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My So-Called SCREAM 1

written by Ryan Donovan

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Published: 1997 | Size: 33 KB (6475 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.7/5   2.7/5 (9 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

SCENE FADE IN: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The scene opens up in a small town in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We see a descent sized house, painted blue with white shutters. One light is on in a large window, but the curtain is pulled up and we're unable to see what's going on inside.

SCENE FADE IN: The inside of the Cherski household

A girl, about 15 or 16, enjoys a night alone. We recognize her as Sharon Cherski, the young brown-haired girl who attends Liberty High. The camera slowly spans around the room. We see a digital clock with the time 7:17 p.m. She sits on her coach, legs curled up, watching Halloween. A tub of popcorn in her hands, her eyes grow wide and you hear Jamie Lee Curtis shriek in the background. The phone rings and Sharon screams. Spilling the popcorn all over the floor, she laughs at herself realizing how silly she's acted. She goes over to the phone and picks it up.

SHARON: Hello?

VOICE: Hello.

SHARON: Kyle, is that you?

VOICE: Who is this?

SHARON: Oh, come on Kyle. You know who it is.

VOICE: Of course. Now I remember.

SHARON: Well, do you want to come over?

VOICE: Why do you want me to come over?

SHARON: Well, yeah. We can talk or whatever.

VOICE: We're talking right now, aren't we?

SHARON: Yeah, but I mean in person.

Jamie Lee Curtis lets out another blood curtailing scream in the background.

VOICE: What was that?

SHARON: Oh, just some scary movie.

VOICE: Do you like scary movies.

SHARON: I guess.

VOICE: What? Not so sure?

SHARON: Well, there's a lot of swearing and sex in movies like that. I only like the scary, gruesome parts.

VOICE: Really? Me too.

SHARON: Kyle, you hate scary movies.

VOICE: Really I wouldn't know because I'M NOT KYLE!

SHARON: What? So who are you.

VOICE: Wouldn't you like to know?

SHARON: Well, yeah I would.

VOICE: Let's just say that I'm somewhere close.

SHARON: Like how close?

VOICE: Really close.

SHARON: Who is this? Krakow is that you? I'll like get Kyle to kill you?

VOICE: I don't think Kyle will be in school tomorrow.

SHARON: Why not?

The door bell rings.

SHARON: Real funny whoever's doing this. I hope you're having like a blast.

The door bell rings again.

SHARON: Not funny.

She runs over and opens the door. Kyle is there. A noose is around his neck. He's apparently hanging from the roof. He's been stabbed several times and blood is all over his face. Sharon screams and runs back inside.

VOICE: Now, Sharon, we're going to play a little game.

SHARON (crying): Fuck you, bastard.

VOICE (Angry voice): Don't hang up one me!

Sharon runs up to her room and cries intensely. The phone rings again. It rings about 7 times before you hear Camille's voice:

CAMILLE (recording): You've reached the Cherski's. Please leave a message.

VOICE: Hello. I know you're listening. Pick up the phone. Pick up the phone now. Pick up the phone bitch or the next people to die will be your parents!

Sharon hesitantly walks over and picks up the phone.

SHARON: Hello?

Mr. Ghostface comes out from a nearby closet. He has a large knife that he swings at Sharon. He stabs her in the leg. Yelping in pain she kicks him with her unstabbed leg. He falls over, but begins recovering. She runs to the front door and opens it. There stands another Mr. Ghostface. This one, shorter than the first, holds an ax. Sharon screams as the ax is swung at her, hitting her shoulder. She watches in horror as the ax comes down, again, and again, and again...

The My So-Called Life theme plays. At the end of the theme, the MSCL logo appears. The letters LIFE are then slashed out and replaced with SCREAM.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase household.

Angela, Rickie, and Danielle are all sitting down on the coach watching TV. Angela's parents are apparently not home yet from work. A nearby clock shows the time to be about 7:53 p.m. A news bulletin interrupts whatever they're watching.

DANIELLE: What! I hate the news.

ANGELA: Shush Danielle. It sounds important.

They watch the screen intently as a newscaster ruffles papers. A picture of Kyle Vinovich and Sharon Cherski together appear in the upper left hand corner.

RICKIE: Sharon's on TV!

ANGELA: Shush!

NEWSCASTER: Tragedy struck a small town in Pennsylvania today as young Sharon Cherski and Kyle Vinovich were brutally murdered earlier tonight.

ANGELA: Oh my god...

NEWSCASTER: The two were literally torn open. Police still have no clue as to...

RICKIE: Sharon? She can't be dead. I like talked to her after school.

A picture of their torn apart bodies is flashed across the screen. Everybody in the room gasps in horror. Angela and Danielle start to cry.

DANIELLE (starts crying): Sharon was murdered?

ANGELA: This like can't be happening.

The door bell rings.

ANGELA: I'll get it.

Brian Krakow stands in the doorway. He looks like he's about to cry. Angela looks at him and her face collapses. She starts bawling.

BRIAN (teary-eyed): You heard? I mean about Sharon?

ANGELA (crying): We just saw it on the news.

The phone rings.

RICKIE: I'll get it.

Rickie picks up the phone.

RICKIE (talking to Delia on the other line): Hello. I'm sorry I'm late. I forgot all about it. I'll be right there.

ANGELA (still crying): What? What do you have to do?

RICKIE (sad face): I kind of told Delia and Corey I would meet them at Delia's house tonight to work on scenery for Our Town. I gotta go. I'm sorry.

ANGELA: I know.

Rickie kisses her on the cheek. She kisses back.

RICKIE: I'll see you tomorrow?

ANGELA: Yeah, I guess.

Rickie exits. Danielle, who has been intently watching all of this, yawns and goes up to her room. Brian suddenly looks uneasy.

BRIAN: So I'll like go.

ANGELA: No, stay.

BRIAN: Really?

ANGELA: Sure. I need to talk to you.


They sit on the couch. It's obvious that Brian is extremely nervous.

ANGELA: How did you hear about Sharon?

BRIAN: Oh. It was on Channel 4 like 5 min. earlier than on Channel 7.

ANGELA (starts crying again): I'm really gonna miss her.

Angela buries her face into Brian's chest. He is teary-eyed. He looks at her and then smells her hair.

BRIAN: Me too.

SCENE FADE IN: Delia's house.

Delia and Corey are intently working on Our Town props. Delia is chatting and Corey is listening, hanging on every word. A nearby clock strikes 8:00 p.m.

DELIA: It was like so cool that my parents went away for the week. It gives us like

ton of free time to work on the backstage stuff here.

COREY: Yeah. Thanks for letting me come.

DELIA: It's like no big deal.

COREY: When's Rickie coming?

DELIA: He said he'd be right over. I don't think he'll be much longer...

The doorbell rings. Delia opens the door. Rickie is standing on the other side, but something is wrong. He opens his mouth to speak, but blood comes out instead of words. Delia screams as Rickie collapses, a knife in his back.

DELIA: Corey help!

Delia turns around and screams again. She sees Corey standing there, motionless. A knife is sticking out of his head. Mr. Ghostface's head turns to look at Delia. He removes the knife from Corey's head and Corey's body drops to the ground. He wipes the knife with his hand and then runs after Delia. She screams again (I know, it's getting old) and runs up the stairs. Mr. Ghostface runs after her right on her heals. She stops at her balcony at the 2nd floor.

VOICE: End of the line.

Delia screams as the killer stabs her 5 times. Still conscious, she watches as the killer lifts her up and throws her off the balcony. A deafening KONK can be heard as Delia's skull smashes on the pavement. A picture of her head cracked open is shown. The killer looks at her, admiring his handiwork, then scurries off.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase household.

Brian and Angela are talking intensely. Brian says something to Angela and she smiles. They are interrupted by the phone ringing.

ANGELA: I'll get it.

BRIAN: Well, I'll like go home. I'll see you tomorrow.


As Brian leaves the clock is shown. It's now 8:47 p.m. Angela picks up the phone.

ANGELA: Hello.

VOICE: Hello Angela.


VOICE: Scary night isn't it?

ANGELA: Well, I guess. Who is this?

VOICE: You tell me.

ANGELA: I like have no idea.

VOICE: With the murders and all it's just like out of a horror movie or something.

ANGELA (frowns): That's not funny.

VOICE: Do you like scary movies?

ANGELA: Not really.

VOICE: Why not? Too scared?

ANGELA: No, they're just like boring, I mean in my humble opinion.

VOICE: What's your favorite scary movie?

ANGELA: I don't know.

VOICE: Come on. You gotta have one. What comes to mind?

ANGELA: This is getting real old. What do you want?

VOICE: What if I said I was calling to talk to you?

ANGELA: What if I said I'm going to hang up the phone right now?

VOICE: Then I'll just have to kill your little sister! Have you checked on your little sister?

ANGELA (puts phone down and starts yelling): DANIELLE! HELLO? DANIELLE?

Over the phone you hear a small voice but it is not the VOICE. Angela picks up the phone.

DANIELLE: Angela! Help! He's got a knife and...

VOICE: Look out in your backyard.

Angela is terrified. She is trembling. She turns the back light on and screams. Angela is still holding the phone. Rickie, Corey, and Delia are all strung up like puppets in her back yard. The corpses form a circle. In the middle of the circle stands Mr. Ghostface and Danielle. Danielle is tied to a chair with a gag in her mouth. Mr. Ghostface waves his hand at her. He then takes out a knife and brings it under Danielle's throat.

VOICE: If you want her alive, I suggest you listen.

ANGELA: Leave me and my sister alone you fucker!

VOICE: Oh, how vulgar. I don't think you understand, girly, I'm in control now. Step outside.

Angela doesn't even twitch an inch. Mr. Ghostface raises the knife closer to Danielle's throat.

VOICE: Outside now! Or she dies right here!


As Angela steps outside the doorbell rings. She doesn't hear it and continues walking, following the killer's instructions.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase's front porch

Brian Krakow stands ringing the doorbell to the Chase's house. He rings it about 3 times and then just stands there with a perplexed expression on his face. The he circles around to their backyard.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase's backyard

[scary music] Angela is walking slowly to where the killer stands. Angela looks at the dead bodies of her friends surrounding them, tears streaming down her face. Danielle looks up at her. Mr. Ghostface just stands there motionless, awaiting her arrival.

VOICE: Hey there, girlfriend.

ANGELA: Let my sister go!

VOICE: Why? Why not just slice her up right in front of you?


VOICE: Such naughty language Angela! You should watch your mouth.

ANGELA: Let her go!

VOICE: If you insist.

Mr. Ghostface cuts Danielle loose. Danielle runs out of the chair to escape but the killer grabs her and puts a knife to her throat.

VOICE (looking at Danielle): Do you wanna die tonight?

ANGELA: Danielle! Run!

VOICE: Say goodbye sweetie.

Brian Krakow swings from a nearby tree landing on Mr. Ghostface. They both fall down, but Mr. Ghostface begins to recover first. He gets up and raises his knife over Brian's face...

ANGELA (crying hysterically): Brian lookout!

The killer takes a stab, but Brian (who was conscience the entire time) rolls out of the way and the knife barely misses him. He get up to face Mr. Ghostface.

VOICE: Kid, get a haircut.

BRIAN: Wow, you're like hilarious.

The killer swings his knife at Brian, but he jumps out of the way. The killer, caught off balance by missing his target, trips unsteadily. Brian kicks him in the stomach. Mr. Ghostface attempts a second swing at Brian, but he ducks. Brian the proceeds to deliver a fist into the killer's jaw. A small shattering could be heard.

VOICE (muffled) [looks at Angela]: I'll be back that I promise you.

The killer then gets up quickly, pushing Brian down on the ground. He runs away and disappears before they see where he's going.

ANGELA (runs over to Brian and hugs him): Omigod Brian! He almost killed Danielle. He almost killed me!

BRIAN (hugs her back): I know, I know. It's Ok you're safe now.

DANIELLE: Quick! Let's get in the house before he comes back.

Angela and Brian look at Danielle and then at each other. Angela takes Brian's hand and together they run inside.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase's driveway

A car pulls up in the driveway. Graham comes out with bags of groceries. He walks over to the door, takes out his keys and opens up the door.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase's living room.

Angela and Danielle come running over to Graham and hug him. Graham mouths "what's going on?" to Brian. He mouths "it's a long story."

(in unison)

ANGELA: Dad, thank God your home.

DANIELLE: Dad, thank God your home.

GRAHAM: What happened? What's wrong.

ANGELA (begins crying): He killed Sharon and Rickie and tried to kill Danielle and me and then Brian...

GRAHAM: Honey slow down. Who tried to kill you?

DANIELLE: We don't know. He was like wearing a Halloween costume.

ANGELA (crying even more): They're out in the backyard.

Graham walks through the house and looks in the backyard. He yells "Holy Shit!" Then comes running back.

GRAHAM: We have to call the police.

Sirens can be heard in the distance.

BRIAN: I, uh, already did.

Several minutes pass by quickly. The dead strung up bodies are being photographed. Some people then take them down. Brian, Angela, and Danielle are all being interviewed by two police officers. The police offices finish up their work and then leave. After they are all gone Graham pulls Brian aside.

GRAHAM: I want to thank you, Brian, for saving both my daughters.

BRIAN: It was no big deal. I mean it was a big deal, but I don't want to make it a big deal...

GRAHAM: A "your welcome" will suffice.

BRIAN: Your welcome.

ANGELA (in other room): Brian! Where are you? Dad.

GRAHAM: We're in here honey.

Angela walks in the room. She grabs Brian's hand and leads him into the living room. Graham smiles at Brian. He looks at Graham and then he smiles back.

Skip to several minutes later.

Danielle and Brian are talking about something in the living room. Angela walks in the kitchen to find Graham on the phone.

ANGELA: Trying to call mom?


ANGELA: No luck?

GRAHAM: Your mother had this big meeting with Mr. Prescott today. She's probably still there.

ANGELA: Can I ask you something?

GRAHAM: You just did.

ANGELA: Ha ha.

GRAHAM: Ok, shoot.

ANGELA: Well, since Brian's parents are out of town and some guy tried to kill me today, could Brian like stay over?


ANGELA: What? That's it? It's Ok?

GRAHAM: I know having him around makes you feel safer. I know his parents wouldn't mind.

ANGELA (kisses Graham on the cheek): Thanks dad.

GRAHAM: Your welcome.

Angela walks in the next room to wear Brian and Danielle are talking. Danielle says something to Brian and he starts laughing. Graham is watching.

GRAHAM (from kitchen): Danielle! Time for bed!

DANIELLE: Do I have to?

GRAHAM: Yes. Now.

DANIELLE: Fine. (looks at Brian) See ya tomorrow.

Danielle runs up the stairs. Graham goes up after her. Angela sits down next to Brian.



BRIAN: So what were you talking to your dad about?

ANGELA: Oh, I asked him if it was like all right if you stayed here tonight or something. You know, because your parents are out of town.

BRIAN (comes out very nervous): Yeah.

ANGELA: And he said it was all right.



BRIAN: It's just that... I thought...


BRIAN: I thought, you know, you and Jordan were like back together.

ANGELA: We're not.

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: After that night we talked in the car. He told me everything. You know about how he used you to make me like him.

BRIAN: It wasn't like that?

ANGELA: Then what was it like Brian?

BRIAN: It was...

ANGELA: It's Ok. Don't try to like defend him.

BRIAN: So that was why you broke up with him.

ANGELA: Oh no. I didn't break up with him...

Brian looks confused.

ANGELA: ...he broke up with me.

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: That's what I said. He said he was too afraid of hurting me again.

BRIAN: So, are you like, waiting for him to come back to you?

ANGELA: Why would I do that?

BRIAN: Well, it's just that like eventually he's going to come back to you.

ANGELA: How would you know?

BRIAN: He asked me to write that letter, remember? He really liked you and you like probably really liked him too.

ANGELA: No. I'm like finally finished with him. I thought a lot about it and he was right.

BRIAN: Omigod.


BRIAN: What if it was him?

ANGELA: What do you mean?

BRIAN: I mean tonight. What if he's the killer?

ANGELA: No, no. There's like no way. I mean, why would he do that?

BRIAN: Why would anyone do anything like that?

ANGELA: It's not him. I'm sure.

BRIAN: Are you trying to convince me or yourself.

ANGELA: No, it's just that...

BRIAN: What?

ANGELA: I don't know. I'm too tired.

BRIAN: Yeah, me too.

ANGELA: Well I'm going to sleep.

Angela gets up and takes a few steps. Brian just sits there looking at her. She turns around to look at him.

ANGELA: You coming?

BRIAN: Where? I thought I was going to sleep on the couch?

ANGELA: No. I wouldn't make you sleep on the couch, Brian.

ANGELA (VO): For someone who's supposed to be so smart, Brian can be really dense sometimes.

BRIAN: So where am I going to sleep?

ANGELA: My room.

BRIAN (VO): This is a dream. There is no other possible explanation. Angela Chase is not asking me to sleep in her room. This is impossible.

BRIAN: Oh, Ok. What about your dad?

ANGELA: Oh, It's Ok Brian. Stop being so paranoid.

BRIAN: I'm not it's just...

ANGELA (yawning): Come on. Tell me about upstairs.

BRIAN (VO): She is so incredible. The way her whole face moves when she yawns.

BRIAN: Coming.

SCENE FADE IN: Liberty High <office>.

Mr. Foster closes the door to his office. Before he closes, we see a digital clock strike 9:24. Mr. Foster locks the door then turns around. Mr. Ghostface runs by with a knife in his hands. When Mr. Foster turns around the knife makes contact with his throat and he falls to the ground, dead, bleeding everywhere.

SCENE FADE IN: Liberty High <auditorium>.

Mr. Katimski, Abyssinia, and Rayanne are all rehearsing for Our Town. They are the only people present. We see a flash of Mr. Ghostface watching them through one of the doors.

RAYANNE: Gaaakk. I need a drink. (shouting in a poetic voice) Emily is thirsty! We must pause so that she may drink!

ABYSSINIA (laughing): Girl, you need therapy.

RAYANNE: You don't know the half of it sister.

MR. KATIMSKI: Oh, gee whiz Rayanne. Get your drink.

RAYANNE: I'm not that thirsty but if you say so...

Rayanne runs of the stage. Abyssinia watches her leave.

ABYSSINIA: I think it's past her bed time, huh Mr. Katimski? Mr. Katimski?

Mr. Katimski is no longer visible in the room.

ABYSSINIA: Mr. Katimski? Hello? Are you there?

Mr. Ghostface pops out from behind Abyssinia and stabs her several times. Abyssinia screams at the top of her lungs, but it's too late...

SCENE FADE IN: Liberty High <hallway>.

Rayanne hears Abyssinia's scream. She runs back to the auditorium.

SCENE FADE IN: Liberty High <auditorium>.

Rayanne bursts through the doors but no one is there.

RAYANNE: Hello? Hey-lo? Anyone?

VOICE: Hello.

RAYANNE: That you Katimski?

VOICE: No way.

RAYANNE: Then who are you?

VOICE: You tell me your name and I'll tell you mine.

RAYANNE: So where did everybody go?

VOICE: I don't know.

RAYANNE: Well where are you?

VOICE: Right here.


Mr. Ghostface cuts the rope of the sandbag he's holding. He comes down directly above Rayanne. She jumps out of the way and the sandbag nearly misses her. Mr. Ghostface jumps off the sand bag and lands on her. He raises his knife but she struggles and manages to get a foot free. She kicks him in the groin and then runs like hell. She runs out of the school and into the street, never once looking back.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase's house <Angela's room>.

Angela is on the bed and Brian is on the floor. Angela is wearing her large blue T-shirt (seen in "Strangers in the House"). Brian is shirtless, wearing nothing but his brown corduroys (seen in "Betrayal"). Both of them are motionless, but their eyes are wide open. Angela is the first to move. She flips over to the foot of her bed so she can face Brian.

ANGELA (whisper): Are you awake?

BRIAN (whisper): Yeah. I can't sleep.

ANGELA: Me either.

ANGELA (VO): I don't think I had ever thought of Brian Krakow as ever being attractive. I don't think I had ever even considered the possibility. But staring at him now, he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen.

BRIAN (VO): I can't believe it. She seems like interested in me. And she's looking at me like really funny.

Brian gets up and sits next to her on the bed. She get up and sits next to him.

ANGELA (VO): It was that moment that I knew everything had changed. It was the moment that I fell in love with Brian Krakow. Suddenly, everything about him became perfect and I wanted him so badly.

BRIAN: Stop looking at me like that.

ANGELA: Like what.

BRIAN: Like how you used to look at Jordan.

BRIAN (VO): Stupid. Why did you have to bring him up?

ANGELA: I can't help it. It's just that...

BRIAN (VO):Brian kisses Angela. Angela grabs the back of his head and kisses him back. It's a long and very emotional moment. Finally, they stop.

ANGELA (VO): Omigod. Who knew Brian Krakow was such a good kisser.

BRIAN: I'm sorry.

ANGELA: For what?

BRIAN: For this.

Brian kisses Angela again.

ANGELA: Oh, for that. Well I'm even more sorry.


Angela kisses Brian. The camera spans away from them to the open window.

SCENE FADE IN: A deserted street.

We hear footsteps of in the distance. It is Rayanne running. A red convertible pulls up in front of her, nearly hitting her. We recognize the car as Jordan's.


Jordan opens the passenger door.

JORDAN: Get in.

Rayanne hops in, shutting the door behind her.

RAYANNE: Drive now! He could be following me.


RAYANNE: The killer! Just drive.


Jordan drives. Rayanne looks out the window. She's looking for a trace of her pursuer, but she finds none. She finally turns and looks at Jordan.

RAYANNE: Thanks.


RAYANNE: So, like, you know where I live right?


RAYANNE: So... Are you and Angela like...

JORDAN: No, we're not.

RAYANNE: Oh, 'cause I thought she like forgave you and then...

JORDAN: She did, I just didn't want to, you know.

RAYANNE: No, I don't know.

JORDAN: You know how she makes a big deal out of everything. I just didn't want to like hurt her again.

RAYANNE: Oh. So like you're not together.

JORDAN: No, we...

Mr. Ghostface pops out of the back seat and stabs Jordan.


The killer continues to stab Jordan and Jordan loses control of the car. It begins swerving all over the road until it hits a tree.

Skip to several minutes.

Rayanne lets out a belated scream when she comes to. She sees Jordan. He looks dead. She checks for a pulse and finds out he is dead. Mr. Ghostface is not in the car. Rayanne then holds her head, where she got a nasty gash from the dashboard. She kicks open the broken door and begins running into the night again.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase's house

The clock strikes 11:41 as Patty Chase finally gets home. She fiddles with the keys and finally gets her way inside. She creeps up the stairs so she isn't heard. She walks by Angela's door. She then stops and goes back to Angela's door. She looks inside and gasps. She sees Brian holding Angela on the bed. They're both asleep, but she catches the big smiles on their faces. Patty smiles too and closes the door.

SCENE FADE IN: Rayanne house.

Rayanne finally gets home. She locks all the doors and shuts of all the lights. She then retires to a small corner in her room where she sits, her eyes wide open, expecting another attack.

Several hours pass. It's morning.

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase's house <Angela's room>.

Angela wakes up first. She turns her head to look at Brian. Once she sees him, she smiles. She shakes him a little to wake him up.

ANGELA (VO): He was so beautiful to me at that moment.

BRIAN (VO): She had always been so beautiful to me.

Angela turns around to face Brian once he wakes up. Still holding her, Brian kisses her.

ANGELA: We should get up.

BRIAN: Yeah.

Brian puts his shirt back on and Angela gets her robe and puts it on. Brian takes her by the hand and they walk downstairs.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase's house <downstairs [kitchen] >

Patty, Graham, and Danielle are all sitting down to breakfast. The TV is on in the background.


ANGELA: What happened?

PATTY: Because of what's been happening the Super Intendant of the School Distract suspended all classes.

BRIAN: Everyone's going to be watching for him now.

GRAHAM: If I were him, I'd take a vacation.

PATTY: Look, they're talking about Angela!

We see the TV. A familiar face in the form of Gale Weathers is speaking.

GALE WEATHERS (on TV): Nine people were brutally murdered last night. The names of all the victims have yet to be released but we know a young girl, Sharon Cherski, and her boyfriend, Kyle Vinovich, were the first to fall victim to this brutal killing spree. A failed attempt on the life of Angela Chase, a local girl, has also been confirmed. More updates as the happen...

Graham turns off the TV. Patty looks at Angela. Then she looks at Brian. Then she smiles.

PATTY: Since your parents are still out of town Brian, maybe you should stay here until this whole thing is resolved.

BRIAN: Uh, Ok. I mean sure.

PATTY: Great. Graham turn the TV back on please.

GRAHAM: You really wanna hear that twit from Top Story sell our lives over national television.


Graham turns on the TV. Brian, Angela, and Danielle go into the living room.

PATTY: So... did you get far with the restaurant yesterday.

GRAHAM: No. Hallie got that nasty flu bug going around. She sounded really bad over the phone. Looks like all restaurant plannings are on hold. So how was your meeting yesterday?

PATTY: Mr. Prescott is just the nicest guy. He's paying us a lot more than we're worth for this job. I completely forgot. I invited him and his daughter, Sydney to dinner tonight.

GRAHAM: Well, Hallie says that I can't really do anything with the restaurant without her, so I can stay home tonight and cook for them.

PATTY: Great! It looks like Brian is staying too.

GRAHAM: Angela seems to be quite... attached to him.

PATTY: I know. But don't worry. I'm sure it's not a bad thing.

GRAHAM: I didn't say it was.

PATTY: Neither did I. (looks at Brian and Angela) They are cute together.

GRAHAM: That they are.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase's doorway.

Rayanne pounds on the door. Her eyeliner is running all over her face.

ANGELA: I'll get it.

Angela opens the door. Rayanne hugs her.

RAYANNE: Angelika! Help please...

ANGELA: Calm down Rayanne what happened.

RAYANNE: He killed them. Katimski, Abyssinia, Jordan...

ANGELA (screams): What! WHAT!

Angela begins crying. Brian runs over.

RAYANNE: He's after me...

BRIAN: Get in.

Brian shuts the door. Off in the distance near Brian's house, we see a flash of Mr. Ghostface. He looks at Rayanne go into the Chase's and then scurries away.

Several hours pass.

Patty and Graham are able to calm Rayanne down. Rayanne gets up and goes over to Angela, whose sitting with Brian.

RAYANNE: I need to talk to Angela... (looks at Brian) ...alone.

BRIAN (gives Rayanne a dirty look): Ok.

Brian goes into the kitchen where he starts to talking to Graham and Patty. Rayanne waits until he's out of earshot.

RAYANNE (crying): I'm sorry Angelika. I've like never been more sorry in my entire life.

ANGELA (hugs her): It's Ok.

RAYANNE (smiles): So like you... and Krakow...


RAYANNE (laughing hysterically): You're joking right?

ANGELA (boldly): No.

RAYANNE (eyes grow wide): Seriously?

ANGELA: Seriously.

RAYANNE: So... what's he like...

ANGELA: You are so sick.

RAYANNE (crying again): I know.

ANGELA (starts crying again too): I missed you.

RAYANNE: Me too.

The phone rings.

ANGELA: I'll get it.

GRAHAM (yelling from next room): If it's another reporter, hang up.


Angela picks up the phone.

ANGELA: Hello.

VOICE: Hello.

ANGELA (screams): NO!

VOICE: Oh yes. This is far from over.

ANGELA: What do you want?

VOICE: To see what your insides look like.

The Chase's, Rayanne, and Brian rush in the room and crowd around the phone.

ANGELA: Who are you?

VOICE: You'll find out soon enough. That I promise.

The phone hangs up.

To Be Continued

In part 2: Find out who the killer(s) are
Find out who survives and who dies
More on Brian and Angela

What more could you ask for?

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  • anonymous author commented on 07 Jun 2002:
    Did you even ever watch MSCL? this is FANfiction, not destroy-the-show fiction. MSCL was based on reality
  • Paige commented on 30 Aug 2002:
    if they were really that scared do you think they would stop and talk about normal stuff like angela and brian. wouldn't they wait unitl it was all over. i don't think patty would have smiled when she saw brian and angela in bed together. she is not that naieve. but it was good, for the most part.

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“I cannot bring myself to eat a well-balanced meal in front of my mother.”

Angela Chase, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"