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Episode No. 20 - Decisions

written by Ryan Donovan

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Published: 1997 | Size: 20 KB (3904 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.6/5   2.6/5 (25 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Scene Fade In: Chase household <Angela’s room>

Angela is laying on her bed. She is using her right hand to anchor her head. Her eyes are closed and she appears to be lost in deep thought. She slowly opens her eyes, as if viewing the world for the first time. Her face crinkles, apparently dissatisfied with what she sees. Then she brings her knees up to her chest and sighs.

ANGELA (VO): It’s strange how everything can change in an instant.

Angela opens her eyes.

ANGELA (VO): I mean who ever thought their was more to Brian Krakow than meets the eye?

FLASHBACK: From the Pilot – Brian and Angela standing on the sidewalk.

BRIAN: You’re not stupid! Don’t act like it!

ANGELA: Everyone’s an act… including you.



ANGELA (VO): And Jordan. How he’s changed! I can remember a time when he wouldn’t even acknowledge my presence…

FLASHBACK: From Self-Esteem – Angela is holding on to her jacket. Jordan is playing pool.

JORDAN: You’re sort of crowding me

A hurt expression appears on Angela’s face. He continues to ignore her and after a few moments she walks away.



ANGELA (VO): And now they both like me.

Angela stretched her legs out again. Her solemn expression was now replaced with a wide smile of pure joy.

ANGELA (VO): I felt so powerful all of a sudden. Like I had the authority to command people or something. Like two people were vying for my attention.

Her face turned solemn again.

ANGELA (VO): But I knew that I would have to decide. Between one of them, I mean. The only problem was… I didn’t know which one.

Angela gets up and walks to her closet.

ANGELA (VO): Jordan telling me that he couldn’t read.

She walks over to her window and looks outside. She looks around then her eyes fall onto the Krakow house.

ANGELA (VO): Brian with the letter.

She walks back over to her bed. There she collapses, emersed in thought.

ANGELA (VO): What do they want me to do? I don’t know which one to choose. I mean, one of them won’t have me. I can’t like split myself for them.

Angela lets out a groan of frustration.

ANGELA (whisper): Why did you have to write that letter, Brian? Why couldn’t you have just… not told me.

The phone rings. Angela turns around and hops out of her room.

ANGELA (yelling): I got it!


SCENE FADE IN: Chase’s Household <kitchen>

Danielle is in the kitchen, the phone in her hands.

DANIELLE: Ok, I’ll get her. Hold on.

Danielle put the phone down just as Angela runs in.

ANGELA: I said I would get it.

Danielle picks up the phone and hands it to her.

DANIELLE: It’s Sharon.

Angela picks grabs the phone away from Danielle and puts it up to her ear.

DANIELLE (sarcastically): Your welcome!

ANGELA (joking): Thank you sooo much Danielle! What would I do without you?

DANIELLE: Tell me if Ryan calls, Ok?

ANGELA: Yeah, yeah. I’ll tell if your boyfriend calls…

PATTY (from upstairs): Danielle! Come in her and clean your room!

Danielle exits, running up the stairs to go fight with her mother.

SHARON (yelling on phone): Hello? Chase-Face?

ANGELA: Sorry. Sibling rivalry.

SHARON: I wouldn’t know.

ANGELA: I know you think little sisters are good things Sharon, but they aren’t. They go through your stuff, wear you make-up, and follow you around until you go nuts.

SHARON: Thanks for that speech. I so needed that.


SHARON: I broke up with Kyle.

ANGELA: Again?

SHARON: Yes. Again.

ANGELA (laughing): You should have got it right the first time, Cherski?

SHARON: Wow! You are like, so funny!

ANGELA: I try.

SHARON: Try harder.

ANGELA: Is this why you called me?

SHARON: Actually, no. I bring a peace offering from Rayanne Graf.

ANGELA: Rayanne, who? Doesn’t ring any bells…

SHARON: Come on, Angela! You forgave Jordan.

ANGELA: So? He deserved it. She doesn’t.

SHARON: Oh yeah, by getting Krakow to write him a letter. Oops!

ANGELA (pauses): How do you know about that?

SHARON (nervous laughter): Rickie sort of let it slip to Delia and she told me…

ANGELA: That’s just great! Now the whole school will know! I’ll just take out an add in the paper or something, announcing to world Brian Krakow wrote a letter for Jordan Catalino.

SHARON: Calm down! We’re like not gonna tell anybody else.

ANGELA: I don’t know, Sharon.

SHARON: Listen, you sound like you could use moral support or whatever. I’ll be right over.

ANGELA: Ok, Sharon. And Sharon…


ANGELA: Thanks.

SHARON: No problem.

Angela hangs up the phone. Angela sits on the couch and begins to read a TV Guide. Danielle and Patty are arguing in the background about Danielle’s missing jeans. The doorbell rings.

ANGELA (screaming up the stairs): I’ll get it.

Angela opens the door. Brian stands there, at least a dozen or so roses in his hands. Angela stands there, shell-shocked.

BRIAN (nervously): Your sister left them at my house.

He gives them to her.

BRIAN: I have to go…

Brian leaves before Angela can protest. She watches him jog across the street back to his house. She has her mouth wide open in amazement.


SCENE FADE IN: Liberty High <morning>

The bustle of early morning doings is present as students and teachers clutter the halls. The camera spans until it reaches a familiar locker with Rayanne and Sharon standing next to it.

SHARON: We talked about it for hours last night when I went over. She’s not as mad as she was. She thinks the whole thing is like a big joke now.

RAYANNE: Oh ya! Now Angela Chase registers me on her little radar. I’ve been upgraded from "ignore completely" to "laughing stock."

SHARON: I’ve done all that I can. You want her to completely forgive you, you’re gonna have to be the one who makes like the first move.

RAYANNE: I’ll think about it.

SHARON: Why are you being like this all of a sudden. You were like all depressed before and now…

Rickie walks over to the two girls. Delia is behind him.

RICKIE <to Rayanne>: Hi.

RAYANNE <sarcastically>: Hi.

DELIA <to Sharon>: Hi.

SHARON <in reply>: Hey.

(If you haven’t noticed yet, I’m trying to make the story longer by putting a lot of overlapping dialogue – tee hee!)

SHARON <to Rickie>: So where is the infamous letter writer?

RICKIE: Mysteriously vanished. I think it’s the first time Brian Krakow has ever cut class.

RAYANNE: Wait! Back up. What letter?

Sharon, Rickie, and Delia all look at her in amazement.


ANGELA (VO): I used to think there was only one reason people went to the boiler room. I felt proud to be a part of that… once. Now, there’s a new reason. Now, there’s Brian Krakow…

ANGELA <walking down the stairs>: Hello? Brian? You down here?

She continues to walk, pushing her hair back.

BRIAN (VO): God, she’s beautiful. Especially when she pushes her hair back like that.

Angela enters the Boiler Room.

ANGELA: Why didn’t you answer me?

BRIAN: I don’t know.

ANGELA: Why are you cutting class?

BRIAN: I don’t know.

ANGELA: God, Brian. Is this how it’s going to be from now on? Are you always going to be like this?

BRIAN: Why do you care? You’ll be off in his shiny red car, swooning whenever you have the chance and drooling all over him.

ANGELA: Brian… I didn’t mean to… I mean…

BRIAN: You know what? Save your breath. You are so selfish. So heartless.

ANGELA <crying>: I’m sorry, Brian. I didn’t know. I didn’t want to know.

BRIAN: But now you do.

Angela approaches Brian. She raps his arms around his neck and leans her head on his shoulder. He seems very surprised by this, but hugs her back in a warm embrace. Their heads come off each other shoulders, still rapped around each other.

ANGELA (VO): But in the end… the Boiler Room is only good for one thing…

Brian leans down and kisses her on the lips. She seems shocked at first, but then slides into the kiss. They began making out as the camera spans away from them.


Scene Fade in: Graham and Hallie’s restaurant.

Graham is standing up looking at a rather nasty hole in the wall. Hallie comes in, holding her portfolio in one hand and several loose papers in another.

HALLIE (yelling): Hi!

GRAHAM (surprised): Oh, Hello.

HALLIE: Well don’t look to happy to see me!

GRAHAM: Oh no. It’s just that… have you ever noticed this gigantic hole in the wall before?


GRAHAM: And you didn’t tell me because…?

HALLIE: I thought you saw it.


HALLIE: Ha! You are a real character sometimes!


HALLIE: Yes! You!

GRAHAM: What do you got there?

HALLIE: Oh, all the plans. We got lots to do before opening day. There’s the menu. The wine list. And that teeny problem of picking a name for the restaurant too.

GRAHAM: I got it. How about, "Graham’s Kitchen"?

HALLIE: Not a little too egotistical there?

GRAHAM: Nope. He who cooks the food…

HALLIE (laughing): Stop! You are so bad!

GRAHAM: Maybe we should get started.

HALLIE: Yeah… we should…


Scene Fade in: Liberty High <Girl’s Bathroom>

Angela is by the mirror putting on lipstick (some of it smudged off on Brian!). Rayanne walks in, but doesn’t notice Angela because she’s shuffling through her bag. Angela doesn’t see her either because she so absorbed in fixing her lipstick. When they both finish, the turn to look at each other at the same time. They both gasp and turn pale.

RAYANNE: Hi. I mean hey.

ANGELA: Yeah. Hi.

RAYANNE: So… what’s up? You and Catalino back together?

ANGELA: No! I mean yes. I mean… it’s complicated or something.

RAYANNE: Well, you’re either with him or you’re not.

ANGELA: Oh, why are we having this conversation?

RAYANNE: I’m stalling.

ANGELA: Stalling for what?

RAYANNE: So that you don’t get all mad at me again and tell me what a bad friend I’ve been…

ANGELA: You hurt me! I didn’t think you ever could! Not like that!

RAYANNE: But you forgave Jordan…

ANGELA: But that was different…

RAYANNE: Why? You know Angela, it takes two.

ANGELA: Omigod! I don’t know why I listen to Sharon. You are sitting here making jokes!

RAYANNE: Oh come on Angela! You don’t find this a little bit funny?

ANGELA <screams>: No!

Angela and Rayanne start laughing hysterically, breaking the tension of the moment.

RAYANNE: You know, I really missed you…

ANGELA: Me too.

Angela walks over and hugs Rayanne. Both of them jump when they see Sharon behind them.

ANGELA: How long have you been there?

SHARON: Pretty much the whole thing.

RAYANNE: You little sneak!

ANGELA: Let’s get her!


Sharon runs out of the bathroom with Angela and Rayanne in close pursuit. The halls are empty and the trio run out of the school laughing.


Scene Fade in: Chase’s household <kitchen>

PATTY: Angela? Is that you?

ANGELA: Yeah mom.

PATTY: You just get home from school?

ANGELA: Yes. God!

PATTY: What?

ANGELA: Is this like twenty questions?

PATTY: No. Can I ask you a simple question?

ANGELA: There. You said "question." With you mom it’s always "questions."

PATTY: Well, may I pose one more question before her highness proceeds to bite my head off.

ANGELA: You may.

PATTY: How was your day at school?

ANGELA: It was good. And weird. It was a weirdly good day.

PATTY: Well, I’m glad.

ANGELA: Me and Rayanne made up.

PATTY: Great! That’s perfect! I am so relieved!

ANGELA: Why? I thought you didn’t like Rayanne?

PATTY: Oh. I don’t. It’s all an act. I’m trying to throw you off.

ANGELA: Mom! You are so weird!

PATTY: Listen, I have to go pick up your sister from school.

ANGELA: Wait! I mean, there’s this party and it’s Friday…

PATTY <laughs>: You can go. Who’s giving you a ride? Rickie’s cousin?

ANGELA: No. Jordan.

PATTY <raises eyebrow>: Ah.

ANGELA <laughs>: Oh mom stop!

PATTY <laughs>: Okay, I’m out of here.

A few minutes after Patty leaves, you can hear a car horn honk. Angela grabs a small purse/bag and runs out to greet the car. Jordan is inside.



Angela gets in the car. After she sits down, Jordan leans in and kisses her. Angela retaliates, kissing back. They stops there embrace and Jordan turns on the engine and drives away. The camera spans to Brian Krakow’s house, where he has been watching the entire seen from his window. A very hurt expression is revealed on his face.

Several hours pass. The party starts and ends.


Scene Fade in: Jordan’s Car <outside the Chase household>

ANGELA: I had a really good time tonight.

JORDAN: Me too.

ANGELA: So… do you think maybe…

Jordan leans in and kisses her.

ANGELA <VO>: It’s so weird. I like them both. How do I decide which I like more? How do you chose between two people that you really care about without hurting one of them.

ANGELA <breaks away; to Jordan>: I gotta go.

JORDAN: Okay. See you tomorrow.

ANGELA <smiles>: Yeah. Wait!


ANGELA <pauses>: Nothing. Never mind. Bye.

JORDAN: You sure this time?


JORDAN: Later.

Angela gets out and closes the door behind her. She watches him leave, as if afraid he’ll turn around and drive back. When she can’t see him anymore, she runs over to across the street to the Krakow’s house. She rings the doorbell, a little impatiently. Brian wheels up on his bike from behind her.

BRIAN: My parents are out of town this week.

ANGELA <gasps>: God! Brian! You scared me.

BRIAN <snickering>: Sorry.

ANGELA: Look, we have to talk…

BRIAN: About what? The weather? School? Ex-boyfriends who have a habit of sleeping with best friends…

ANGELA <surprised and angry>: That is not fair!

BRIAN: And what is fair? Kissing him?

ANGELA: Look, I’m sorry…

BRIAN <angry and teary-eyed>: Oh, I see. This is the part when you say ‘I didn’t mean to lead you on Brian. It was him I always wanted. I just felt so sorry for you and tried to make you feel better.’ Well, forget it. Save your breath.

Brian turns away from her. Angela is stunned. She has never seen Brian so passionate in all the years she’s known him.

ANGELA: It’s not like that. I… I like you Brian.

BRIAN: You mean you feel sorry for me…

ANGELA: No! I mean, I like you.

She walks over to him. She puts her hand against his face. He closes his eyes, as if he’s waited for this moment forever.

BRIAN <whisper>: I like you too.

Brian puts his hand near her ear and pushes the hair out of her face that was hanging over.

ANGELA: I’m so confused Brian. I like Jordan too. I don’t know what to do!

BRIAN: You know.


BRIAN: You know what you want. But you’re afraid. It’s okay. I understand.

ANGELA: What are you saying?

BRIAN: You want him more. You’ve wanted him for so long, and now he wants you.

ANGELA: But that doesn’t mean that all that meant nothing!

BRIAN: No, it doesn’t. But you have to go with him.

Angela starts to cry. She puts her head on his shoulder.

ANGELA <through tears; a whisper>: I know.

She looks up at him.

ANGELA: But what about you?

BRIAN <shrugs>: Who? Me? I’ll be fine…

ANGELA <staring at him>: No you won’t.

He stares back.

BRIAN: But I can learn to live with it. <sighs> I’ve waited for you for so long, it won’t kill me to wait a little longer.

ANGELA: And I will come back to you, but it’s just that he…

BRIAN <sighs deeper>: He likes you back now.


BRIAN <through tears>: Bye.

With tears streaming down her face, Angela turns around and walks back to her house. Brian waits until she’s inside before riding away. The camera fades black. The episode is over.

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  • Tasha commented on 02 Feb 2004:
    there were some very good lines with angela and brian but i dont think that angela would go for brian so soon. what happened with the other characters there is no emphasis on them. what about the party, no scene indicated.

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