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My So-Called SCREAM 2

written by Ryan Donovan

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About this story

Published: 1997 | Size: 16 KB (3076 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.4/5   3.4/5 (11 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

RANDY (VO): There are certain rules one must abide by in order to survive a scary movie...

SCENE FADE IN: The Chase's home

Angela is crying by the phone where we last left her. She turns and hugs Brian, who is standing nearby.

ANGELA: Why is he doing this? What did I do?

BRIAN (squeezes her): Shhh... It's Ok.

GRAHAM: Wait until I find out whose been doing this! I swear I'll kill them!

PATTY: Graham! (brings him in the next room) Can't you see Angela is already upset enough? She doesn't need you escalating the situation.

GRAHAM: I can't help it Patty! I feel so helpless.

The door bell rings.

PATTY: That must be Neal Prescott and his daughter.


PATTY: Remember? I told you I invited them to dinner.

GRAHAM: Oh ya right. Are you sure this is the best time?

PATTY: Oh Graham! He's already here. We might as well try to act like everything is Ok.

Rayanne goes over to open the door. We see Sydney Prescott (the Scream Queen) and her father Neal. Patty goes over and welcomes them. Sydney looks uncomfortable and preoccupied, like she would rather be somewhere else.

Skip to several minutes ahead.

Graham is serving all kinds of culinary treats for the group. Neal is talking and laughing with Patty and Graham. Rayanne, Angela, Brian, and Sydney are all melancholy, bringing down the mood the parents are trying to create. Brian is the first to break the ice.

BRIAN: Wait. You're Sydney Prescott? The same Sydney Prescott from Woodsboro, California.

SYDNEY: Yep. That's me.

RAYANNE: Oh, I know about you! You had the psycho boyfriend, right?

SYDNEY: Lucky me.

ANGELA: So like, how did you deal with it? I mean like seeing your friends like die and stuff?

SYDNEY: I don't know, really. I guess I just detached myself from my emotions and tried to not let the pain sink in.

ANGELA: So did it like work?

SYDNEY: It does for a while...

Skip to several minutes later.

Neal and Sydney are saying their good-byes. Patty continually thanks Neal for his generosity to Wood and Jones Printing. They get in the car and leave. Patty, Graham, Rayanne, Angela, and Brian all wave to them as they leave and then go back in the house. They all go into the living room.

PATTY (to Rayanne): So does Amber know you're here?

RAYANNE: Oh, I mean no. She like went off with her boyfriend Rusty on like vacation or something.

GRAHAM: Well, maybe it would be safer if you stayed here tonight.

RAYANNE: Well, I don't know...

ANGELA: Oh, sure it's Ok.

Brian gives Angela a strange look.

ANGELA: You can stay in Danielle's room.

Brian smiles.

PATTY: Ok. Graham can I talk to you for a minute...

Patty and Graham go into the kitchen.

ANGELA (babbling): I mean she thinks you're so cool and she'll probably feel safer with you around anyway...

RAYANNE: Oh, ya right... (whispers in Angela's ear) so you and Krakow can spend some quality time...

ANGELA (pushing her): Oh, shut up.

RAYANNE: It's Ok. I mean I understand and everything.

ANGELA: Thanks (kisses Rayanne on the cheek)

BRIAN (comes over to them): Where is Danielle anyway?

ANGELA: Oh, she's in her room. I think...

Danielle comes downstairs. Patty and Graham are talking in the kitchen.

GRAHAM: ...where else can she go, huh? What's she going to do. And with all these kids getting bumped off...

PATTY: Oh fine! She can stay.


PATTY: Fine. Can you take out the trash for me?


PATTY: Fine. (kisses him the hand him the trash bag)

SCENE FADE IN: Chase's driveway.

Graham goes out the front door. He opens the trash can and put the bag in.

GRAHAM (to himself): It's a dirty job...

As Graham puts the trash lid back on, Mr. Ghostface springs out of nowhere and grabs him. He uses his hand to cover his mouth so that he can't scream. The killer then takes a knife and stabs Graham repeatedly, bringing down the knife again and again...

PATTY (to everyone): Anybody hungry?

RAYANNE: Yeah! Moi!

BRIAN: Kind of.

DANIELLE: Definitely me!

ANGELA (VO): I felt like a really shallow person because I wasn't hungry.

BRIAN (VO): It's like so strange. My life is like clicking into place while like all these terrible things are happening.

RAYANNE (VO): I hope Patty-Cake has that cheese I like...

PATTY: Ok then just let me get...

Mr. Ghostface comes out of nowhere and attacks Patty.

PATTY: Shit.

Before anybody has time to react, Mr. Ghostface slices Patty up so accurately that Julia Child would be jealous. He looks at the kids, wipes the bland with his hand than comes towards them.


SCENE FADE IN: Chase's lawn

Mr. Ghostface is too slow to catch up to Rayanne, Angela, and Brian as they make their escape. The three run outside as fast as they can.

SCENE FADE IN: Chase's kitchen

Mr. Ghostface runs after the kids, but trips over the coffee table. When he gets up, Patty, whose barely alive, hits him several times with a frying pan. She hits him so hard that his mask falls off, revealing who he is. Patty gasps.

PATTY: You!?

The killer takes the momentary distraction to jump on Patty and stab her, repeatedly. We don't see who the killer is at this point because he puts the mask on before we can ID him. The camera also never get a good enough shot of his head so we see any details.

SCENE FADE IN: Outside of the Chase's house.

The trio run to Brian's house. Brian takes out some keys out of his pocket.

RAYANNE: You can like drive?

BRIAN: Yeah, so?


ANGELA: Just get in the car! He'll come out of the house any second.

Brian gets in on the driver side and starts the car. Angela gets in on the passenger side while Rayanne hops in the back.

RAYANNE: I think we lost him.

Mr. Ghostface pops out of the back window and tries to stab Rayanne. He misses when she moves out of the way. Rayanne kicks him in the face and he falls out of the car.

RAYANNE: Move it Krakow!

Brian steps on the gas. The car rolls away from the killer before he can recover. Mr. Ghostface chases after them, but when he becomes obvious he won't catch up to them, he abandons his pursuit.

SCENE FADE IN: Brian's car.

BRIAN: So like where are going?

RAYANNE: Well, I don't know where you guys are going, but drop me off at the loft.

ANGELA: Why? What's at the loft?


BRIAN: Who is this guy Tino?

RAYANNE: Tino's so buff. He'll like kick anyone's ass who tries to come after me while I'm with him.

ANGELA: Are you sure we should like split up?

RAYANNE: Angelika! Your concern touches me! We won't be splitting for long. We got to pick a meeting place. Somewhere safe, where the killer wouldn't expect us...

BRIAN: Liberty! He'd never expect us at the school!

RAYANNE: He attacks me there last night Krakow!

ANGELA: No he's right. It makes sense. It would be the last place he looks for us.


They pull up to the building where the loft is located. Rayanne gets out and waves to Brian and Angela.

ANGELA (out the window): So you'll meet us later tonight at the school?

RAYANNE: Yep. See ya.

BRIAN: See ya.

The car pulls away. Rayanne looks around to make sure no one's following her, then she ducks in the building. She walks up the stairs and approaches the loft. She knocks three times but no one answers. She frowns then opens the door herself, quite surprised it's unlocked. Rayanne looks around the empty loft.

RAYANNE: Tino? Hello? Anyone there?

Rayanne walks into a corner of the loft where we can't see her. We do however see her shadow against the wall. Rayanne screams at the top of her lungs (we don't know why). The scream stops abruptly. We see another shadow with Rayanne's. Rayanne's shadow falls to the ground. We see Rayanne's shadow being dragged into another room.

SCENE FADE IN: Brian's car.

ANGELA (looks at Brian): Thanks.

BRIAN (laughs): For what?

ANGELA (smiles): For being you.

BRIAN (blushing): Well, I mean I...

ANGELA: We just passed the school.

BRIAN (nervous laugh): Oh ya.

Brian turns the car around. Those two crazy lovebirds get out of the car and go into that entrance we first saw in the Halloween episode. They both go so quiet it's spooky. Finally they reach the auditorium, their intended destination.

ANGELA (whisper): It's spooky.

BRIAN: I know. How much longer do you think Rayanne will be?

ANGELA: No idea.

BRIAN: Oh so it looks like we're alone for awhile so maybe we should...

Angela kisses him. Brian falls back, unexpected. They both laugh hysterically. Brian grabs the back of Angela's head and kisses him passionately. They fall on the ground laughing. The kiss again, longer and more intense.

RANDY (VO): You can never have sex!

Skip to several minutes later.

Brian and Angela are on the floor, putting their clothes back on. Angela walks over to Brian and holds him. Brian takes her hand and kisses her.

(in unison)

ANGELA: I love you.

BRIAN: I love you.

They laugh together and then kiss again. A loud thump is heard and it stops them from kissing.

ANGELA (whisper): Did you hear that?

BRIAN: Yeah.

Mr. Ghostface comes out from behind the corner. The killer is very small, about half the size of Brian. Brian and Angela stare at the unusually short killer. Mr. Ghostface removes his mask. Angela gasps and Brian frowns.

DANIELLE (in Ghostface costume): Cool twist, huh? Didn't see it coming, did ya?

ANGELA: Omigod!? Danielle you're the killer?

DANIELLE: Well, I'm not the only killer...

A door opens up from the auditorium. A dark figure steps forward.

ANGELA: I can't see who it is.

DANIELLE: Come closer.

Rayanne steps into the light.

ANGELA: Rayanne!?

Rayanne put her hands up. Mr. Ghostface has a gun trained on her from behind.

ANGELA: So who is the killer?

The second Mr. Ghostface removes his mask. A second mask is underneath where the voice-distorter is stored. That mask is also removed by the killer. Long curly brown hair comes out from underneath the mask.

ANGELA: Wait! Aren't you...

HALLIE: Hallie Lowinthal. I was going to open a restaurant with your father. Well, he cut out of the business at the last second...

BRIAN: So you guys were the killers?

DANIELLE: Well, Tino helped us.

RAYANNE: Oh ya sure!


BRIAN (to Hallie): Why would you kill everybody?

HALLIE: Well, my fiancee dumped me right. Oh don't worry, he's dead now. But I realized that your father (points to Angela) was attracted to me. And we would have been perfect. One problem. That bubble-butted mother of yours. So basically I went insane and just decided to kill everybody because my life sucked so much.

BRIAN (looks at Danielle): Why did you help her?

DANIELLE: Well, no one ever paid any attention to me. I thought what the hell? Why not just kill everybody?

ANGELA: You're both sick fuckers!

HALLIE: Oh yes that we are. (takes out a knife) We're going to get away with it to, honey. I mean you guys are the only people who know that we're the killers. Unfortunately, when the police find you, you'll be in no condition to answer their questions.

DANIELLE: Because you'll be dead!

HALLIE: I think they figured that part out!


Brian and Angela slowly move towards the door. Hallie raises the gun and fires it a few inches in front of them.

HALLIE: I'm not stupid, so don't...

Rayanne punches Hallie in the face no that the gun is off her. Hallie falls to the ground. Rayanne runs but Hallie gets up and pulls her back. She takes the knife and jams it into Rayanne's shoulder. Rayanne screams then falls to the ground.


Brian looks around him. He notices the rope holding the score board up is right next to him. He unties it.

BRIAN: Heads up.

Danielle jumps out of the way as the scoreboard comes flying down from the ceiling. The score board hits Hallie and she goes flying to the other side of the gym. Well, the top half of her goes flying while the her bottom half remains pinned by the scoreboard.

ANGELA (to Brian): Thank God it's over...

RANDY (VO): Never assume the killer is dead.

Danielle picks up the knife and charges Brian and Angela. Brian sees her, but sees her too late. She raise the knife to stab them when a loud gunshot rings all of their ears. The bullet makes contact with Danielle's leg and send her flying. She falls on the floor, out like a light. Brian and Angela look up to see who fired the shot. Rayanne is there, holding the gun. She looks down at Danielle.

RAYANNE (to Danielle): Little bitch!

Brian and Angela go over to Rayanne and all three of them get up and head for the door together.

Skip to several hours later.

The police are removing the bodies from the gym. Danielle is put on a stretcher with a police escort. Danielle keeps repeating the same thing over and over.

DANIELLE: Tino'll save me. He will. He'll bust me out as soon as he finds out.

Brian, Angela, and Rayanne are all standing their looking at the pathetic Danielle. Rayanne shakes her head.

RAYANNE: Kids these days.

POLICE OFFICE (to the group): If you'll come over here...

The tabloid twit Gale Weathers comes strolling in. She goes straight to Angela.

GALE: Angela how does it feel to have you're closest loved ones butchered in front of you eyes? How does it feel to know your best friends have been slaughtered and aren't coming back? Angela, share with us please...

Angela punches Gale in the face. Other reporters catch her.

ANGELA (crying): No comment!

Brian takes Angela and they head for the door. The reporters turn on Rayanne.

RAYANNE: Hey Krakow! Wait up!

She joins them and they leave.

The End

ANGELA (VO): Well, it's probably not the ending you all suspected and you guys probably want more right? Well here goes. My uncle Neal and his girlfriend Marla moved into my house to take care of me. I was depressed for awhile, but he helped me through it. Yes, Brian did become my boyfriend and me and Rayanne became best buds again. Somehow, we all managed to go to the same college. Me and Brian moved far in our relationship (if you get my meaning). It was weird; all these terrible things happened in my life, but at the same time, all these good things happened too.



The ending credits play. But at the end you hear:

STU (VO): It's a Scream baby!


I hope you've enjoyed this script. For those of you who have never seen Scream, Randy and Stu were characters from that aforementioned movie.
Scream is a trademark of Dimension Films and My So-Called Life is property of ABC / Bedford Falls productions.

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Average: 3.4/5   3.4/5 (11 votes)
  • michael commented on 08 Dec 2000:
    that was craziness....ha ha ha
  • Celia commented on 29 Mar 2001:
    Wow! I loved this story! I've never seen any of the Scream films, but I bet none of them are half as good as this! I was a little disappointed at how some of the good characters were killed off near the beginning, but it was still good. I never guess who the killers would be! Well, I kind of did, but I didn't know exactly who they were! Anyways, I really liked these/this story. I think the author should write some more parodies.

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Rayanne Graff, Episode 1: "My So-Called Life (Pilot)"