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Episode No. 24 - Our Town, part I: Lies, truths, acts and confessions

written by Lady Guinevere

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Published: 01 Mar 2009 | Size: 42 KB (6500 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13

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Patty lets Angela in on a secret, while Jordan invites Angela over to his house to spend the night while his dad is out of town. Angela finds out more about Jordan's parents, and lies big time to her own parents to be with Jordan. Sharon shares her secret with Delia. Brian has to take pictures of the entire cast of the play and Rayanne gives him a hard time fulfilling his job. Rayanne suffers from stage-fright again.

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

[Chase’s house, Friday morning]

Patty leans against the doorpost to Angela’s bedroom, “Good morning, honey. So, are you excited about tonight?”

Angela reacts kinda grumpy, “Not really, why?”

Patty walks in Angela’s room and sit downs at her bed. “You know, I never told you this, but Camille and I sort of went through the same thing as you and Rayanne are.”

Angela turns to look at her mom incredulous, “What? You mean Camille slept with a guy you liked?”

Patty answers slightly embarrassed, “Actually, it was the other way around. He wasn’t into her anymore, but I never should have done it. When she found out, she was *very* mad at me. I can’t blame her, ofcourse.”

Angela sits up straight, and is all ears, “*You* did such a thing? *You*?”

“Yes, I did. And like I said, it’s not something I’m proud of. We were both in college then.” Patty thinks back with regret.

Angela is very inquisitive, “So, what happened next? I mean, you’re still friends now, so, how did you make it up to her?”

“She forgave me, eventually. And I am still grateful to her for doing that. That’s why I’m hoping you can do the same thing to Rayanne. Although I completely understand it, if you can’t.” Patty puts her hand on Angela’s arm for a moment.

Angela draws her legs up and wraps her arms around them. “Mom, I am still in shock. *You* betrayed Camille...”

“I know, I know, honey. I am only telling you this because I hope it will help you decide things better. I have learned a *lot* from it, believe me…” Patty flushes.

“Yeah, I understand. But still, you were like *Rayanne*… I never would have pictured you as a wild one!” Angela is quite shocked with her mother.

Patty corrects her daughter, “I made a few mistakes. That doesn’t make me a wild one. Neither does it make me a bad person, for that matter. Just like Rayanne isn’t…”

Angela spins her eyeballs. “I know…” She plops down back on her bed, thinking about everything she just heard. Patty walks out of the room.

Angela VO: “I cannot believe what my mother just told me. It’s like, you have this image of your parents. They’re like, *your parents*. They aren’t supposed to have a social life, not even a *past* social life. Especially if that past social life, is a nasty one... They aren’t supposed to have sex, especially not for fun. It’s far too embarrassing to think about your parents having *sex*.
Seeing those pictures the other day of my mom and her old boyfriend, was so *weird*. She had a *life* before she met my dad. It’s like I keep *forgetting* that my mom is actually a normal person, who is *not* always in control, and is capable of making mistakes, no matter how perfect she always looks. She is *not* just a mother who exists to make my life worse. She was a daughter herself, once…”   

[Jordan’s car stops in front of the Chase’s house]

Angela walks out the front door and gets in Jordan’s car, all smiling, “Good morning!”

“Morning…” Jordan acts shifty.

Angela leans in to kiss Jordan. A quick kiss is all she gets before Jordan drives off, acting uneasy, “Angela, I was like, thinking…”

Angela encourages him to continue, “Yeah…?”

Jordan flicks his hair behind his ears. “You know, you’re like, going to the play tonight?” His eyes wander over the road, only to flicker at Angela briefly.

“And you’re like, *not*.” Angela doesn’t understand where this is leading.

“I’m not, no. But maybe, I could, like, pick you up afterwards?” Jordan stares at the road, still a little *too* edgy.

Angela looks at him, still clueless. “It’s a Friday night, Jordan, I don’t know like, how long I can stay away after the play. And since we’ll be going with the *whole* family, well…”

Jordan’s eyes glance at Angela’s quickly, displaying hope. “I was hoping, like, well, my dad’s out of town, so…”

“What about your mom then?” Angela has never heard Jordan mention his parents. She still doesn’t know that much about him, actually.

Jordan’s eyes display a kind of sadness, “She umm, she hasn’t been around for years…”

Angela looks at him with disbelief, “What do you mean? Did she pass away?” Angela puts her hand on Jordan’s arm to show him she’s giving him her full attention.

“No, she took off, like, when I was three,” Jordan seems to swallow away a lump in his throat that wasn’t there before.

“Oh my God, Jordan, I am *so* sorry for you! I didn’t know… I mean, you never told me…” Angela is *shocked* and flabbergasted.

Jordan tries to reassure Angela who is clearly taken aback. “It’s okay, I mean, I’m used to it, I guess…” His eyes show he’s telling the truth. It’s not painful anymore, well, most of the time.

Angela feels like she’s been smacked in her face. Jordan’s mom *left* him when he was just little. What kind of *monster* does that to her own child? How can someone leave behind a cute, little Jordan Catalano, and never look back? Suddenly her mom doesn’t seem so bad after all…

Angela is struggling to find the right words, “I’m really sorry Jordan, I don’t know like, what to say right now. I mean, wow…”

“Don’t worry. I’m okay, you know that, right?” Jordan flashes his eyes at her again quickly, in-between eyeing the traffic.

Angela smiles at him, but her heart is aching, “I know, Jordan. You’re more than okay.”

Jordan is almost afraid to bring up his question again after shocking Angela; he hesitatingly asks her, “So, what about tonight then? You wanna like, umm, spend the night with me?”

Angela’s emotions go back and forth between indignation and excitement, she’s flabbergasted. “I’m not sure what to say to you right now. Should I be like, *offended* you wanna have sex with me this soon, or should I be flattered?”

“I didn’t mean…” Jordan’s eyes display desperation as his brain tries to seek the right words. “I mean, if you’re like, *not* ready, it’s okay.” He tries to reassure her he’s willing to wait, if that is what she wants.

Angela’s heart melts right away. He’s not pushing her like he tried to do before, and it makes her love him even more. She *actually* feels ready to have sex with him. “You know Jordan, as much as I would *want* to come over to your house, I don’t think I can pull it off. I mean, like, what do I tell my parents? That I’m spending the night over at Jordan Catalano’s house? They will ground me for like the *rest* of my life!” Angela’s eyes spark with fire at the thought of her parent’s reaction, no, even worse, her *mother’s* reaction!

Jordan answers easily, “Can’t you just, like, tell them you’re crashing at Rayanne’s or something?”

“I don’t know… I’d have to lie to my parents big time... And me and Rayanne are not *that* close yet, you know.” Angela eyes Jordan closely; he has given this a lot of thought already, or so it seems. It’s not that she doesn’t *want* to or anything… Like the other day, when his hands were feeling her up…Damn, she came close to surrendering herself to him completely!

“I know… It was just an idea…” Jordan’s voice sounds regretful, like Angela didn’t react the way he hoped she would do. He hates himself for asking her to do this thing; what if she still isn’t ready?

Angela is mulling his proposal over in her mind, “You’re making this hard on me, Jordan. Maybe if you told me sooner, I could have…”

“Look, forget it. I should have known…” Jordan wishes he never asked her; the risk of losing her is too big, he should have known. His eyes display his sorrow.

Angela catches the sorrow in his eyes and tries to reassure him, “It’s not like I’m saying ‘no’ or anything, just let me think about it, okay?”

“Whatever,” Jordan closes himself off again, his face looks blank while he focuses on the traffic.

[School, girls restroom]

Angela walks in the restroom where Rayanne and Rickie are talking.

Rayanne greets Angela enthusiastically, “Yo, Angelica! I’m like *so* glad you’re coming to watch the play tonight!”

Angela answers calmly, “I wouldn’t want to miss it, Rayanne.” It *is* the truth, even if her mom decided *for* her, in the end.

Rayanne is eating candy from a candy-bracelet. In-between bites she addresses Angela. “So, like, Amber’s throwing me this party afterwards. Just a few friends, nothing like the party *I* threw ofcourse, but, umm, would you like to come over? Tino has promised he’d be there too!”

“Please, Angela, just come! It’ll be just like old times!” Rickie pleads Angela with his eyes. It would be great if she could hang with them again, and if *he* could hang with *both* of them again without having to feel guilty.

“I’d have to check like, with my parents, you know, and I think I *sorta* have other plans already…” Angela is torn; she would actually *like* to go over to Rayanne’s, but she can’t let Jordan down either.

Rayanne is all ears and leans in closer, “What do you mean, *sorta*? What kind of plans?”

Angela keeps her voice down, “Jordan just asked me if I like, wanted to come over to *his* place tonight. His dad’s like, out of town, or something.” Saying it out loud makes her *truly* aware of the meaning of Jordan’s proposal.

Rayanne and Rickie both react incredulous, but enthusiastic, “What?!” Rayanne continues: “Jordan Catalano just like, asked you to spend the night with him? Just go, Angelica! What’s there to think about?” Rayanne practically bounces up and down with excitement.

Rickie slaps his hand on his chest, “Oh my God Angela!”

“I know, I think I want to go, but, what do I tell my parents?” Angela keeps searching her mind for the right thing to do.

“Tell Pattycake, I’ve like asked you to come to my party, and that I like *insisted* you sleep over! And tell her not to worry, since Amber will like *definitely* be around this time.” Rayanne sounds pleased with her brilliant plan.

Angela’s face saddens, “But… I *do* want to come to your party, Rayanne. I was hoping, you know, we could like, be friends again…”

Rayanne gives Angela a warm smile, “As your friend I’m like *telling* you to go home with Jordan Catalano! The party’s like probably going to suck anyway, you know, with Amber being around and all.”

“You *really* wouldn’t mind?” Angela is thankful Rayanne understands her choice, though she can’t help but feel Rayanne still owes her a few favours after what she did. If Rayanne would insist she come over to *her* party instead of going home with Jordan, she *wouldn’t* be a good friend, now would she? Hope dawns upon Angela; maybe this plan will work after all!

Rayanne reacts airily, “Please, I like, *know* what’s best for you. And that is, like, Jordan Catalano.” She’s happy Angela has forgiven Jordan, and her.

“Yeah, Angela, just like *grab* this chance!” Rickie’s voice sounds enthusiastic, but his eyes betray the slight feeling of sadness washing over him; he wishes his friends the best, ofcourse, but he wishes some happiness for himself as well.

Angela gives Rayanne a hug. She didn’t realise how much she missed having her around until this moment.

Angela VO: “Tonight I am most likely going to have sex for the first time, ever. I am going to go over to Jordan Catalano’s house, where we will be all alone, all night long. And I have to say, it scares the crap out of me, even if I *have* been thinking about it a *lot*, ofcourse. I wonder what his room looks like, I wonder what he will think of *me*. I wonder what it will feel like to finally *do* it, and I wonder what *he* will look like, completely *naked*. Oh my God, I *have* to stop envisioning him naked, or everyone will be able to tell what I am thinking of…
I can hardly imagine that tomorrow Jordan and I will have had sex. Tomorrow, I may not be a virgin anymore.”

[Yearbook room]

Sharon is stressing, “Brian, are you all set for tonight? You know what kind of pictures I need for the story about the leading role in “Our Town”?

Brian answers sulking, “Yeah, I know. I’ll just stalk Rayanne till she smacks the camera out of my face. Sometimes being a photographer *sucks*, you know.”  

Sharon tries to reassure him, “You’re just doing your job. And *try* not to show your loathing for her through your pictures, please?”

Brian answers sarcastically, “Is it that obvious?”

“The whole school like, knows! And remember; take some shots during rehearsals as well!” Sharon usually has faith in Brian, but lately his mind seems to be off…

“Yeah, it’s not like I have anything else to do.” Brian walks away and mumbles to himself, “I mean, besides my extra courses, tutoring, letter-writing for the reading-impaired, ticket-sales for some stupid play I’m not even interested in, being rejected and ignored by every girl I find even remotely interesting, the absence of a love-life or even a social life for that matter, I’m not busy. At all!”

Delia watches Brian walk away, a little concerned, “He’s not like going, psycho on us, is he?”

Sharon confesses her worries, “With Krakow you can never be too sure. He’s clearly suffering from the whole Jordan-Angela thing.”

Delia is taken with surprise, “Don’t tell me he’s *still* trying to get with her?”

“In my opinion, I don’t think he’ll *ever* be over her. It’s sad, you know. Especially when you know *he* helped them get back together.” Sharon feels sorry for Brian, she really does.

Delia smirks, “That’s a dumb thing to do, for such a smart-ass.”

Sharon feels the need to defend her childhood-friend. “Brian isn’t half bad, you know. He *helped* Jordan Catalano write Angela a letter, even though he’s in love with her himself. It means he puts Angela’s happiness first…”

“If you put it that way…” Delia’s opinion on Brian seems to change after Sharon’s remark.

“I know he like, did an unforgivable, low thing to you, but imagine what he will do for you once you’ve won his heart! I feel kind of sorry for him, you know.” Sharon eyes Delia closely.

Delia seems to think about Sharon’s words, “Strangely enough, I feel sorry for him too, all of a sudden. So, what are you saying, I should give him another chance?”

“Maybe that *is* what I’m saying. Maybe you should make some things clear to him first, though. Like that he should get Angela off his mind, for instance.” Sharon wanders through the room, gathering papers.

“I mean, Rickie is very safe to be in love with and all, but some physical loving would make a nice change…” Delia’s cheeks are glowing instantly at the thought of Rickie.

Sharon’s facial expression turns sombre in a heartbeat, “You know, come to think of it, physical loving is *so* overrated!”

“What? But I thought, you and Kyle, like, still--” Delia can’t keep up with Sharon sometimes.

Sharon states resolutely, “No. Never again. Ever. No way.”

Delia asks worriedly, “Did something bad happen, Sharon?”

“I’m not sure.” Sharon continues in a whispering tone of voice, “I may be, you know, *pregnant*…”

Delia slaps a hand over her mouth with shock, “Oh my God Sharon! How… What… I mean…”

Sharon plops down in a seat and answers depressed, “I’m still waiting for my period, it’s due in a like a week or so. Then I will know for sure.”

“That’s horrible, Sharon! Have you told him already?” Delia eyes Sharon closely; she seems so calm.

“No, besides you and Angela *nobody* knows. So, shh.” Sharon puts up her finger to her lips. “No need to be alarming him yet.”

“I guess you’re right. Your period may come after all, and then you’ve, like, scared the crap out of him for no reason.” Delia tries to think what *she* would do in a situation like that. She’d probably wait as well.

“Exactly!” Sharon stares into oblivion, wondering what will happen to her and her life.

[At the restaurant place]

The workers are busy painting the upper half of the walls in a heavenly blue kind of colour. The lower half of the wall consists of wainscoting.

Graham just walks into the room when Hallie walks in, “Hey, Hallie! What’s up? You look happy!”

Hallie’s cheeks are glowing with excitement, “Hey Graham! Do I? Well, you’ll never believe what happened!” She pauses for a moment. “Your brother asked me out on a date!”

Graham chuckles, “That’s not so hard to believe…” Asides from seeing the sparks fly between the two of them; Neill is also like, a serial-dater of some sorts.

Hallie seems in seventh heaven, “Who would have thought…? Love *does* happen in the strangest places!” She practically dances around the restaurant.

“I am *so* glad you and my brother are getting along. It is *such* a relieve to me!” Graham is sincerely happy for her and Neill; but most of all for himself and Patty.

Hallie looks worried, “You don’t mind, do you?”

Graham assures Hallie, “I couldn’t be happier, trust me.”

“Me neither…” Hallie smiles and her mind drifts off again.

[In Mr Katimski’s classroom]

Mr Katimski is sitting at his desk. “Gee whiz, I can’t believe the play is tonight already! I am so excited!”

Some kids respond to Mr Katimski’s remark, but most of them just hang in their seats, bored out of their minds, or sleepy.

Angela tucks a lock of hair behind her ear, and looks around the classroom, until her eyes meet Jordan’s. She gives him a note, smiling. Over the last few weeks his reading skills have improved somewhat already, but just to make sure he won’t be confused, she tried to keep it as short as possible.

Jordan looks worried when he receives the note from Angela, but he opens it nevertheless. It reads:


Pick me up after the play tonight.
I will go home with you.

Love, Angela

If you don’t know about Jordan’s reading-problem, you may think he is studying the note. But Angela knows he’s trying *really* hard to decipher the words. After glancing at the note for a while, Jordan looks up again and gives Angela the most gorgeous, yet shy smile she’s ever seen. Goosebumps travel all over her body because of the way he looks at her.

Jordan leans back in his chair, shutting his eyes; like it hurts to look at the world again. Or maybe what’s on the *inside* of his eyes is just better. Angela has been meaning to ask him *why* he does that, but somehow she gets the feeling he doesn’t know the answer to it himself.

Rayanne raises her hand, not awaiting any permission to continue she asks her teacher: “Yo, Mr K, are we sold out for tonight?”

Mr Katimski looks around startled and spots Rayanne’s raised hand. “I believe we almost are, umm, yes, Emily. There are only twenty-five tickets left.”

Brian blushes immediately. That is the *exact* number of tickets he has left. His assignment was to sell thirty tickets, but he only managed to sell five. Four went to the Chases, and one to some girl he doesn’t even know. He raises his hand.

Mr Katimski checks his seating chart and addresses Brian, “Yes, *Brian*, is it?”

“Mr Katimski, if anyone else wants those tickets, you know, to sell them, or buy them, I know where they are.” Brian feels bad for not fulfilling this task. Then again, he has had enough things on his mind lately.

“Yes, Brian, thank you. I know you were supposed to sell them, but it’s okay. Gee whiz, there are worst things!” Mr Katimski assures Brian by nodding slightly.

Brian mumbles low, “I know…”

The bell rings, and Mr Katimski raises his voice at the class over the screeching of chairs and gathering of books. “Drama-people, please don’t forget [pause] to come to the final rehearsal after school!” All of the students leave the classroom, some talking to another one.

Jordan hooks up with Angela and grabs hold of her hand. “So, tonight…”

Angela reacts kinda shy, “Yeah, tonight. So, I’m telling my parents I’m staying at Rayanne’s. She invited me to come over to her house, since her mother’s throwing her a party. So it’s a good alibi. But I figured it’d be easier to tell you this in person, instead of writing it all down on the note.”

“Yeah… I mean, reading is like, becoming easier, but still…” Jordan’s face is lit up by a faint smile, displaying his happiness.

“I know.” Angela gives Jordan an understanding look. He’s come a long way in a short time, and she’s proud of him. She’s kind of happy to be in on his secret.

“Excuse me…” Brian pushes Angela and Jordan aside, and storms past them. He overheard their conversation. Angela is doing something with Jordan Catalano tonight and she tells her mom she’s staying at Rayanne’s.
He *so* did not want to hear that. He doesn’t *ever* want to hear anything regarding Angela again. It makes him sick to think about what Jordan Catalano and Angela might be doing tonight; sick with jealousy.

Jordan eyes Brian as he flees past them, “What’s his rush?”

“Probably off to do some extra credit assignment or something, who knows…?” Thinking about what might happen tonight, has made Angela incredibly happy; and totally unaware to the things that are happening in the world around her.

[Drama room, after school]

Rayanne holds up her costume and makes a disgusted face, “Am I really supposed to wear *this*? Are you kidding me? It’s like an old Hessian bag! How am I ever supposed to impress anyone by wearing *this*?! Can’t we update this play a little Mr K?”

Mr Katimski shakes his head, “Gee whiz, Rayanne, we’ve already updated the play too much, in my humble opinion! All the decors, you know, weren’t even supposed to be there! The play was meant to be played with three props only: a chair, a table, and a [pause] ladder.”

Rayanne cocks his eyebrow at him. “I still think the play would have been better off with wardrobe-updates, instead of decors and props.”

Mr Katimski answers patiently, “Rayanne, you will impress more people by showing your acting skills, than showing them your-”

Rayanne interrupts him, “My what? My body? I can’t help it I look this good! If we were meant to hide our bodies, we would have been born with clothes on!” Her hands follow the curves of her body and she strikes a Marilyn-Monroe-pose.

Mr Katimski responds sarcastic, “And a *very* passionate speech in favour of acting in the nude that was, Miss Graff, very impressive indeed! Save your persuasiveness for tonight, will you?”

Brian walks in, his camera hanging around his neck. Mr Katimski greets him loudly, “Well, hello, Brian! Have you come to sell us your tickets?”

Brian reacts irritated, “Very funny. No, as you can see I am supposed to take some pictures for the school paper and Yearbook.” He holds up his camera like he feels the need to justify his presence.

Mr Katimski puts his hands together in a clapping noise, “Aah, excellent! Just do your thing then, we will pretend you’re not even here!”

Brian mumbles, “That’s the story of my life anyway…” He takes a seat in the otherwise empty audience.

“Rayanne, gee whiz! What have you been doing to that costume?!” Mr Katimski eyes Rayanne, who has torn off so much of the skirt-part of the dress it resembles a mini-dress now. She flaunts her legs, her hands gliding from her ankle all the way up to her thigh.

Rayanne asks way too innocent, “What? You don’t like it? I wanna bet Krakow likes it, or am I wrong here, Krakow?” She walks over the stage, stopping in front of Brian, her hands sliding over her legs again.

Sure enough Brian’s eyes follow the movement of Rayanne’s hands, which in their turn follow the curves of her leg. His throat feels dry as he tries to speak, “Could you cut it out, for once! You keep accusing me of looking at your legs, but I explained it to you before! I am looking from the point of a photographer!” Brian is being truly annoyed by her.

Rayanne acts seductive, “So, Krakow, why don’t you get a hold of your fine-tuned instrument then, and like, point it at little ol’ me…” Her fingertip lingers on her lips, and disappears between her lips, suckling at it gently.

Brian flushes and tries to avert his eyes, “I don’t *do* fake shots.”

“Nothing fake up here, Krakow. What you see, is what you get!” Rayanne stomps to the other side of the stage again.

Mr Katimski can barely watch; his hand is covering up his eyes. “Gee whiz, could you two stop this, please? Rayanne, I can’t approve of that costume, no way. I am going to have to dig up another one. Let’s just rehearse some more, and I’ll find you another costume later.”

Rayanne recites her first line and seems to lose herself in her character, “My, isn’t the moonlight terrible?”

While Rayanne and Brett are rehearsing their piece, Brian moves around the room to get some good shots. He can’t resist taking a close-up shot of Rayanne’s legs, showing from under her mini-dress. Even though he despises her, loathes her even, he’s feeling strangely attracted to her. She’s not like *any* girl he knows. She’s not a girl, for that matter. She’s a full-grown woman, with curves in all the right places, and the confidence to show them off. Even if she *does* treat him worse than Angela, which is hardly possible.

[Chase’s house, supper time]

The whole family is sitting down and eating dinner when Angela asks airily, “So, mom, is it okay if I go over to Rayanne’s after the play tonight? Amber’s throwing her a party, and she asked me to come.”

Patty raises an eyebrow, “A party? At Rayanne’s?”

Danielle is trying to get attention as well. “This kid from my class, you know what he did? He just *farted* when we were all reading quietly!”

Angela tries to reassure her mother, “Don’t worry mom, it’ll be fine. Amber will be there the *entire* time.”

Patty responds sarcastically, “Oh, well, if *Amber* is there…”

“Oh, come on, mom! You’re the one who insisted I forgive Rayanne!” Angela looks seriously at her mother. *She* told her the sad story about her and Camille, for a reason, right?

Patty is taken aback, “You’re twisting my words, Angela! I never urged you to do so; I just made you see it from another perspective!” She hates it when her words are being used against her.

“Exactly, and that’s what I am *trying* to do now. I want to be friends again with Rayanne.” The tone of Angela’s voice sounds harsh.

Danielle continues, looking at everyone at the table in turn, “And you know what happened next? The teacher kicked him out! And you know what he did while he walked out of the classroom? He farted again! Boys are like, such pigs!!!”

Patty sighs, “I know, Angela, it’s just, the last party you went to, over there, didn’t *end* that well.” Shivers crawl down her back when she thinks back of that night.

Angela tries to remain calm, “I know that mom. But Amber won’t let that happen again. And Rayanne has learned too, she’s not like, doing drugs or anything that stupid anymore.”

Graham takes hold of his wife’s hand, “Patty, give Angela this opportunity. She didn’t let you down at that last party, did she?”

Danielle interrupts the conversation angrily, “Why doesn’t anyone listen to what *I* have to say? Like, ever?!”

“Please mom?!” Angela’s eyes plead with her mom’s to let her go tonight. It’s a good thins her mother doesn’t know the truth…Or, does she?

Patty finally gives in, “Well, I guess it’s okay then. I trust you, you know that. If something bad happens, you know what to do. And Danielle, we *do* listen to what you are saying, dear.”

“Yeah mom, I know what to do. I will call you if anything happens.” Angela continues nonchalantly, “Oh and mom, is it okay if I spend the night there too? It will save you or dad a trip late at night…”

Patty falls silent for a moment. “Well, apparently it’s very important to you, so…” She didn’t see that one coming.

Angela’s face is glowing with hope, “Is that a yes? Please, mom?”

“Yes, it’s a yes. Just *promise* me you’ll live up to my trust, Angela.” Patty isn’t feeling a hundred percent sure about this, but she will have to trust her daughter anyway.

Angela smiles at her mother. “I will, mom. You know me.” She gets up from her chair and gives her mom a hug. Patty is taken by surprise, but grasps the moment and hugs her daughter back.

Danielle sobs, “No, you’re *not* listening. You never are. It’s always about *Angela* here.”

Patty loosens her embrace with Angela and looks at Danielle incredulous, “Honey, that’s not true! We had to discuss this, that’s true, but it doesn’t mean you’re less important to us!”

Danielle crosses her arms in front of her chest, “If that’s true, then what was I talking about?”

Patty recaps her youngest daughter’s story, “You said boys are pigs. Now, are you satisfied?”

Danielle mumbles, “That wasn’t like the *only* thing I was saying…”

Angela VO: “I thought for *sure* my mom had me figured out. I don’t think I have *ever* lied to my parents this big-time before. I was trying to stay all cool and nonchalant about it, but I was sweating like a pig. I was deathly afraid it was like *written* all over my face. “Liar! Liar! Liar!”
I can’t even look at my parents straight now, without feeling guilty. If only they understood how I feel about Jordan, and accepted that I am *not* their little girl anymore, maybe they would let me...
But I guess, in their eyes, I *always* will remain a little girl, just like Danielle.”

[The school auditorium, later that evening]

It’s a busy evening; voices humming everywhere, people are trying to get a seat. On the stage the last preparations are being made, and the lighting is being tested. Some actors are running through the halls to guide their families to near-stage seats.

Angela and her family are walking in, when they encounter Amber. Patty greets her, “Oh hi, Amber! Isn’t this exciting?”

Amber seems very anxious, “Oh, I am so *psyched*! I am *so* proud of Rayanne for getting up there!”

Patty can relate to her, “I totally understand! I can’t wait to see how she’s doing! What a nice idea of you by the way; to throw her a party afterwards!” Patty is making polite conversation and it *shows* to those who know her better.

“I’m *always* up for a party, doesn’t matter what the reason is. But I *am* very proud of Rayanne, so I thought it would be a good way to show her my support.” Amber is glancing around like she’s looking for someone.

Patty says, “Yes, it is, it’s such a good way to show it. And thank you for inviting Angela, too.”

Amber sounds a little too sweet, “Oh, ofcourse! Rayanne *insisted* she come by and sleep over, and it’s always a pleasure to have this angel around.” She gives Angela a hug and whispers in her ear, “Don’t worry, Rayanne told me you’re not coming. I’ll play along, honey.”

Angela flushes instantly, and tries to hide her face by prolonging Amber’s embrace.

Angela VO: “So, Rayanne actually told her *mother* that I am going to spend the night at Jordan’s house?! It’s like; Amber knows I am going to have sex for the first time tonight! That is like *so* embarrassing! I had forgotten how close Rayanne and her mother are, obviously. I can’t imagine *ever* letting *my* mother in on a secret like this. Jeez, my mother *approving* a thing like this would even be unthinkable!”

Angela lets go of Amber and her eyes display her gratitude, “Thanks, Amber, for having me.”

Amber pinches Angela in her cheek, winks at her and says, “Always a pleasure, Angela.” She takes off, and the Chases walk a little ahead to find four seats next to each other.

“Hey, it’s still early, so I’m gonna go and see who else is here.” Angela gets up and walks into the girls’ restroom where Sharon happens to be, putting on her lipstick. “Hey!”

Sharon smiles happily, “Hey, you’re really here! So, are you and Rayanne like, totally cool again?” She gives Angela an inquisitive look.

“We’re getting there,” Angela smiles faintly.

Sharon answers, “That’s like, good to hear, you know. She was like *really* miserable without you. And I know how much that sucks…”

Angela kinda flushes, recollecting her ridiculous behaviour towards Sharon in the past. “Yeah, I know. So, how are you doing?”

Sharon’s facial expression changes instantly from relaxed to stressed, “My period still isn’t due and it’s driving me *crazy*! I like, feel nauseous, half the time, and…”

Angela interrupts Sharon, “Look, Sharon, I’m sure it’s nothing. You’re probably just imagining things because you’re nervous.”

Sharon eyes Angela with desperation, “I hope so too, but I will be like *so* glad when I finally get my period! It’s like, I go the bathroom like thirty times a day, to check if my period is there already. But, nothing happens. It’s *so* frustrating!”

“Oh Sharon, I feel *so* bad for you.” Angela gives Sharon a big hug to show her support.

“Thanks, Chase face. So, how are things with you and Jordan?” Sharon backs out of their embrace and fixes her eyes curiously onto Angela’s.

For the second time in minutes, Angela flushes. “Well, funny you should ask that… He has asked me to spend the night as his house, tonight…”

Sharon responds incredulous, “What? Oh my God Angela! Are you doing it? I mean, are you going to spend the night?”

“Yup, I still can’t believe I’m doing this. I like told my parents this horrible lie about spending the night at Rayanne’s, and they bought it. It makes me feel so *bad*, but they won’t let me go otherwise, you know, so what else am I supposed to do? They have to stop treating me like a kid!” Angela’s voice has a slight tremor in it; making her words come out not *totally* convincing.

Sharon jumps up and down with excitement, “Oh Angela, this is so exciting! Tonight you will lose your virginity! Just promise me one thing…?”

Angela knows what Sharon is about to tell her and smiles at her, “Let me guess: do it safely?”

Sharon sounds determined, “Yes! I can’t like tell you enough! *Don’t* lose your head, and don’t let him persuade you by giving you some bullshit-story about his size or whatever.”

Angela gazes at Sharon with her mouth wide open and asks her incredulous, “Guys actually *do* that?”

“Some guys will say the most ridiculous thing to get out of using anything, trust me.” Sharon sounds like she knows what she’s talking about.

“Thanks for the head’s up.” Angela shakes her head with disbelief.

“Oh, and Angela? You know that time, like when I said that umm, you could so much better than Jordan Catalano…?” She squints her eyes like she is expecting Angela to punch her. “I mean, that was like when he didn’t want to acknowledge your existence, but it’s different now. *He* is different now; treating you with the respect you deserve, so...”

Angela smiles at Sharon, “Yeah, I know you why you said it then. It’s okay. Thanks, Sharon.”

Sharon gives Angela a worried glance, “One last thing though: don’t forget to *enjoy* it. I mean, spending an entire night with Jordan Catalano, that’s got to be like a dream-come-true for you!”

“Yeah, I know. I’m scared out of my mind, and my stomach-butterflies won’t stop fluttering, but I can’t wait…” Angela’s cheeks flush again at the thought of the very near future.

“Good luck, Angela,” Sharon eyes Angela like a chicken eyeing her chicks, proud, but concerned.

[Backstage, 15 minutes before the show starts]

The actors are walking from one way to another; some are getting their make-up on, others are putting on their costumes. More people are walking around with props, and pieces of décor. Mr Katimski is hopping form one person to another, to check all sorts of things. In the midst of this chaos Brian Krakow is taking snap shots of the entire cast and crew. Rickie is helping Rayanne put on her make-up.

Rayanne seems jittery, “Did you like, see all those people out there, Rickie?! I’m nervous as hell! I need my flask…”

Rickie raises his voice, “Rayanne! I have faith in you! You’re gonna do this *without* alcohol! You can *do* it!”

Rayanne raises her eyebrow, “Yeah, just like that time I had to sing in Catalano’s band, remember?” She jumps up from her chair, and walks over to her belongings. She looks around to see if nobody is watching and she grabs the flask from her coat pocket. Rayanne pours the liquor down her throat, just as Brian catches her through the lens of his camera. Hesitating to take a picture of this moment Brian lowers his camera.
Rayanne looks up and sees Brian stare in her direction, “What are you looking at Krakow?”

“Nothing, I was just leaving,” Brian feels like he got caught with his hand in the cookie-jar; which is totally ridiculous since he caught *her* doing something illegal.

Rayanne points at him, “You’re a little pervert, you know that?” She walks over to him, and stops in front of him, threateningly close. “Get of my back, Krakow, or I’ll make your life miserable.”

Brian stands his ground, “You’re already doing a pretty good job at that. I am just supposed to take pictures of the crew and cast, and more particularly of *you*, since you’re the leading lady. Be thankful I didn’t take a picture of what I just witnessed.”

Rayanne responds nonchalant, “Rayanne and her flask, ooh, there’s a big secret!”

Rickie approaches the both of them. “Rayanne, why don’t you give Brian a break, huh?”

Rayanne retorts sarcastically, “Yes, daddy.”

Rickie sighs, “Come on, don’t be like this, Rayanne. I like, *totally* understand you’re nervous, but that’s no reason to like, make it so hard for Brian to do his job!”

Brian: “Thanks, Rickie, but I--”

Mr Katimski raises his voice and interrupts Brian (amongst other people), “People! Can I have your attention please! Gee whiz, it’s just a few minutes until curtain call, so I hope you’re all ready! I wish everyone a good show! And remember, if you don’t know your lines anymore, I will be behind the scenes to *help* you! Just look in my direction and it’ll be fine! Oh, the thrill of the show! Now, all of you; break a leg!!!”

“Oh crap, I have to like, put on my costume. Where’s my costume? Rickie--” Rayanne grabs hold of Rickie’s vest and looks at him pleadingly. “You gotta like, help me!”

Rickie keeps his calm, “Rayanne, *chill*! You’ll be fine! Here’s your costume. Let’s go over here, where there’s a little more privacy, okay?” Rickie leads Rayanne to an improvised dressing booth and guides her through its drapes.

Rayanne seems out of it. She tries to put on the costume but it’s like her hands and brains aren’t in synch. She’s wrestling with sleeves and has her dress put on backwards.  She eyes Rickie desperately, “I can’t like, *do* this, Rickie. I *can’t*!” Rayanne plops down on her butt.

“Come on, Rayanne. Here, I’ll like, help you with your costume. Relax. Just forget about all those people, imagine you’re up there all alone. Can you like, do that?” Rickie helps to get Rayanne in her costume. When he’s done he notices that it’s the mini-version Rayanne created herself. “Rayanne, are you sure you like, want to wear *this* costume? I thought Mr Katimski had found you another one?”

Rayanne is absent-minded, “This one’s fine, Rickie. Besides, there’s like no time *left* anymore. I have to go up there in like, a couple of minutes. You heard the man…!”

“Suit yourself, Rayanne. Now, look at me!” Rickie grabs hold of Rayanne’s arms and addresses her tenderly, but firmly. “You can *do* this. I’m proud of you! Just forget you’re acting, and pretend it’s real. Imagine the pain. Forget the audience, you’re doing this for *you*, and you alone!” Rickie gives Rayanne a hug.

“Thanks, Rickie, for being here. Now--” Rayanne takes a deep breath, and continues sounding like a totally different person, “Let’s get this show on the road! Woohoo!” She bursts out of the dressing-booth at full throttle.

To be continued…

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Rayanne rocks the play seriously, and captivates Brian with it. Afterwards Rayanne and Brian get locked inside the school together; Brian discovers something upsetting but still they bond in a strange way and. Amber calls Patty when Rayanne doesn't come home, getting Patty thinking about Angela's whereabouts. Angela spends the night over at Jordan's house.
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