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Episode No. 21 - One Moment

written by Ryan Donovan

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Published: 1997 | Size: 17 KB (3586 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.1/5   2.1/5 (47 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Scene Fade In: Chase’s Driveway

Angela is kissing Jordan in his car outside her house.

ANGELA (VO): It only take a moment for your life to change forever. In one fraction of a second, your life can begin and your life can end. It’s scary how fast it can happen.

Angela pulls away from Jordan. She’s smiling - so is he.

ANGELA: I have to go.

JORDAN: Okay. Tomorrow?

Angela seems to consider this.

ANGELA: Okay. You know, whatever happens… happens…

JORDAN: Shut up!

ANGELA: No! You shut up!


Angela jumps back in the car and they start kissing again. After several minutes, Angela breaks away from him again.

ANGELA: I have to go.


Angela shuts the car door and steps on to the sidewalk.

ANGELA: This is me - going.

JORDAN: Okay. Bye.


Jordan starts the engine. She’s smiling at him. He starts to drive away. Jordan gets to the intersection when out of nowhere a car rams into his car’s side. The car doesn’t stop after it hits him, it keeps going and going. Angela is horrified. She screams and starts to run over to the wreck. She makes it there and looks inside. She screams as loud as she possible can.

Theme Credits play.

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Hospital.

There are police everywhere. Angela is looking up at a monitor that is fixed on Jordan. Dried tears are on her face. She looks so sad. Katimski and Rickie come in.

KATIMSKI: Oh, gee whiz Angela…

RICKIE: We came as soon as we heard.

Rickie looks like he’s going to start crying too. Angela starts to softly cry while her and Rickie hug.

KATIMSKI: I, uh… called your parents Angela. They’re on their… way.

ANGELA: Thanks Mr. Katimski.

RICKIE: They weren’t home?

Angela is very upset. But she’s trying to think about Rickie’s question.

ANGELA: No. They had this thing… at Danielle’s school…

RICKIE: Oh, Angela! I’m so sorry!

He hugs her again and they both cry. She looks up at the monitors again.

SCENE FADE IN: Somewhere in Three Rivers

Rayanne and Sharon are walking along a sidewalk, unaware of what has happened.

RAYANNE: So, Cherski. Have a fun weekend?

SHARON: Yeah. I dumped Kyle for like the fortieth time.

RAYANNE: That won’t last long.


RAYANNE: I know you Cherski. The minute your hormones start raging you’ll be on that phone so fast even Tino’s head will spin.

SHARON: You are so wrong. I’m ending this now because it’s like mean to him.

RAYANNE: Yes Cherski! You are a humanitarian! Raise the flag for Sharon!

Sharon starts laughing with Rayanne. Rayanne takes out a flask.

SHARON: What’s that?

RAYANNE: What do you think?

SHARON: I thought you weren’t drinking anymore.

RAYANNE: That’s funny ‘cause so did I. But the bottle came to me in the middle of the night and said, "Raynie! Wake up for school!". Oh wait, that was my mom.

SHARON: Don’t drink that!

RAYANNE: Don’t tell me what to do, Cherski. You ain’t my babysitter.

Sharon looks disgusted. Rayanne sees her face and smiles.

RAYANNE: Hey! You want some?


RAYANNE: Come on! Have you ever tried it?


RAYANNE: Well then how come you know it’s so bad?

SHARON: Do I even have to like dignify that with a response?

RAYANNE: Come on! Come on! Just try it. A sip. All I ask.

SHARON: Fine! God, just shut up!

Sharon takes the flask from Rayanne’s outstretched hands. She takes a swig. She gulps it down slowly. She makes a sarcastic sort of smirking face at Rayanne and then hands her back the flask.

SHARON: It’s Ginger Ale.

RAYANNE: I know! Ain’t I a stinker?

SHARON: Sometimes you honestly scare me. Like, what goes on in your head?

RAYANNE: Trust me; You do not want to know.

SHARON: So, have you talked to Angela?

RAYANNE: Not really. Haven’t sat down and had a chat with her with her since the pow-wow in the bathroom. I’ve seen her once or twice but…

Rayanne suddenly trips. She falls over. Sharon rushes over to her. Rayanne is shaking. Sharon is shaking her, trying to snap out of it.

SHARON: Rayanne! Are you okay!

RAYANNE: Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine.

SHARON: I don’t think that’s normal.

RAYANNE: I’m not normal.

SHARON: That’s not what I mean.

RAYANNE: I know what you mean.

SHARON: What’s that? Like the fifth time its happened?

RAYANNE: Sixth, actually.

SHARON: You should go to a doctor.

RAYANNE: I don’t need a doctor, but I may need a shrink if you don’t leave me alone!

Rayanne swings her bag playfully at Sharon. Sharon is laughing and trying to run away. A car pulls up alongside them. A kid sticks his head out the window.

KID: Hey, Graf.


KID: There’s this big accident. It’s all over the news. Somebody said like three people have died. You know that kid in the band with Tino?

SHARON: Jordan?

KID: Yeah him. He’s in the hospital or something. His girlfriend is there too.

SHARON: Omigod.

RAYANNE: Thanks. Bye.

Rayanne grabs Sharon’s hand and the run as fast as they can go.

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Hospital

Angela is pacing back and forth. Rickie is sitting in a chair near Angela. Brian steps off the elevator.

BRIAN: Oh, thank God you’re all right!

He runs over and hugs Angela. Rickie looks at them and then takes a sip of his coffee. He makes a face like he doesn’t like and then puts it back.

BRIAN: I heard the accident from my room but I didn’t know Jordan…

ANGELA: It’s okay. I’m fine.

BRIAN: What’s going on?

He looks up at the monitors of Jordan.

BRIAN: How is he?

RICKIE: The doctors say he has massive internal bleeding. He punctured on of his lungs and his spine was fractured. If he survives, he’ll never walk again.

BRIAN: Oh, God Angela…

He hugs her again. Angela hugs him back and starts to cry again. Patty comes in. She runs over to Angela and hugs her after Brian lets her go.

PATTY: Are you all right?

ANGELA: Yes! I’m fine! Jordan is the one that’s gonna die!!

Everyone in the hospital looks at her.


Everyone goes back to whatever it was they were doing. Brian goes and sits down next to Rickie. They start talking. Patty looks at Angela lovingly.

PATTY: I came as soon as I heard.

ANGELA: Where’s dad? Where’s Danielle?

PATTY: Danielle is at home with a sitter. I couldn’t get a hold of your father. He went into Pittsburgh to meet with some people about the restaurant. Angela…

She looks up at the monitors.

PATTY: Is he going to be okay?

SCENE FADE IN: The Chasemobile

Graham and Hallie are listening to some old song on the radio. They’re having a blast singing all the words out of tune. If it wasn’t so funny, it could be annoying. The song ends. Graham is driving. Hallie is looking through her bag.

HALLIE: I can’t find my lipstick!

GRAHAM: Dashboard.

Hallie grabs the lipstick off the dashboard.

HALLIE: You did that on purpose to mess with my mind, didn’t you?

GRAHAM: Oh yeah, that’s it. I’m against you all the way. I’m actually part of a big government plot to ruin your life by taking away all you make-up.


They both start hysterically laughing.

GRAHAM: If I asked your honest opinion about something, would you tell me?

HALLIE: Always. But bear in mind; The truth hurts.

Graham smirks.

GRAHAM: Me and Patty are thinking about something. Something I’ve wanted for a long time.

Hallie looks curious.

HALLIE: So… what is it?

GRAHAM: We’re going to…

Suddenly both of them hear the radio.

RADIO: A local accident in Three Rivers has resulted in the death of one person and the hospitalization of another. Jordan Catalino, a local student, has sustained massive injuries. He is not suspected to survive.

HALLIE: Jordan? Isn’t it that that kid we met?

GRAHAM: Oh my God!

SCENE FADE IN: Three Rivers Hospital

Sharon and Rayanne burst into the waiting area. They are both gasping for breath. Rickie and Mr. Katimski are there, as well as Brian. Rayanne runs over to Rickie while Sharon goes over to Brian.

RAYANNE: What happened? Is he gonna be all right? Where’s Angela?

RICKIE: Hold on! Slow down!

Rickie appears frustrated and confused. Obviously the day’s events have overwhelmed him.

SHARON: Where’s Angela?

BRIAN: Her mom took her to the bathroom for a minute. To clean her up or whatever.

RAYANNE: What are you doing here Krakow?

BRIAN: Hey! I came here because Angela needs someone, okay.

RAYANNE: So you think you can take advantage of her emotionally weakened state and get…


Everyone in the Waiting Area looks at Brian.


Everyone shrugs and goes back to what they were doing. Rayanne opens her mouth to speak but Sharon stops her.

SHARON: Enough, all right? This isn’t helping anything. We need to help Angela, okay?

Sharon looks at Brian and he nods. She looks at Rayanne. She shrugs and reaches for something in her bag. Rickie sits down in one of the waiting chairs. Angela and Patty come into the Waiting Area. Sharon runs up to her first crying.

SHARON: Oh, God! Angela! Are you okay? You look, like *so* terrible.

ANGELA: No, no. I’m fine. Really.

She looks at Rickie.

ANGELA: Has the doctor said anything?

RICKIE: No. They still don’t know anything.

Brian has been talking to a doctor until right before Angela and Patty came in. He walks over to everyone now with a hurt expression. He looks near-tears.

BRIAN: I just talked to a nurse. She says he’s still in surgery.

Everyone looks at him with hope.

BRIAN: There have been… some… complications. They don’t know if, uh, he’ll get through it or not.

Angela starts to silently cry. Sharon and Patty both hold her. Rayanne looks like she just saw someone shot and Rickie puts his head into his hands.

PATTY: I’ll try to find out more. Do we know where his parents are?

Rickie pulls his head up.


PATTY: Did he ever say anything about them.

RICKIE: Not really. I think he probably ran away. From his house, you know, his dad was like abusive or whatever. I guess. I don’t know.

Patty looks at Sharon.

PATTY: Stay with her.

Sharon nods her head. Rayanne moves over to take Patty’s place when she gets up. Brian takes a seat next to Rickie.

Several hours pass. It’s well after midnight. Rayanne is sleeping on Rickie’s lap and Sharon is taking up three chairs. Patty is heading for the elevator to go get some coffee. Brian and Angela are the only ones awake. Brian whispers to Angela.

BRIAN: Angela?


BRIAN: You awake?

ANGELA: Yes, Brian.

BRIAN: Okay.

ANGELA: What is it?

BRIAN: It’s just… I wanted to tell you that everything’s going to be all right.

ANGELA: You know what I think, Brian?

BRIAN: What?

She picks up her head and looks him in the eye.

ANGELA: That it isn’t.

Patty comes back with Camille Cherski. Danielle is with them.


PATTY: Shhhhhhhhh!

Camille walks over to Sharon and gently nudges her awake.


CAMILLE: Shhhhh… We’re going home, honey.

SHARON: Angela?

ANGELA: I’m fine, Sharon. Really. You can come back tomorrow.

Rickie, sensing all the talking, walks up.

RICKIE: Mrs. Cherski?

CAMILLE: Hi Rickie. Do you need a ride home?

RICKIE: Yeah, that’d be great.

Patty leans over to Angela.

PATTY: I asked Camille to pick up Danielle. I figured that all of you would want to stay here until we know anything, but the hospital staff says there are too many of us, so I asked Camille to come pick Sharon. You father is home, but I told him to stay there for right now so that he can stay with Danielle. Camille is going to drop her off at the house.


Angela gets up, hugs Sharon and Rickie, and then Camille takes everybody to the elevator. Surprisingly, Rayanne is still asleep. Brian moves over to sit next to Angela after she sits down again. She holds Brian and he holds he back.

Several more hours pass. Brian and Angela have fallen asleep. Rayanne and Patty are now awake whispering silently to one another. Angela looks at her mother.

ANGELA: Do they know anything?

PATTY: Not yet. They…

A doctor comes out. She’s a very short woman with long, curly brown hair. She’s not smiling and not at all comforting.

DOCTOR: Jordan Catalino?


DOCTOR: Friends or family?

PATTY: Friends.

DOCTOR: Is there any family present?

PATTY: No. We’re the only ones.

DOCTOR: All right then. The accident that Mr. Catalino was involved was quite severe. He’s lucky to have survived this long. After several hours of surgery, we have stabilized him. We don’t know for how long. He’s been shaken up very badly.

PATTY: Will he survive?

DOCTOR: Honestly, we’re not sure. If I had to guess, and I won’t lie to you, I would say no. His entire spinal cord has been fractured. He can’t move by himself anymore. The only thing keeping him alive at this point is his refusal to give up.

Angela hangs her head down.

DOCTOR: He has requested to see two people…

She checks her notepad.

DOCTOR: …Angela and… it looks like ‘Brain’?

BRIAN: Brian, actually.

DOCTOR: He told me ‘Brain’…

BRIAN: Trust me, he’s talking about me.

DOCTOR: Well, he’ll see you know. Try to make it quick. I don’t want him to over exert himself.

ANGELA: All right.

The Doctor leads Angela and Brian off. Patty and Rayanne look at the hopefully as they leave.

SCENE FADE IN: Jordan’s hospital room.

The room was white and bare. Jordan has metallic structures running up and down his body, supporting his spine. He was hooked up to an IV. His face was gashed and scratched all over. Angela hardly recognized him.

ANGELA: Oh, Jordan…

JORDAN: An-ge-la?

BRIAN: Omigod.

JORDAN: Br-ain?

BRIAN: Yeah, Jordan. It’s us.

JORDAN: Go-od. I… ne-ed to te-ll you…

His pulse spiked for a moment. Angela nearly screamed. Brian just gasped. They moved closer to him. Angela moved down towards his face.

ANGELA: What, Jordan? What?

JORDAN: I… lo-ve y-ou, but… he do-es to-o…

And then, with all of his strength, he reached for Brian’s hand and put it in Angela’s. After he connected them, he let go, and died. His pulse jumped and then flatlined. Doctors began running into the room.

A DOCTOR: Get out of here! Now!


BRIAN: Angela, we have to go…


Brian pulls her out of the room. Angela is hysterically crying and screaming. A nurse comes and helps Brian lead her away.

SCENE FADE IN: Angela’s bedroom.

ANGELA (VO): It only take a moment for your life to change forever. It’s been two weeks since Jordan died, but I remember it like it was yesterday. In that one moment, I lost my first love. I still have my friends and family, but I have this emptiness in me now that I don’t think will ever go away. I think about him all day. I dream about him every night. And I have to realize that he’s gone forever.

The doorbell rings. It rings three times before Angela gets up to get it. She walks down the stairs with a frown on her face.

ANGELA (VO): It only take a moment for your life to change forever.

She opens the door. A boy, about her age, maybe a little older is standing on the other side.

KID: Hi.

ANGELA: We don’t want any…

She begins to close the door.

KID: No! Wait! I’m Brian!


Patty and Graham come running to the door.

GRAHAM: Preston!

PATTY: You’re finally here!


Angela looks very confused.

ANGELA: What the hell is going on?

PATTY: Omigod! Angela!

GRAHAM: Didn’t you tell her?

ANGELA: Tell me what?

PATTY: No, I just thought it would be best if we left her alone for a little while with what happened…

ANGELA: Who is he?

BRIAN/PRESTON: I’m Preston Brian Harmon. I’m your brother.

ANGELA (VO): It only take a moment for your life to change forever.

To Be Continued!

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Rating Distribution:
Average: 2.1/5   2.1/5 (47 votes)
  • April commented on 01 Aug 2000:
    Why? You killed Jordon.Sure I have always wanted Angela and
    Brian to get together, but to kill Jordon.That's just not right.
  • Michelle commented on 12 Apr 2001:
    That was a terrible story. You can't kill off JOrdan. The show is supposed to be somewhat funny, and there is no comic relief in that terribly depressing plot.

    And a brother.>> Yeh whatever.
  • verse commented on 08 Aug 2001:
    I liked your story it was original and killing off Jordan was a bold move which probably wouldn't have happened on TV. but you have more freedom here. I think people reacted badly because you confounded their expectations.
  • Cactus Jack commented on 23 Feb 2002:
    Okay, terrific.
  • anonymous author commented on 07 Jun 2002:
    This was the worst story I have read so far. Jordan doesn't know Brian likes Angela, and that whole giving him her hand, this is MSCL not days of our lives
  • Kat commented on 11 Aug 2003:
    that was the lamest story i've ever read so far! And i HATE YOU for killing off Jordan Catalano!!!!! He was the best part of the show!!!!!!!!!
  • Lydia commented on 02 Jul 2004:
    Try again...Jordon would not want Brain and Angela to get together. Jordon should not have been killed.
  • Rachel gave this story a 4.0/5 4.0/5 rating and commented on 04 Feb 2008:
    all i got to say is..for them to kill off Jordan. Jared must have done something realllly bad..
  • poopyface tomatonose gave this story a 3.0/5 3.0/5 rating and commented on 01 Dec 2009:
    Your first story was fantastic, very mscl. this one was really good too, but the ending was a bit confusing. I think only people who have had their own Jordan will be okay with him dying

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