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Episode No. 25 - Our Town, part II: And... Action!

written by Lady Guinevere

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Published: 01 Mar 2009 | Size: 34 KB (5530 words) | Language: english | Rating: R

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Rayanne rocks the play seriously, and captivates Brian with it. Afterwards Rayanne and Brian get locked inside the school together; Brian discovers something upsetting but still they bond in a strange way and. Amber calls Patty when Rayanne doesn't come home, getting Patty thinking about Angela's whereabouts. Angela spends the night over at Jordan's house.
Note: This story is rated R.

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

[School, night of the play, in the audience]

Angela takes back her seat in the audience, next to her family. A few moments afterwards, the curtains rise. The audience applauds, cheers and whistles. Angela can clearly hear “Go Rayanne!” coming somewhere from the audience.

Angela VO: “I *know* the person shouting out ‘Go Rayanne!’ is Amber, and I have to laugh at it. Rayanne’s mom is very supportive of her, though I’m not sure it’s all that *healthy* to be your daughter’s closest friend instead of being her *mom*. I can’t imagine *my* mom acting like that, and I am not sure I would *want* her to, actually. It’s kind of embarrassing, really.”

When a storyteller comes up the stage, followed by a spotlight, the audience falls silent. The storyteller shares his story with the audience about the first act and characters. There are a few painted trees to be seen in the background, and the backdrop of a small town.

Rayanne walks up the stage in her mini-dress and the audience is humming. The spotlight gets fixed on Rayanne who seems so fragile up there. It’s like she’s a 1930’s rock-chick; she seems so out of place. She looks around and seems to be willing to run away; the despair is radiating from her face. She turns her head to look behind the scenes and then looks into the audience again. It looks like she’s slowly regaining herself again.

Rayanne recites her first line and loses herself in her part completely: “My, isn’t the moonlight terrible?” She continues her monologue and the audience seems to hold its breath. Angela is overwhelmed by Rayanne’s acting again, she’s saying everything like it’s straight from her heart.

The play continues, while the audience listens with the utmost attention. They are clearly moved.

Meanwhile Brian takes pictures from the actors from different angles. He sees Rayanne in a whole different light; she seems so sensitive, so fragile. So *human* and so warm even. It’s like she’s speaking to him alone. At times he forgets to take pictures of her because he is being captivated by this wonderful creature up there, it’s like he’s worked by her magic.

When the final scene has been played, the curtain falls. The audience bursts into applause and gives the actors a standing ovation. The curtains open again, showing the entire cast in a long line. At the end of the line Mr Katimski is standing positively *glowing*. The audience keeps on applauding and cheering until the curtains drop for the final time. The crowd gets up; all noisy, shuffling of feet, screeching of chairs.

The curtains at the stage peek, and Rayanne comes running through the gap, up the stage, looking around. Amber spots her daughter and shouts: “Rayanne! I’m coming up there, wait!” Amber runs through the crowd, up the stage and gives her daughter a big hug.

Angela spots Rayanne as well, “Mom, I’m gonna go up there too, you know, to tell Rayanne how great she was.”

Patty says, “Okay honey, we’ll wait for you by the doors.”

“Okay. See you in a bit.” Angela runs up to the stage.

Amber’s face is glowing with pride. “You were *so* great up there! You have *no* idea how proud I am of you! You had me crying like an idiot…”

Rayanne backs out of their embrace and holds on to her mother shoulders. She looks her in the eyes and asks, “You really thought I was good? Really? You’re not just *saying* that?”

Amber reassures her daughter, “Angel, you were *really* good. You should seriously consider a career in acting. If that’s what you want to do, ofcourse.”

Rayanne looks triumphantly, “You know, maybe I will. I was like *so* scared to go up there tonight, but once I had, like, found myself, it felt *so* good!”

Angela watches them from a short distance, but slowly approaches, “Rayanne! You were *so* good, that it like, hurt to look at you!”

Rayanne laughs, “Thanks, Angela.” She acts a bit uncomfortably. She wants to hug Angela, but doesn’t know if that’s okay. Angela stretches out her arms and Rayanne practically *jumps* in Angela’s embrace.

Tears well in Amber’s eyes as she watches the two girls, “Oh, Angela, it’s so good to see you two back together again. I missed you too, you know!”

Rayanne says, “Come on, we’ll tell your parents they like, can go home. I mean, Jordan is coming over soon, isn’t he?”

Angela smiles nervously, “Yeah, I told him to come over at around 11 o’clock.”

Rayanne wraps her arm around Angela and they walk off the stage through the almost abandoned auditorium. “So, Angelica… are you excited?” She casts Angela a meaningful look.

Angela’s voice quivers, “I am like *so* nervous, I feel like I’m trembling all over. My mind is like, repeating this mantra, over and over again: ‘Tonight…tonight…tonight’. I have *never* been more nervous in my life, *never*!”

Rayanne tries to calm Angela, “You’ll be fine, don’t worry! Heck, even *I* like, suffer from stage-fright! But it ended up cool anyway, so…”

Rayanne and Angela have reached the doors where Patty, Graham and Danielle are waiting.

“Rayanne! You were great! Congratulations!” Patty sounds pleasantly polite.

Graham gives Rayanne a sincerely meant compliment, “You were indeed! I seriously enjoyed the show!”

“Thanks, I mean, I’m a natural, so, what else did you like, expect?” Rayanne keeps her act up.

Angela addresses her mom, “Mom, I’ll catch a ride with Rayanne and her mom, so you can go now, if you like.”

“Oh, okay, honey. So, have fun tonight you two! And remember what I told you, Angela.” Patty arches her eyebrow, while her face displays seriousness.

Angela remains cool even if she is *twitching* to go. “Yeah mom, I know. Bye dad, bye Danielle. Bye mom.” She kisses her mother on the cheek swiftly.

“Bye honey. Have fun you two, and be careful.” Graham points at his eldest daughter.

“Bye Angela. Mom, can we go now?” Danielle tugs on her mother’s sleeve.

“Oh, you almost forgot your sleeping-bag!” Patty holds out Angela’s bag to her.

Rayanne waves at the Chase’s, “Bye bye!”

Angela takes hold of the bag. “Thanks mom. Bye bye.” She and Rayanne run back to the stage where Amber is still sitting down, like she is absorbing the atmosphere.

Rickie has joined her in the meantime, “Rayanne! I just *knew* you could do it! I’m so proud!” He gives her a hug.

Rayanne eyes her pal, “Gotta hand it to you, Rickie, you’ve been a great help. I couldn’t have done it without you!” It felt so good to have him as a friend again.

Rickie refuses to take credit for everything. “Well, umm, I just like helped you out a *little*, but hey, you *did* it, all by yourself!”

Rayanne smiles proudly, “Yeah, I did, didn’t I?” She is happy she pulled it off; the singer-in-a-band-thing turned out to be *quite* the fiasco, so she had her worries...

Rickie bares his teeth in a silly grin, “Oh! I umm, took the liberty of like, inviting Corey over to your party tonight, is that like, okay? He’s waiting backstage for us. He’s even like, promised to give us a lift! No offence, Amber.”

“The more, the merrier! I’m pretty sure Tino like, won’t show up anyway, so. You okay with it, Amber?” Rayanne’s mood is becoming more and more festive by the minute.

Amber reacts cool, “I’m fine with it, Rayanne. As long as it won’t be anything like the *other* party, I’m fine with it. And Rickie, non offence taken! So, I guess that means I can go home now? The two of you are coming over later, with Corey?”

Rayanne says, “Yeah, you can like, go now! So like, see you at home, Amber!”

“Okay, see you later! Don’t be *too* long! Oh, and Angela? Good luck, angel.” Amber winks at Angela and walks away.

Angela flushes, “Thanks, Amber. I guess.”

“So, let’s go find Corey then!” Rickie is anxiously passing around already.

Rayanne pulls Rickie back on his sleeve. “Wait! Angela, are you coming with us, or?”

“What time is it?” Angela looks at a clock in the auditorium. “Oh, it’s almost eleven. Jordan would pick me up around this time, so I have to go. Rayanne, I am really sorry again for not coming to your party! Have fun, you guys!”

“No sweat! Have fun Angelica, and be safe…” Rayanne grabs hold of Rickie’s arm again and whisks him away.

Rickie barely has time to wish Angela luck, “Yeah, have a terrific night, and be careful.”

Angela hesitates, “Thanks. So, I guess I should be going then.”

“Don’t worry, Angela. You’ll be fine…” Rickie releases himself from Rayanne’s grasp, walks back to Angela and rubs her arm.

Angela mumbles, “Oh man I hope so…” She walks away as Rickie and Rayanne run backstage.

[Outside, Jordan is leaning against his car]

Angela VO: “Every step I take brings me closer to Jordan Catalano. Just *look* at how incredible he looks! He’s made leaning into an art. With every step my heart starts to pound faster. I don’t know how much more of this I can take. I’m afraid I will *burst* if my heart goes any faster. Right now, I wanna be with Jordan *more* than I have ever wanted to be in my life. And let me tell you, there have been some *intense* moments before. I am shaking and trembling so hard I don’t think I will be ever be able to stop. Maybe all it takes is for Jordan to hold me, so the feelings will subside.”

Angela smiles at Jordan shyly, “Hey, so, you came.”

Jordan’s eyes are glowing softly, “Hey you. ‘Course I came!”

Angela looks at Jordan pleadingly, “Jordan? I *really* need a hug…”

Jordan wraps his arms around her and presses her body tightly against his. One of his hands goes through her hair. Angela looks up at his face and is being sucked into his blue eyes immediately, calming her down, yet nerving her even more. Jordan holds Angela’s face up by her chin and kisses her tenderly, yet intense.

He breaks the enchantment by speaking in a hoarse voice, “Let’s go…” He holds open the door to his car and Angela gets in. Jordan gets in on the other side and they drive away into the night.

[School, backstage]

“Krakow? What are *you* still doing here?” Rayanne is surprised to find there’s anyone left, even more so that it’s *Brian*.  “Isn’t it *way* past geek-bedtime?”

Brian didn’t expect anyone else to be here as well; he sighs at Rayanne for disturbing his peace and quiet, “I wasn’t finished yet, just ignore me.”  He continues dryly, “And my parents aren’t at home, so no, it’s not past geek-bedtime until *I* decide it is, thank you.”

Rayanne flutters around the room, “Ignoring you...”

Brian hesitates, “By the way, you were umm, pretty intense, tonight.”

Rayanne is taken by surprise, but retorts sarcastically, “Thanks...” Krakow made her a compliment, wow. That must have been like, *so* hard on him!

Corey walks up to Rayanne and congratulates her. “Rayanne Graff, you were amazing tonight! And *thank* you, for inviting me to your party!”

Rayanne acts flattered, “Thanks, Corey! Sure, you’re welcome like, any time! This party won’t be the same without you!”

Rickie’s eyes flicker to Corey sneakily, “Rayanne, I was telling Corey your mom is like the best!”

“Yeah, like tell me something I *don’t* know. So, like when are we going?” Rayanne is growing impatient.

“Shouldn’t you, like, change your clothes first?” Rickie eyes Rayanne’s wardrobe with a raised eyebrow.

“Oh! Ofcourse! This’ll just take a minute.” Rayanne starts tugging at her dress and Rickie can see where this is going.

“Rayanne, why don’t Corey and I like, wait outside by the car, and we’ll meet you there? I’m sure Brian won’t mind like going somewhere else for a while so you can undress, right, Brian?” Rickie is doing the best he can to keep Rayanne from flaunting her body at every guy in the room.

“’Course, I’ll be on the stage.” Brian walks away.

Rickie and Corey walk outside to give Rayanne some privacy. Rayanne takes off her dress, and puts her own clothes back on, a blue denim mini-skirt and patchwork-blouse. Her flask falls from her coat-pocket when she picks it up, and she takes a few sips. She gathers her stuff and runs out the door into the auditorium. She doesn’t notice Brian is watching her from the stage.

When she reaches the doors of the auditorium, she tries opening them, “What the --?!” Rayanne is pulling and pushing the doors, but they won’t give way. She drops her stuff and attacks the doors more viciously. “This can’t be happening!” She’s dumbstruck and turns around, facing the stage where she spots Brian, “Krakow? What is up with these doors? Did you lock them?”

Brian has been watching Rayanne from a distance and walks up to her, calmly. “Do I *look* like I would lock these doors? Do you actually think I like *want* to be stuck in here with you, all night? *Again*?!” Brian tugs at the doors and studies the locks.

Rayanne covers her eyes with her hands, “Ugh, don’t remind me. This can’t be happening again, no way!”

Brian sounds irritated, “Well, it *is*. These freaking doors are locked solid!”

“So now what? There’s no other way out?” Rayanne’s eyes search the auditorium.

Brian raises his shoulders, “We can like check, but I’m afraid not.”

Brian and Rayanne search the auditorium and backstage department for doors. There’s one emergency-exit door, but it won’t open either. Rayanne slides down to the floor. “Great. I’m like, stuck in school, again. I’m like, stuck in school with Brian Krakow, like, again. I am absent at my own *freaking* party, and nobody like knows where I am!”

Brian looks at her hopefully, “Corey and Rickie are still waiting for you, aren’t they?”

Rayanne jumps up, “Yeah they are! Maybe if we bang the doors really hard, they will hear us!”

Brian answers flatly, “I doubt it. These walls are soundproof.”

“This sucks, big time.” Rayanne slides down the wall again, plopping down on her butt.

[At Jordan’s house]

Angela VO: “I am standing inside Jordan Catalano’s room, looking around. I have fantasized about this place *so* many times, that I still can’t believe I am finally *here*! It’s everything I expected, but then again, *nothing* like I expected. The walls are a plain creamy colour, and there are posters up of several old, American cars. There’s a desk with a chair, a closet and a three-quarter bed. His guitar is standing in a corner, like he just put it aside. His room is *actually* kind of neat, not as messy as mine. There aren’t many clothes scattered all over the place, for example.
“It still feels like I am dreaming and none of this is real. Looking around this room unleashes so many feelings, it’s unbelievable. I am shivering all over, but I don’t know if that has anything to do with the room-temperature. I feel like being trapped inside the lion’s den, like I can’t go anywhere. The pressure is *so* big. Then again, I don’t *want* to go anywhere else. This is right where I want to be, in Jordan Catalano’s room, with nobody else but him.”

Jordan walks up to Angela from behind, his arms wrap themselves around her waist; her back is pressed against his chest, warm and tight. “Are you okay?”

Angela smiles nervously. “Yeah… I think so. It’s just, well, I am very nervous…”  She tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, and closes her eyes at the sensation of Jordan’s hot breath in her neck.

“Yeah, me too.” Jordan’s arms wrap around Angela’s body more tightly; his chin rests on her shoulder, his lips press a tiny kiss in her neck.

Angela is taken by surprise by Jordan’s honest answer. She never thought he would have been nervous as well. It’s not like it is his first time, or anything. And he asked her several times to have sex with him, you just don’t *do* that without intention, or do you?

Jordan lets go of Angela and walks towards his bed; his hand stretching out to get hold of Angela’s. Angela takes his hand and takes a seat next to Jordan, on his bed. The lights are dim, but not so low she can’t see him. They turn towards each other and lean in slowly for a kiss. Their lips touch gently at first, exploring, tasting; before their kiss deepens and their tongues join in the passionate game. Jordan’s hand caresses Angela’s face and slides down into her neck. His lips follow the trail hungrily and leave a tingling sensation all through Angela’s body. His hands open up the buttons of her blouse, revealing a black lace bra.

Angela looks up at Jordan’s face, feeling slightly insecure. His eyes seem to devour her body, which makes her feel better instantly. She should stop worrying about the way she looks, and enjoy this.

Her hands trace the shapes of Jordan’s body through his shirt, until they disappear under his shirt. His belly feels warm but very firm, and his skin soft. She trails her hands upwards, taking the shirt along with them. She pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it behind him, on the floor. The sight of Jordan Catalano’s upper-body is so breathtakingly gorgeous she starts to tremble even more.

[Outside of school, in Corey’s car]

Rickie is getting anxious, “What’s taking her so long? She said a couple of minutes! Nothing has happened to her, right?”

Corey is stretched out in the car-seat, seemingly not worried at all, “I’m sure she’s fine, maybe she like, ran into someone and lost track of time?”

Rickie answers fiercely, “No, Rayanne wouldn’t be late for her own party, trust me!”

“Stop worrying, Rickie. She’s *fine*!” Corey doesn’t get the fuss.

“I’m going inside.” Rickie gets out of the car and walks up the school steps to the school entrance. He tries to open the doors, but they’re locked. “Oh my God! She’s locked in! Now what?” Rickie runs back to Corey’s car and tells him Rayanne is locked in. “We should get help! But who has the keys to the school?”

Corey is thinking, “The genitor maybe? Or the cleaning crew? What time will they be here?”

Rickie gets slightly desperate, “We can’t wait for them to like, show up! They won’t be here until morning! And who knows, it’s like, the weekend, so maybe they won’t come until Monday morning!”

Corey keeps his calm, “Okay, let’s think. Doesn’t Mr Katimski have any keys?”

“No, there is only like a certain amount of teachers who do. Crap. You know, the one person who like knows every single person with a key to the school, is locked inside that building…” Rickie points towards the school-building. This is so typical of Rayanne!

“Maybe we should go and warn Rayanne’s mom first, before she worries. Maybe she’ll know what to do?” Corey has a bright moment.

Rickie settles his nerves a bit, “Yes, you’re right. Let’s go over to Amber, before she starts worrying.” Rayanne’s just locked inside, it’s no big deal. She’s not in any *real* danger, she’ll be fine.

[Chase’s house, midnight]

Patty and Graham have just fallen asleep when the telephone rings, awakening them brutally. Patty answers the phone in a groggy voice, “Hello?”

Amber is on the other end of the line. “Patty, it’s Amber. I am *so* sorry to disturb you at this hour, but Rayanne hasn’t come home yet. You haven’t heard from her, have you?”

“Oh my God Amber! No, I haven’t heard anything from her, I’m sorry.” Patty sits up straight when she realises something. “I thought Rayanne and Angela were gonna go home with you? Is… is…Angela missing as well?”

Graham sits up straight as well after hearing his wife ask that question; pressing his ear to the telephone to listen in on the conversation.

Amber tries to sooth Patty, “No, no, don’t worry. Angela is just fine. Rickie and Corey were supposed to drive Rayanne home, so I went ahead. Oh, could you hold for a minute? The doorbell is ringing!”

Patty waits patiently on the line for the outcome, her mind working overtime. She hears talking in the background and tries to make out what they’re saying. She only hears a few words, like ‘school’ ‘keys’ and ‘police’.

“Patty? It’s alright. Rayanne has been found, and she’s okay. Nothing happened. I am so sorry I had you worried, our girls are okay. Go back to sleep and forget I ever called. Thank you.” Amber hangs up the phone before Patty can react.

“Oh, okay Amber. Bye now.” Patty stares at the phone in her hand incredulous and turns to Graham, “Now that was a very strange phone-call. Rayanne wasn’t home yet, and now she had suddenly ‘been found’. What does *that* mean? And you know what else? She mentioned that Rickie and Corey were supposed to drive Rayanne home, but what about *Angela*? She never *mentioned* Angela in there. All she said was that Angela was fine.”

Graham frowns, “That Amber had me really worried there! What do you mean; having suspicions again?” His hand caresses his wife’s upper-arm to try and calm her down.

“I mean, you don’t suppose that Angela *isn’t* over at Rayanne’s or Amber’s, but somewhere *else*? Like, maybe at the police-station or something? I heard her mention the word police…” Patty’s eyes gaze into oblivion.

“Maybe you’re reading too much into this? Amber is like totally on another planet, if you ask me. Maybe Angela and Rayanne were actually *both* missing, but she didn’t want to alarm you yet? And when Rayanne and Angela turned up, it all turned out fine.” Graham’s mind isn’t fully awake anymore, thinking about this doesn’t come easy.

“I don’t know, Graham. I have a feeling there’s *more* to this. Like Amber was *hiding* something. Just call it maternal instinct, if you like.” Patty’s not at ease at all.

“Maybe it was just your imagination. You have never trusted her anyway, so maybe you’re looking to *find* something?! Besides, Angela would never lie to us, she’s far too smart. Don’t worry honey. Just go to sleep. You heard Amber, our girls are fine.” Graham turns over and gets cosy again.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re not.” Patty lies down, but her brain isn’t ready to go to sleep at all. Suddenly she recalls something from the drive home; Danielle mentioned she saw Jordan Catalano’s car parked by the school, while Angela told her he wasn’t gonna be there… Angela wouldn’t have met up with Jordan, instead of going over to Rayanne’s, would she…?  

[School, backstage]

Rayanne is beginning to get kinda wasted. “So, Krakow, want a sip?” Rayanne holds up her flask in front of Brian’s face.

Brian politely declines her offer, “No, thank you.”

Rayanne’s voice sounds slow, “Oh, come on, don’t be so uptight all the time! Live a little!”

Brian hesitates and comes to the conclusion he doesn’t have anything to lose. He grabs hold of the flask and pours some of its contents down his throat. He coughs instantly when he experiences the burning sensation in his throat.

“Wow, slow down, cowboy! First time, ey?” Rayanne takes back the flask and drinks some more.

Brian retorts undignified, “I have had liquor before, thank you very much!”

Rayanne giggles, “One sip o’ beer doesn’t count, Krakow!”

Brian grabs the flask from Rayanne’s hand and gushes down some more of the amber-coloured liquid. “Good stuff.” He wipes off his mouth. “You know, Rayanne, you were like *really* great up there, tonight.”
His brain is beginning to feel comfortably numb, and he kind of loses control over his speech. It feels good to feel so vague, but it’s scary at the same time. He is used to be in control with each and every situation. Well, scientific situations obviously, *not* girl-related situations.

“I know…” Rayanne bursts into laughter, Brian laughs along with her.  

Rayanne looks at Brian with surprise, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you laugh, Krakow!”

“I don’t know… I guess so. My life isn’t all that funny…” Brian bursts into laughter again.

Rayanne laughs with him. “Yeah, I guess, like, you’re right! I mean, you’re in lovvve with *Angela* and she just like, ignores you and shacks Jordan Catalano instead! But hey, so did I. Ooops!” Rayanne puts her hand over her mouth.

Brian sounds angry, “How can you say --? Don’t you have a *heart*? I mean, aren’t you like, *sorry*?”

Rayanne is very serious all of a sudden, “Sure I am, Brian, like, every minute of the day, every second even! Every time I look at myself in the mirror I like, wonder, if it’s all worth it, you know? I stare at the razor in my hand, and wonder if I should slit my wrists to ease the pain…”

Brian looks at her astonished. “Are you serious about this?”

Rayanne continues slightly dramatic, “Would I lie to you, Krakow?”

Brian answers seriously, “Yeah, only like, *all* the time.”

Rayanne laughs out loud, “Okay, busted! You didn’t like *actually* think I want to commit suicide, did you?”

“With you, you never know. Really. I mean, maybe you should like call some Teen Help Line if you have these serious issues.” Brian eyes Rayanne quickly.

Rayanne looks at him with disgust, “Teen Help Line? And then what, like, talk to a girl named Jade and pour out my heart to a stranger? Jeez, if anything will like, get me suicidal, it’s *that*, Steverino...”

Brian falls silent for a moment. His brain isn’t working as fast as usual, but it’s beginning to dawn. “*What* did you just call me?”

Rayanne answers happily, “Steverino! Hi, I’m Jade!” She holds out her hand to make his acquaintance.

Brian responds angry, “*You* took my call that night? *You* of all people?”

Rayanne retorts undignified, “So? I can like, listen too, you know! It was my first time though, so, how did I do?”

Brian is pissed at her, “How did you *do*? Someone calls you, telling you they like, feel lonely, and you turn it into a sex-call!”

Rayanne answers airily, “So? Why do you think whores exist? For you *lonely* guys out there…”

“You are un-believable, you know that?!” Brian turns his face away from hers; he can’t look at her anymore.

Rayanne takes another sip and continues, “I know, I’ve heard it before.”

“So, were you *really* naked then?” Brian *has* to know, even if it means suicide. He glances at her quickly again.

Rayanne raises her eyebrow, “What do you think, Krakow?”

“Like I said before, with you, you never know…” Brian looks down at his shoes.

Rayanne’s voice turns quasi-hoarse, “Did you want me to be *naked* then?”

Brian fixes his eyes onto hers, “I’m a teenage boy, what do you think?!”

“Ah, so you *have* been checking out my legs! Admit it, Krakow, admit it!” Rayanne jumps up and twists Brian’s arm on his back.

Brian shouts out, “Okay, okay! I admit it!”

Rayanne whispers in his ear, “So, you wanna *feel* my legs too, do you?”

Brian flushes and stutters, “Stop-stop playing me, Rayanne!”

“Who says I’m playing, Krakow? Just feel my leg, feel how smooth it is…You know you want to…” Rayanne grabs hold of Brian’s hand and places it on her ankle. Her hand on top of Brian’s guides its direction; all the way from her ankle, over her shin, her knee, right up until her thigh.

Brian can’t swallow, or breathe. His eyes are fixated on his hand, guided by Rayanne’s hand; and the silky, naked flesh he feels. “Oh my-my G-g-god…” Brian stutters.

“Ready for some more action, Krakow?” Rayanne slowly unbuttons every button of her blouse, showing more skin by the inch; while Brian’s eyes follow each tiny movement of her fingers, drinking in the sight of Rayanne’s peachy skin. His mouth won’t seem to shut anymore and his eyes don’t blink, worried they might miss some little detail.

Totally unaware of the world around them, they both startle when they hear footsteps enter. Rayanne pushes Brian away from her, and quickly buttons up her blouse. Right after finishing up the last button, somebody walks in the room.

An older police-officer addresses them, “Good evening, kids, are you ready to go home?”

Rayanne quickly gets up, gathers her stuff, and runs towards the police-officer. She wraps her arms around him and pouts her lips when she speaks, “Thank you *so* much for coming to rescue me! I was trapped in here with *him*!” She sends Brian a filthy stare, before she continues: “And worst of all, I was missing out on my *own* party!”

The police-man says, “There, there, miss, it’s alright now. Let’s get you back home.” He pushes Rayanne off him, gently. He turns his head towards Brian. “Son, are you alright? Are you coming along?”

Brian gets up, looks around to make sure he has got all of his equipment, and walks towards the police-man. “I’m coming. Thank you, for *saving* me.”

Brian looks at Rayanne disappointed; she just hisses at him, “*One* word about what happened tonight, and you’re *dead*, Krakow!”

Brian feels depressed. It’s like nothing ever happened, even though she acted *so* different tonight. It’s like she has two personalities! Well, no matter what she says, or how she acts, he’ll always have the memory of this wonderful experience. He grins from ear to ear when he thinks back.

[Jordan’s place]

Jordan has already unhooked Angela’s bra and is devoting his full attention to her small, perfect breasts. His tongue traces over her breasts and draws circles around her nipple. The feeling is so agonizing sweet it *hurts*. Angela knows she’s ready, so her hands wander down over Jordan’s belly, her fingers linger above his belt. She looks up at him and unbuckles his belt. One by one she slips the buttons of his fly from their holes, and lets her hand explore underneath the denim. Jordan moans when her fingers touch him there. She never imagined it would feel anything like *this*. It turns her on beyond believe to feel his arousal.

Angela sounds hoarse, “Jordan, is it okay if I take your pants off?” She wants to see him naked, *now*.

Jordan lifts his head replies, “You don’t like, have to ask me, you know…”

Angela smiles kinda shy, “I know, I mean, I didn’t think you’d mind, but…” Her hands grab hold of the firm denim and try to lower Jordan’s pants. Jordan lifts up slightly to give her the necessary room. Angela giggles because of all the excitement. His pants are stuck on his ankles and she yanks them off, determined.

Angela VO: “Jordan Catalano is sitting on his bed, almost *totally* naked, and ready for me. I think I’m gonna *die* with excitement… He is *so* freaking beautiful, it hurts to look at him!”

Angela’s mouth feels dry when she speaks, “Do you have any idea how gorgeous you are?” Her eyes take in the sight of his beautiful, almost naked body.

Jordan smiles shyly, “Thanks, Angela.” He tucks his hair behind his ears, in a nervous gesture. “You too, like, beautiful, I mean.”

Angela takes off her skirt and panties rather quickly out of embarrassment, and turns down the sheets. She slips herself, fully naked, into the bed, just behind Jordan, and asks him, “Come lie with me, Jordan?” One hand is supporting her head; the other one pats on the bed, right next to her.

Jordan asks her worried, “Are you like, *sure* about this…?”

Angela nods at him while displaying a dreamy smile. Oh yeah, she’s ready for him…

Jordan gets up, and gets a condom from his desk-drawer. He lowers his tight boxers right in front of Angela; giving her a full, good view of his… erection. Angela bites her lower lip to restrain herself. She has never seen one before; well, she has seen pictures of it, but nothing prepared her for this. It looks so *big*; is he absolutely *sure* it will fit inside of her? She’s slightly worried that maybe this will hurt after all...

Jordan steps into the bed next to Angela, who is all nerves. They start to explore each other’s bodies further as the night falls. Jordan gives Angela his full attention, and Angela is eagerly exploring every inch of Jordan’s body; before they slowly become one. It’s more beautiful than she had ever dared to dream. Jordan is displaying a tenderness she never expected him to have, and more patience than she had given him credit for. They fall asleep in each other’s arms afterwards, totally exhausted, but immensely happy.


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  • Maartje gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 14 Mar 2009:
    o...m...g... this is brilliant. I love the Brian-Ryanne thing, I love every bit of what I've been reading so far and I love the ending... of course I do hehehe but no, this is good stuff. And you got me squeeeking and going nuts at the Jordan-Angela stuff. Its so good, its almost real. I feel like a schoolgirl again. I'm also curious after Sharons outcome. I'm reading on!
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    all of your "episodes" really feel like they could have been the real deal. Thanks!

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