroom. After she’s gone, Brian turns to Katimski.

BRIAN: She’s not ready.

KATIMSKI: She’ll have to be.

Skip to several hours ahead. We see the sun setting.

SCENE FADE IN: Let’s Bolt <after hours club>

Rickie and Rayanne are waiting outside the club in an alley. They look extremely bored.

RICKIE: When’s Tino going to get here?

RAYANNE: I don’t know. Maybe when he feels like it.

VOICE: Are you two lost?

A man steps out of the shadows. Rayanne and Rickie can’t see his face.

RAYANNE: No. We’re waiting for a friend. Thank you. Bye now.

VOICE: I thought we were friends, Rayanne.

Rickie suddenly recognizes the voice.

RICKIE: Is that you Jordan?


RAYANNE: Thank God! Angela has like been going out of her mind worrying about you.

JORDAN: You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that’s happened to me. I feel like a whole different person.

RICKIE: What do you mean Jordan?

JORDAN: Come here and I’ll show you.

Rickie starts heading over to Jordan. Rayanne starts to follow him. Something falls out of Rayanne’s bag and she bends over to pick it up.


Rayanne looks up. She sees Jordan biting Rickie on the neck. He drops Rickie and Rickie slumps to the floor. Rayanne (and the rest of us) catch a glimpse of Jordan for the first time. He’s wearing a dark blue button down shirt with black jeans. He also has a very dark brown leather jacket on. His hair is now black as well, short, standing on end. His face is twisted into a hideously sinister grin. His eyes are a piercing yellow while his skin is ghost white. Large fangs hang from his mouth.

JORDAN: Not as tasty as I thought he would be, but what should I have expected from Rickie? Now you, pretty Rayanne, you look yummy. To die for.

Rayanne runs. She screams. She looks for help, but no one’s at the club yet. They haven’t opened. She runs to the end of the alley, only to have a large barb-wired fence block her path.

JORDAN: I was scared too. But the Master can help you, Raynie. He can help you find purpose. You’ll know why you were born. You’ll stay young and you’ll never die.

RAYANNE: Get the fuck away from, you sick freak!

JORDAN: Such harsh words. Not gonna make a difference I’m afraid. I’m hungry, and since you’re closer than the nearest McDonald’s, well…

Jordan attacks her. He overpowers her and sinks his teeth into her throat. Rayanne looks up at the stars. She sees one spark as she dies…

SCENE FADE IN: The Graveyard.

Angela walks into. She is clearly spooked. She wonders again why she’s here. Jordan. Jordan is missing. She has to find Jordan. Someone steps out from behind a grave and touches her shoulder. She turns and hits them with all her might. Imagine her surprise when she knocks them nearly a mile away. Imagine her surprise when she finds out it’s Brian.

ANGELA: Brian! Omigod! I’m so sorry!

BRIAN <looks like a truck just hit him>: I’m fine. I’m…

He doesn’t get a chance to finish. A vampire comes out of nowhere and hits him in the face. Brian punches him back, but the vampire doesn’t even register his attack. He hits Brian again in the stomach, and Brian doubles back in pain. The vampire opens wide and begins descending on Brian’s throat. Mr. Katimski runs up behind Angela.

KATIMSKI: Angela! Kill it!

He hands her a pointed wooden object. A stake. She grabs it from him, runs up to the vampire, and slams it down into it’s chest. The vampire winces, becomes a dust version of itself, and simply explodes, scattering dust everywhere. Angela falls back from the explosion. Her eyes grow wide.

ANGELA: Wow. What did I just do?

KATIMSKI: You just slayed a vampire.

ANGELA: I what?

KATIMSKI: You just slayed a vampire. Killed it. Turned it to dust. *poof*

ANGELA: Okay, okay. I get it. But how? I thought vampires didn’t exist.

BRIAN (getting up from the ground): Well, obviously they do.

ANGELA: I think I’m lost.

KATIMSKI: I believe that I… can explain… Angela. You are the Chosen One.

ANGELA: Chosen for what?

BRIAN: To be the Vampire Slayer.

ANGELA: And how exactly do you know all the details Brian?

KATIMSKI: I’ve been training… Brian as my… replacement.

ANGELA: Replacement for what? Who are you?

KATIMSKI: I’m Mr. Katimski.

ANGELA: Yeah. I got that part. But how do you know all this stuff.

KATIMSKI: I am a Watcher.

ANGELA: And what does a Watcher do?

KATIMSKI: A Watcher trains the Slayer. He prepares her for what she’ll face.

ANGELA: I think I’m still unclear as to the whole Vampire Slayer thing. What exactly am I?

BRIAN: You are the Slayer. And unto every generation a Slayer is born. One girl in all the world. A Chosen One. One born with the strength and skill to hunt the vampires and stop the spread of their evil reign of fear and power that has corrupted humanity since the dawn of man.

ANGELA: You expect to like believe all this crap. I think you’re both psychos. I came here tonight because you said you could tell me what happened to Jordan, not play mind games with me.

KATIMSKI: I don’t think you understand…

ANGELA: All I need to understand is where Jordan is.

Jordan steps out from behind a tall grave.

JORDAN: I’m right here, lover.

Angela’s expression turns from anger to pure joy. She runs over to Jordan.

ANGELA: Jordan! I thought you were dead! God, you scared me to death.

BRIAN: Angela! Wait! He’s not…

But Brian is too late. She is already at Jordan. She hugs him. She leans her head to face him and he kisses her. Brian looks like he might throw up. Mr. Katimski reaches for a bag he brought with him. He takes out a stake. Angela looks very satisfied while kissing Jordan. But every reflex in her body tells her to stop. She tries to ignore the sensation. But she can’t. She breaks away from Jordan finally and sees his face. He has turned to vampire mode.

ANGELA: Noooooooo! Ahhhhhhhh!!

Mr. Katimski runs up to Jordan preparing to stake him. Jordan sees him. He pushes Angela into Katimski and they both fall to the ground. The stake falls from Katimski’s hand and on to the floor. He picks it up and snaps it in two with one hand. Brian looks like he’s about to wet his pants. Jordan walks over to him.

JORDAN: Brain! Good to see you. You weren’t making any moves on my woman now, were you? Be honest.

BRIAN: Get away from me.

JORDAN: What’s the matter? Scared?

BRIAN: I’m not afraid of you.

JORDAN: Well, I’m sure we can take care of that.

Jordan gets kicked from behind. He sails over to a nearby tree that he lands on with a thud. He looks up to see Angela in a fighting stance.

JORDAN: Angela! I thought you forgave me.

ANGELA: Forgive this.

She kicks him in the face. She tries to follow up with a punch to the stomach, but Jordan catches her arm and uppercuts her in the head. Angela falls backwards and hits her head, losing conscienceless.

JORDAN: Now, now lover. Let’s not play rough.

Brian comes up behind Jordan and hits him with a stray branch. Jordan kicks him in the gut.

JORDAN (to Angela): You know what, babe? I think we can have a more intimate time somewhere that’s not so crowded. What do you say?

He takes Angela’s limp head and shakes it up and down.

JORDAN: Good. It’s a date.

He runs off into the night. Angela comes to a few seconds later. Mr. Katimski helps her up and they both help Brian up.

ANGELA (gasping): What now?

KATIMSKI: Now we plan what we’re going to do. And… we wait…

SCENE FADE IN: Underground Cave (The Master’s Prison)

Jordan walks in holding a young sleeping girl in his arms. There is a small table resembling an altar that he puts the young girl on. He lights a few candles to the backside of the wall and steps up to what looks like the end of the cave. He kneels.

JORDAN: Oh, humble Master. I bring you this offering…

A dark figure that we can’t see steps out of the darkness. He appears to be watching Jordan.

VOICE: You have brought me an offering?


VOICE: How thoughtful.

JORDAN: Our army grows stronger. I have added two more to our ranks.

VOICE: Rayanne and Rickie?

JORDAN: Yes, Master.

VOICE: Good. Then everything is going according to plan.

He walks over to the little girl, still hiding in the shadows.

JORDAN: There is just one thing.

The Master stops.

VOICE: What?

JORDAN: A girl. Angela Chase.

VOICE: The one you were involved with?

JORDAN: Yes. Before I was blessed.

VOICE: If you ask me, I say it was an improvement. No offense Jordan, but you were a moron before I changed you. You couldn’t even carry on a decent conversation with another moron. Now you can think like a normal human being. Even though you aren’t a human being. But anyway, back to this girl.

JORDAN: Angela.

VOICE: Yes. Angela. What of her?

JORDAN: I believe she is the Slayer.

VOICE: A Slayer! Impossible. The Slayer is on the Hellmouth. She killed my sire. I believe Buffy was her name. Buffy Sommers.

JORDAN: I know. But she was never this strong before. I think she is the Slayer. I’ve fought her. She survived.

VOICE: That could just mean that you are incompetent. But… you may be right. Better safe than sorry. I trust that you will take care of this matter?

JORDAN: Yes, my lord.

VOICE: Very good. Now, let me have my snack in peace.

JORDAN: Yes, Master. Hail the Master! Hail Tino!

SCENE FADE IN: Katimski’s Car <outside Angela’s house>

Brian waves at Angela and Katimski as he walks over to his house. Angela watches him as he walks in his door. She waits until he is out of sight to speak.

ANGELA: So… how does Brian like know all this stuff.

KATIMSKI: That boy spends all his time reading and fantasizing. He found a series of books called the Watcher’s Diaries in the library. They cataloged all vampire and demonic activity for hundreds of years, since the first Watcher trained the first Slayer. He also discovered that I was the Watcher for this area and he expressed an interest to help me in my mission.

ANGELA: Oh. Great. Thanks.

KATIMSKI: What is it?

ANGELA: It’s just… Jordan…

KATIMSKI: You must remember that he isn’t Jordan anymore. He may have the memories and the movements or Jordan, but it isn’t him. When you look at him, you’re not looking at Jordan, you’re looking at what killed him.

ANGELA: Okay. But it’s like… hard. It looks just like him.

KATIMSKI: Then how were you able to fight him?

ANGELA: Did you hear him talk? No way is Jordan that smart. The guy can barely form complete sentences, let alone carry on a conversation.

KATIMSKI: Could, Angela.


KATIMSKI: You said, "Can barley from complete sentences". You should have said could. Jordan is dead. You have to remember that.

Angela fights back tears.

ANGELA: Okay. I get it. What next?

KATIMSKI: Go home. Act like everything is normal. Don’t tell anybody what you know. It could endanger you. We’ll start training tomorrow. Sound good?

ANGELA: Yeah. See you tomorrow.


Angela gets out of the car. She walked up to the front step and paused. She looked behind her as if sensing an unseen predator. She shrugged it off and headed inside. From a behind a nearby hedge, Jordan watched her go in, smirked, and ran away into the night.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase’s household <the kitchen>

Angela walked through the house and into the kitchen. She became a little jumpy after seeing Camille and Sharon sitting at the table talking with Patty and Danielle. Patty looks up first.

PATTY: Hi Angela!

ANGELA: Hi mom. (she looks at Sharon) Hi.


CAMILLE: Are you all right Angela? You look a little dirty.

ANGELA: Oh yeah. Outside. I tripped. On the ground. It was beneath me. (looks at Sharon again) Can I talk to you for a minute?


Angela motions for them to go upstairs. Sharon gets up and follows Angela. Patty motions for Danielle to follow them. Danielle rolls her eyes and reluctantly follows them up.

CAMILLE: What with Danielle?

PATTY: My little spy. I figure if Angela won’t tell me what’s going on, I might as well use a middleman to get the information for me.

CAMILLE: You are so bad!

PATTY: I know! (pauses) What do you think they’re talking about up there?

CAMILLE: They’re teenagers! What do you think? Shopping, school, boys…

SCENE FADE IN: Angela’s Room.

SHARON: Vampires!

ANGELA: That’s right! I am not kidding!

SHARON: So what? You’re supposed to kill them or something.

ANGELA: I guess. Katimski is like this guy called the Watcher. He’s supposed to train me.

SHARON: Are you sure he’s not like whacked?

ANGELA: I saw Jordan. He had yellow eyes and fangs. We’re not talking make-up either. This was the real deal.

SHARON: Wow. So, what exactly are you now?

ANGELA: I don’t really know yet. I’m called the Slayer or something. There’s a handbook Katimski wants me to take a look at.

SHARON: Is there a T-shirt too? (She smiles) ‘Cause that would be cool!

They both start giggling.

SHARON: And you’re not pulling my chain here? This stuff is real?

ANGELA: Yeah. You have to come with me. I’m supposed to go out with him and Brian tomorrow night.

SHARON: Brian? As in Krakow? How does he fit into all of this?

Angela sighs.

ANGELA: It’s a long story.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase’s Kitchen.

Danielle walks into the kitchen and grabs a banana. She sits down near Patty and begins reading part of the newspaper.


DANIELLE: So what?

PATTY: What are the talking about dear?

DANIELLE: Oh. Just vampires and stuff.

CAMILLE: Oh. Well then. That settles that.

PATTY: Thanks honey.

DANIELLE (still reading): Welcome.

Danielle leaves to go in the living room to watch TV. Patty and Camille look at her leave then look at each other.

PATTY: Well, scratch that idea.

CAMILLE: Don’t kids say the damnedest things?

The both start laughing.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase’s Driveway

Camille and Sharon are leaving. Angela is standing by the doorway with Patty. Camille and Sharon both wink at their best friends at the same time. Angela and Patty look at each other and then start laughing hysterically. Camille and Sharon laugh too, as they’re driving away.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase’s house <living room>

Angela walks in the house after they leave and runs up to her room. She puts her head down in her knees and begins to softly cry. Danielle walks by her room as she’s crying.

SCENE FADE IN: Liberty High <the library>

(side note: if you watch "Buffy The Vampire Slayer, you know that all of the group’s meetings take place in the library. I thought it only fitting that most of the conversations should take place in the library, although we’ve never seen it before. I would imagine it’s like the one on "Buffy".)

Angela walks in. She sees Brian, Sharon, and Delia all sitting by a table. Sharon is talking to Delia while Delia is typing something on a laptop. Brian is reading a book and seems very interested. Katimski comes out of the stacks (back part of library that’s sort of like several halls) with a pile of books.

ANGELA: Hello?

Brian looks up.

BRIAN: Oh, hi.


DELIA: Hello.

KATIMSKI: Glad… you could, um… make it Angela.

ANGELA: Yeah sure. The guidance councilor, Ms Crazy or something, told me I could find you in here. I didn’t realize it was a meeting.

KATIMSKI: It’s not.

SHARON: Research party.

BRIAN: Me and Mr. Katimski didn’t tell you this but you’re supposed to keep your identity a secret.

ANGELA: I think we can tell Sharon, Brian.

BRIAN <under his breath>: Yeah. But who *else* is she gonna tell.


KATIMSKI: Sharon told Delia.

Everyone, including Delia, looks at Sharon.

SHARON: What? She’s DELIA! I think we can trust her, okay! Besides she’s like totally into this stuff.

DELIA: I’m a witch.

BRIAN: Well, not really. You see she’s a…

DELIA: A Wiccan. It’s a form of witchcraft. It’s supposed to help you channel all your positive energy so you can do like good stuff for humanity.

SHARON: The PC term is "techno-pagan".

ANGELA: Okay, wow.

She looks at Brian who now has his face back in the book.

ANGELA: Where’s Rickie?

Katimski clears his throat. Delia gets up and looks like she’s gonna cry. She runs for the bathroom. Sharon puts her hand over her mouth. Angela looks at Sharon.

ANGELA: Where’s Rayanne.

A long pause ensues.

BRIAN: They’re dead, Angela.

ANGELA: What? Was it…

KATIMSKI: Vampires.

ANGELA: Oh god.

She almost collapses on the floor but Brian rushes up and grabs her just in time. She whispers in Brian’s ear.

ANGELA: Was it Jordan?

He puts his mouth in her ear.

BRIAN: We think so.

Angela gets up. Brian lets go of him.

ANGELA: I’m going to stop him. Tonight.

KATIMSKI: Be careful… Angela. Tonight is very important.

ANGELA: What’s tonight?

BRIAN: When the Master will pick his Anointed.

ANGELA: Okay. I’m still needing back story here.

KATIMSKI: A warrior that will eventually lead the Slayer to the Master so that he may kill her.

Angela makes a face.

ANGELA: So, we stop him tonight and no warrior guy?

BRIAN: That’s the plan.

ANGELA: Fine. No warrior guy. And no more Jordan either.

Angela starts to walk towards the doors.

KATIMSKI: Angela! Wait.

SHARON: Angela!

Angela turns around.

SHARON: Be careful!

SCENE FADE IN: The Master’s Lair.

Two people walk in. Jordan and two other vampires are present. Although we cannot see who the vampires are, one is male and the other is female (we can tell for their shadows).

MASTER/TINO: And who are these two?

VAMPIRE 1: You don’t recognize us?

VAMPIRE 2: I’m hurt! Don’t you remember your old pals.

The Master gasps. He looks at Jordan.

MASTER/TINO: I would never have thought it possible! You are such a sick and vile creature! I like you.

Rayanne and Rickie look up. Rayanne pricks his face then licks the blood off it. Rickie smiles. They nearly kiss, but then turn their heads to face the Master and Jordan.

RICKIE: Me and Raynie - we’re movin’ in!

SCENE FADE IN: The Library.


SHARON and BRIAN at the same time: WHAT?

DELIA: Oh. I was searching online. There was a pagan site I use to always visit by a woman named Jenny Calendar. It says she died her from an attack…

KATIMSKI: Let me guess - In Sunnydale, California?

DELIA: How’d you know.

KATIMSKI: I didn’t. But it makes sense. That is where the Hellmouth is and where the other Slayer is. It was probably a vampire attack. Vampires have a way of getting over there.

SHARON: Hellmouth?

BRIAN: Other Slayer?

KATIMSKI: Long story.

DELIA: But anyway. What’s intresting is a high school student has taken over maintenance of her web page. She has a spell that can curse a vampire to walk the Earth with a soul…

SHARON: Wait! We can do that to Jordan! So Angela won’t have to kill him!

BRIAN: Wait! I’m not so sure this is such a good idea.

KATIMSKI: Are you sure the spell is reliable.

DELIA: I chatted with Ms Calendar many times. She wouldn’t trust anyone unreliable.

Sharon is reading through the curse.

SHARON: We need an Orb of Vessila. Whatever that is.

KATIMSKI: Spirit vault for rituals of the undead. I have one. I’ve been using it as…. a paperweight.

Sharon gives a sarcastic look to Brain and Delia as Katimski goes into the stacks to retrieve the item. Delia giggles and Brian smirks.

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Cemetery

Meanwhile, Angela has run into a bit of trouble. A vampire, who was once Abyssinia’s boyfriend, has her cornered. He lunges for her, but she kicks him twice and then pushes him to the ground.


Rickie throws Angela a stake. She grabs it and stakes the vampire. He explodes into a swirl of dust.

ANGELA: Thanks.

She gets up and then stops. Rickie has now turned into vampire mode.

SCENE FADE IN: The Library.

Delia, Katimski, Brian, and Sharon have set up the library to perform the curse.

DELIA: Good thing I know how to do this stuff.

BRIAN: Good thing I know Latin.

SHARON: Do know what would be a good thing?

DELIA and BRIAN at the same time: What?

SHARON: If you two would shut up!

KATIMSKI: Okay… well then… let’s get started…

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Cemetery

Rickie runs towards Angela but she kicks him by turning her whole body around. She punches him down and is about to stake him when hands grab her and throw her off him. Rayanne, also in vampire mode, helps Rickie up. Rickie dusts himself off and then looks towards Angela. Rayanne looks at Angela as well.

RICKIE: Our first kill a Slayer!

RAYANNE: What will the Master say?

JORDAN: Whatever I tell him!

Everyone looks behind their shoulder to see Jordan, also in vampire mode, with Kyle and Abyssinia coming up on his sides. They are also vampires.

JORDAN: This is personal! Back off!

Rickie and Rayanne snarl at Jordan, but they do what he says. Jordan approaches Angela. She gets up.

JORDAN: Well now, lover. Looks like it’s time to let the hurting begin.

ANGELA: You got that right!

Angela punches him in the face. He kicks her back. They continue to exchange blows, but Angela is dodging much more hits. She seems to be winning.

SCENE FADE IN: The Library

Katimski is sitting opposite Delia. Brian is pronouncing everything Delia is saying in Latin. Sharon is spraying herbs back and forth over them.

DELIA: Not dead, nor not of the living. Spirits of the Interregnum I call!

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Cemetery

Angela and Jordan continue to fight.

KYLE: She’s gonna kill him! We have to help!


He stops Kyle from rushing in.

RAYANNE: If Jordan wants to take her alone, let him try. If he fails, we’ll kill her. It’s that simple.

BUFFY: No. It isn’t!

Buffy slays Abyssinia from behind. She turns to dust. Kyle snarls and runs towards her. She kicks him and punches both Rickie and Rayanne, who are too stunned to move, in the face. They go done. Kyle gets up and they begin to fight. Angela has reached the upper hand in the battle. She has taken her stake it and is just about to slay Jordan when…

SCENE FADE IN: The Library

Delia finishes the curse.

BRIAN: Akoom! Akoom!

The orb glows, then disappears.

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Cemetery.

…Jordan falls to his knees. Angela hesitates. His eyes glow yellow for a second or two. He looks up at her with tears in his eyes.

JORDAN: Angela?

Angela drops the stake.

ANGELA: Jordan?

Suddenly Kyle come crashing between them. Buffy runs up, kicks him, then stakes him. He turns to dust. She raises her stake to Jordan.

ANGELA: No! He’s different. He’s not bad anymore.

BUFFY: Oh yeah. Been there done that. Cursed, big fella?

JORDAN: I guess…

BUFFY: Well, let me tell you something. Don’t ever get happy. No matter what.

She looks at Angela.

BUFFY: And don’t ever break this girl’s heart.

She looks away and the strides off in the distance. Angela watches her, the looks very happy.

ANGELA: Are you gonna be here awhile?

BUFFY: No. Just passing through. I’m… working some stuff out right now.

ANGELA: Well, good luck.

BUFFY: Thanks. I’m gonna need it.

And with that, the Slayer was gone.

SCENE FADE IN: The Library.

Brian, Katimski, Sharon, and Delia are all fixing up the mess they made.

Sharon is sweeping the floor.

SHARON: Do you think it worked?

DELIA: I do.

Katimski is holding the dustpan for her.

KATIMSKI: And how’s that, Delia?

Brian looks up.

BRIAN: Oh, God!

He runs over and retrieves a cross from the table. He flashes it up in front of him.

ANGELA: No! Whatever you did worked! He’s back.

JORDAN: Well, I’m still a vampire or whatever.

SHARON: Well, now we can party.

JORDAN: I don’t think so.

They all look at him.

JORDAN: Well, like the Master guy. He like sent me, as a distraction or whatever. So his guys could pick…

KATIMSKI: The Anointed!

BRIAN: Dammit!

DELIA: Who do you think it is?

SCENE FADE IN: The Master’s Lair.

The Master is looking at Rickie and Rayanne who have their heads down.

MASTER/TINO: How disappointing! I had hoped you would be able to kill the Slayer, but I see not. I should kill you…

He raises his hand to slash Rickie’s throat. Rickie closes his eyes.

MASTER/TINO: But I won’t.

He puts his hand down.

MASTER/TINO: For the simple reason that you did your job. The Slayer was distracted. And although we lost three minions, a great warrior was born this day.

A small figure comes out of the shadows, but it’s face is hidden.

MASTER/TINO: 'And in this time will come the Anointed. And the Slayer will not know him. She will not stop him, and he will lead her into hell.'

Rayanne and Rickie smile. The Master leans down next to Danielle, Angela’s little sister.

MASTER/TINO: Welcome, my friend.

Danielle smiles.



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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"