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Episode No. 21 - Too Close to Comfort II

written by Jonathan Fischer

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Published: 29 May 1999 | Size: 36 KB (7309 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (43 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Characters and original situations are the property of ABC productions and Winnie Holzman. Remainder is © 1999 Jonathan Fischer.

Author’s Note: OK, so I screwed up. When Brian mentions that he has a sister, he’s LYING to Jade/Rayanne on the hotline. But, I wrote an entire script (and ½ of another one) that uses her. I could replace her with some other relative of Brian’s, and maybe eventually I will. But since I haven’t posted an update in a long time (and have had little time to write, though I’ve really missed it…), here you all go. Enjoy!

Act II

Scene I

Brian has just finished reading his song to Angela (and us!!)

Angela:Brian, Brian… It’s beautiful! (Very sincerely into his eyes) Thank you. I… I’m sorry.

Brian:Sorry? Sorry for what?

Angela:That I’ve never looked, that I’ve never seen, that you were even capable of… (she stops, looking at the song, speechless)

Brian:You sort of inspired me. Well, really, the way I feel about you inspired me. I needed to tell you. I’m sorry if it, like, makes you feel all uncomfortable around me and stuff, but I really needed you to know. I really like you, Angela. Maybe you think I’m just some stupid boy with some stupid crush, and maybe you’re right. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t really care about you. I mean, I’ve known you almost all my life! I’ve watched you change from a silly young girl who wanted to play hide and seek all the time to a beautiful young woman with sophisticated thoughts and feelings. But when you started to grow up, and stopped playing hide and seek, you stopped looking for me. You and Sharon just spent every moment with each other, and I wasn’t included. Then, Rayanne entered the picture, and I wasn’t even welcome anymore. I used to really hate her…

Angela:When did you stop?

Brian:When she screwed up. When you wouldn’t talk to her anymore. I saw her, like, hurting and missing you. I remembered what that felt like. So I felt really bad about hating her.

Angela:Felt bad? Brian, you were the best friend she had tonight. I… We… We all just kick you around, Brian. But you’re always there when we need you. You were there for Rayanne to talk to tonight, you were there for Sharon when her Dad was in the hospital… (Angela moves closer to him, takes his hand) Brian, I don’t know right now how I feel, but…

Their lips move closer together, as if they are about to kiss. The phone rings, startling them both. Angela pulls herself back like she was caught, then laughs a little nervously.

Angela:That thing scared the heck out of me. (Pause, phone rings again) Aren’t you going to answer it?

Brian:(As if startled out of revelry) Oh, yeah, right.

Brian gets up and goes to the phone in the kitchen.

Brian:Hello? (pause) Oh, hi Mrs. Chase. Do you want to talk to Angela?

Patty:(OS, very serious) No, I… Why is Angela still over there?

Brian:(Temporizing, wandering to living room with cordless phone) Umm, we were talking, and…

Patty:(Interrupting) Fine. Could you put her on?

Brian:Sure. Angela, it’s your mom!

Angela:My mother?! (grabs phone) Hi. Am I in trouble?

Patty:No, Angela, look…

Angela:(Interrupting, temporizing) Look, mom, I know it’s late, but we were just talking, I mean, and I sort of lost track of time. It’s not like I was doing anything or…

Patty:(Interrupting) Angela.

Angela:Brian wasn’t doing anything either. We were sort of doing nothing, together. I mean, not together but…

Patty:(Interrupting) Angela!

Angela:Is this because of Rayanne? I mean, mom, I told her she could, like, crash in my room…

Patty:Angela, will you listen to me!

A little afraid, Angela stops trying to make excuses and listens.

Patty:(Very upset) I called because I needed to talk to Brian. But since you’re still over there, it would be better if brought him over here right now.

Angela:We were just talking…

Patty:(Very upset) Angela, I don’t care right now if you, Brian, and Rayanne were having group sex on the Krakow’s dining room table. I need you to bring Brian over here right now.

Angela:(catching onto the tone of her mom’s voice) What’s wrong? Did something happen?

Patty:Oh, I give up. Angela, just stay there. Your father and I will be over in a minute.

The phone clicks, Angela clicks the hang up button on her phone, sets it down on the coffee table. She sit there really quiet for a minute.


Angela:(Long pause, then confused and worried) My parents are coming over.

Brian:Why? What did your mom say?

Angela:She… I think she needs to talk. To you, actually. She was really upset.

Brian:Should I be worried?

Angela:I don’t know.

Angela is interrupted by knocking at the front door. Brian gets up and answers it, then leads Graham and Patty into the living room. They are wearing pajamas and robes. Patty looks a little teary eyed.

Brian:Can I get you anything, or…

Patty:Brian, honey, I need you to sit down, all right? (She sits down in a chair)

Brian goes to sit down, instinctively going to sit next to Angela. He realizes that might not be the best idea, tries to find someplace else to sit, can’t, and hesitantly sits down on the couch with Angela.

Patty:I just got a phone call from your mother. Your sister, Elisabeth, was in a car accident. Someone, probably drunk, ran through a red light.

Brian:Oh my god, is she…

Patty:Her injuries were really bad. She was in surgery for almost three hours… She’s in a coma. She won’t wake up. I’m sorry, honey.

Brian:(In shock) She’s…

Patty:Yes. The doctors did everything they could, but… All we can do is wait now.

Graham:Your mother tried to call you earlier, but you weren’t here, and she didn’t want to leave a message. Finally, she called us to see if you were at our place. With the lack of flights out of Mexico, the earliest they can get out is Monday. Your mom said she wants you to fly to Denver as soon as you can, though, to be with your sister. She asked if Patty or I could fly out with you, even offered to pay for the ticket, but we just can’t. (Pause) Brian, we would, but the restaurant is about to open and…

As Graham trails off, Brian face goes dead. Patty gets up and tries to comfort him, but he pulls away from her. Angela moves over to him and tries to hold him, he again tries to pull away. Angela won’t let him go, though, and after a moment, he gives in. He doesn’t cry, he won’t let himself cry.

Angela:(very quiet and very sure) I’ll go with him.

Patty:Angela, you can’t. You have school and…

Angela:(Interrupting, still quiet and sure) And nothing I can’t make up next week. (She gestures at Brian, who has gone limp into her shoulder) I won’t let him go alone. (A little more steel in her voice, mixed with some tears herself) He’s been there for me every day of my life. Whatever else was going on in his life, it didn’t matter, he was there for me. (To Brian, quietly) No matter if I treated you badly or ignored you for weeks, you was there when I needed something. (To parents) I’m going.

Graham:You’re right. I’ll call the airline. (Graham picks up the phone and starts to dial)

Patty:Graham, she can’t… (looks over at Brian, still refusing to cry, but still allowing himself to be held. Angela is making soothing noises, stroking his hair, etc. She looks very grown up.) You’re right.

Angela looks up, nods, then returns her attention to Brian. Graham gets up and goes into the kitchen where we can hear him talking softly to an airline rep. Angela looks back up at Patty.

Angela:Oh, Mom? Rayanne’s probably asleep in my room. We talked tonight, and I forgave her. But, she didn’t want to go home, ‘cause it was so late, so I told her she could sleep in my room. Please don’t give her a hard time when she wakes up in the morning.

Patty:I… I won’t. You two made up?

Angela:Yeah, thanks to this guy. (She squeezes Brian, who has mostly stopped crying and is just lying in her arms, then gets up and covers him with a blanket from the back of the couch.) Are we going to fly out tonight?

Patty:Probably in the morning, but it depends on when your dad can find a flight. Do you want to run home and pack some stuff? I’ll take care of Brian’s.

Angela:No, I’ll stay with him. And, I’ll pack for him. Could you ask Rayanne to help you pack for me? Between the two of you, I should end up with something wearable.

Patty:(Slight smile) Sure. (Patty leaves the house)

Angela:(Gently) Brian, can you help me for a couple of minutes? We need to get a suitcase and clothes and stuff like that for you.

Brian:(Dully) Yeah.

Brian gets up slowly, and the two of them go upstairs. The camera focuses on Graham in the kitchen.

Graham:(Into phone) Yeah, I need to make a reservation for two to Denver as soon as possible. (Pause) Yes, yes, The names are Brian Krakow and Angela Chase. They’re both 15. (Pause) Look, do you know of anything sooner, his sister was just in a car accident there and she’s in a coma. (Pause) 4 A.M.? We’ll have to hurry, but that should work. Wait, hold on, let me find a pen… (Graham finds pen and notepad) OK, flight 2105, gate 5A, they pick up their tickets at the gate. (Pause) Yeah, I’ve got the card right here. (Graham pulls credit card out of wallet) Yeah, VISA. 2100…

Scene II

Cut to Patty entering Angela’s room. Rayanne is asleep on the bed, on top of the covers. Patty shakes her shoulder.

Patty:(Strained, still upset) Rayanne? I need you to wake up.

Rayanne:What? Why? Oh, hi. (sort of awake) Look, I’m sorry. Angela said it was OK. I’ll leave. Just let me find my shoes.

Patty:What are you talking about?

Rayanne:Look, Angela said I could sleep here, but that’s obviously uncool, so I’ll get out of here.

Patty:(realizing her tone is causing the problem) Look, I’m not upset with you, all right? There’s been an accident. I need you to help me.


Patty:(Gathering items) Brian’s sister was in a car accident. She’s in a coma. I need you to help me pack a suitcase for Angela.

Rayanne:Why? (as she gets up)

Patty:Because she and Brian are flying to Denver.

Rayanne:(not understanding, but starting to help) I repeat, why?

Patty:That’s where his sister lives. She’s is in a coma. She might die.

Rayanne:Oh, that makes sense. What about Brian’s parents?

Patty:They’re stuck in Mexico, at least until Monday.

A bleary eyed Danielle appears at the doorway.

Danielle:What’s going on?

Patty:Oh, hi sweetie.

Danielle:What’s she doing here?

Rayanne:Umm, Angela said I could?

Patty:Danielle, go back to bed.

Danielle:Why are you packing?

Patty:Brian’s sister was in a really bad car accident. He’s flying to Denver, where the hospital is, and Angela is going to go with him.

Danielle:Can I go to?

Patty:No, Danielle, you can’t. Angela’s just going to help Brian, all right?

Danielle:But I could help him too! He needs someone to hold his hand and stuff!

Patty goes to the closet and grabs a couple sweaters while Rayanne pulls socks, nightshirt, etc from dresser.

Rayanne:I think Angela has that under control. (At the closet, back to Patty) How much should I grab?

Patty:About a week’s worth, just in case. And something to go with this. (Patty brings over a very dark skirt and top, basically Angela’s possible funeral outfit)

Danielle:Angela hasn’t worn that since great uncle Max’s funeral?

Patty:I know, honey. Since you’re up, could you get Angela’s stuff from the bathroom?

Camera cuts to Angela and Brian upstairs, in his room. There is a suitcase on Brian’s bed and Angela is filling it with clothes while Brian sits on the bed. She opens his closet, takes out dress type clothes and then moves to Brian’s dresser, opens the drawer, and starts pulling out socks and underwear. At this, we see some life out of Brian, as he gets up and takes the socks and underwear from her, kind of embarrassed.

Brian:Look, I’ll get this stuff, all right?

Angela:Why? Because I’m in your underwear drawer? Why, do you have some leopard skin boxers that I’m not supposed to see? (She tries to get past him.)

Brian:(Trying to block her) No, I, um, Angela!

Angela:(Realizing she went a bit too far) Sorry. Just trying to… Never mind. Is there anything I can get for you from the bathroom? Toothbrush, razor, non-embarrassing stuff like that?

Brian:Yeah, sure, um, the blue toothbrush is mine, there’s, like, a kit of other stuff under the sink. (Pause) Umm, Angela?

Angela:(Catching her on the way out the door) Yeah?

Brian:Thanks. For saying you would go with me. (Starting to tear up a bit, but won’t let himself) I mean, it’s not, like fair, to disrupt your life, and stuff, but…

Angela:(Interrupting, moving to him) Brian, you’ve been there for me more times than I can count. It’s my turn to be there for you now.

Brian:You’re not obligated, or anything, I mean, I’d understand if…

Angela:(Interrupting) Brian! I’m not doing this because I’m "obligated"! I’m doing this because I care about you, and because you need someone! (Slight pause) Would you prefer that I go? I mean, would it make you uncomfortable or…

Brian:No. Please come with me.

Angela:(Awkward moment) Umm, you said the blue toothbrush?


Angela leaves, and Brian puts a few more things in his suitcase. Angela returns and puts a shaving kit into the suitcase. Brian checks to see that everything is in it, then zips up the suitcase and puts it on the floor.

Angela:My dad said the flight’s at four. As soon as you’ve got everything…

Brian:Let’s go.

Brian starts to leave. Angela stops him at the door. She takes the suitcase from and tries to hold his hand. He resists. They go downstairs.

Scene III

Brian and Angela are sitting on a plane. It is mostly empty, and the cabin is still dimmed, but dawn light is coming in the windows. They both look asleep, their arms are sharing the armrest but they’re not holding hands. Angela awakened by the captain’s voice.

Captain:This is your captain speaking. It’s 7:34 A.M. local time here in Denver, with partial clouds and about 44 degrees. We’ll be landing in just a few minutes, so I’m turning on the cabin lights and the flight attendants will be making one last run to pick up any cups or trash you might have. Please bring your seats up and notice that I have turned the fasten seatbelt sign back on.

Angela looks over at Brian, who is still asleep. She looks at him.

Angela:(VO) One minute he’s playing me the most beautiful song. It was, like, a magical moment. Then, before I can figure out how I feel, try to tell him, my mom calls and breaks the spell. (Another look at Brian) I want to ask you so many questions, find out who you are.

Captain:Flight attendants, please brace for landing.

We see the plane land and taxi up to the terminal, then cut back inside the plane.

Angela:Wake up Brian. (She shakes him gently)


Angela:We’re here. We landed.


Brian and Angela unbuckle seatbelts, gather up coats and carry on bags, then exit the plane. Brian is completely out of it. As they walk out of the gate, we see a man holding a sign reading "Krakow" on it. Angela guides Brian up to the man.

Angela:Krakow is us. I mean, Krakow is him, Brian. I’m Angela.

David:Nice to meet you both. My name is David. Your brother in law asked me to pick you guys up. He also said he’s sorry that there isn’t room at their place for you. His whole family came in and… Anyway, I should get you guys checked into a motel. Do you want me to take you there first so you can drop off your bags?

Angela:(After it is apparent that Brian won’t answer) Umm, no, we really should get to the hospital. (She looks at Brian again, looking for a reaction. She finds none.)

David:(indicating bags) Is this everything, or do we need to go by baggage claim?

Angela:No, we’ve got everything.

David:Well, let’s go then.

Scene IV

Patty and Graham are sitting at the breakfast table. Graham is flipping through the morning (SUNDAY) paper. Rayanne comes down the stairs and into the kitchen.

Rayanne:Hi, umm, thanks for the place to sleep. I’ll just get out of here, OK?

Graham:Is there someplace you need to be?


Graham:Then sit down. I’ll make you some breakfast.

Rayanne:That’s OK, I don’t usually eat breakfast.

Graham:Nonsense. I’m still working on a breakfast menu for the restaurant and I need an impartial opinion on a few things.

Rayanne:OK, you convinced me.

Graham gets up and starts fussing around in the kitchen. Rayanne sits down and looks kind of nervously at Patty.

Patty:Oh, relax, I won’t bite.

Rayanne:(smiles nervously) Yeah, well, umm…

Patty:Angela told me you two made up? (Rayanne nods) So, what exactly happened? I tried to get Angela to explain, but…. Well, explaining her life to her mother is not one of Angela’s favorite things to do.

Rayanne:I was, like, really upset last night. And… and I didn’t want to drink. I’m, like scared to drink, now.


Rayanne:Because I do stupid things when I drink, and I don’t want to anymore. But, I’m not, like, sure what to do to cope with, like, stuff, when I don’t drink.

Patty:You’ve been drinking for a long time?


Patty:So, how did you deal with things last night?

Rayanne:I… I wanted to call Angela. To talk about stuff, sort of distract myself. But, umm, she wasn’t speaking to me, and… Well, anyway, then I was going to call Ricki, but he’s on, like, overload from all the problems I’ve dumped on him. So, he was out. Then I sort of realized I didn’t have anyone else to call. My mom was out with some new guy, and would probably show up with him in a little while. I didn’t want to deal with that. I couldn’t go see Tino, he would have just given me a drink. So… So, I went for a walk. I wandered around for hours, and I got more and more scared. Finally, I found a phone booth, and I called the only person I could think of who might still be talking to me. Well, actually, Brian and I weren’t really on speaking terms, but he wasn’t, like, mad at me or anything, so…

Patty:What did he say?

Rayanne:He… He came out to where I was. And, he, like, bought me something to eat, cause I hadn’t eaten since lunch, and… He just listened. He let me tell him everything, and, like gave me some things to think about. Then… He, like, shared his problems with me. He trusted me, told me about him and Angela…

Patty:(Interrupting) What about him and Angela?

Rayanne:Umm, nothing. I wasn’t supposed to say that. I promised him I wouldn’t talk about it.

Patty:Rayanne, I just sent my daughter to Denver with this boy. What is exactly is going on?

Rayanne:It’s nothing you need to worry about. (Look from Patty) Look, I promised him, okay? I’m not breaking promises like that. Not ever again.

Scene V

Brian and Angela are sitting in a hospital room. Brian’s sister is lying in a hospital bed, tubes and wires attached. Medical equipment beeps in the background to indicate that though she is not responding, she is still alive. Brian and Angela’s bags sit on the floor.

Angela:So, where did Michael go? (Brian doesn’t respond.) Brian, where did Michael, your brother-in-law, go?

Brian:Oh, sorry. He went back to their place. (indicates sister) He apologized for not having us stay there but all his family came in and…

Angela:I know. It’ll be easier for him without having us underfoot. (looks at watch) Visiting hours are almost over. That driver should be here any minute. (Looks around) What did your parents say when you talked to them?

Brain:Just that they would be here late tomorrow. And to say this special prayer for her.

Angela:Can… Can I pray with you? I mean, I know I’m not Jewish, but…

Brian:No… I sort of just need to be alone with her for a minute.

Angela:OK. I’ll get a soda or something. (Goes to leave) Call out if you need anything.

She goes outside the room and closes the door. Brian waits a moment to make sure she won’t instantly re-appear, takes his sisters hand. He starts to mumble something resembling a prayer, then slowly dissolves into tears. Angela opens the door back up.

Angela:Brian, can I get you any…

Angela trails off, seeing that Brian is collapsed in tears. She pauses a minute. Brian doesn’t even seem to notice that she has come in. Angela quietly closes the door, staying outside the room

Angela:(VO) I, like, don’t even know what to say. I mean, I fight with my sister all the time, but if she was lying in a hospital bed… I don’t know what someone could say to me to make me feel better. I’m not sure I’d even want someone to try. (She leans against the wall) Why did I even come here? He won’t let me help him at all. Once I got him off the plane, I might as well have just gotten back on and gone home. And his brother-in law. He didn’t say a word to me but managed to make it clear that I was completely unwelcome.

A nurse walks up to the door.

Nurse:I need to let you two know that visiting hours are over.

Angela:(Stopping the nurse from entering the room) I’ll tell him in just a minute, OK? He’s in the middle of some prayer thing. We’ll go just after he’s finished.

Nurse:Sure. That will be just fine. (Starts to leave, turns back) He does appreciate having you here, you know.


Nurse:The young man inside. It might not seem like he wants you here, but he does.

Angela:How do you know?

Nurse:I’ve been working in this hospital for 23 years. You get to know a few things over that time.

The door opens and Brian steps out.

Brian:Angela, I, umm (He notices the nurse.)

Angela:She’s just here to tell us that visiting hours are over.

Brian:Oh, OK. (He looks at his watch.) What time was David coming back for us?

Angela:Five. He should be here any minute. We should go downstairs to meet him.

Brian:Yeah, sure. (They start to walk to the elevator)

Angela:Do you want to go to your sister’s house for a while or the straight to the hotel?

Brian:I don’t know.

Angela:How about we get a pizza and go back to the hotel. Neither one of us really slept last night.


Angela and Brian reach the elevator, and get in.

Scene VI

Rayanne is in her apartment, talking on the phone to Sharon. Occasional cuts between them.

Rayanne:So, Brian and I, like, talked for hours. Then, we went back to his place.

Sharon:(Teasing) Oohh. Did you show him your "appreciation?"

Rayanne:(Very defensive) No, I… He likes Angela.


Rayanne:So that means I don’t touch him. I… I’m not going to mess up again, okay? I’ve hurt enough people lately without adding him to the list.

Sharon:(Surprised at the change) Sorry, I didn’t mean… I was only trying to tease you a little. (No teasing in voice) So what else happened?

Rayanne:Angela came over, and, like, freaked out. She thought I was stealing Brian or something.

Sharon:She… What? I can’t believe this. She finally noticed him.

Rayanne:Yeah. Anyway, she calmed down, and we talked, and she forgave me.

Sharon:I knew she would, eventually.

Rayanne:She also said I needed to get help, and stick with it. And she said that if I didn’t, she would continue to care about me, but that our friendship would be over.

Sharon:Are you ready get help? To stop drinking? Really stop?

Rayanne:(Really resolved, really proud) Yes.

Sharon:Good for you.

Her mother comes in. The tension builds throughout the scene, almost becoming a fight.

Rayanne:(into phone) I gotta go. (pause, hang up phone)

Amber:(Tense) So, how are things?

Rayanne:Fine. Why?

Amber:(Tense) I talked with Patty today. She said that you and Angela are friends again, and… that she was proud of you, and that I should be too.

Rayanne:Did she say why?

Amber:No, as a matter of fact, she didn’t. Rayanne, what did you do?


Amber:Then why is Patty Chase calling me and telling me I should be proud of you?

Rayanne:I don’t know!


Rayanne:(With pride) I didn’t do anything! I really wanted to drink last night, and I didn’t.

Amber:(Obviously finding this irrelevant) So?

At her mother’s uncaring reaction to her announcement about not drinking, Rayanne’s face collapses. Though she resisted talking about it, she was actually very proud of how she dealt with last night.

Scene VII

A phone is ringing in a motel room. The door opens and Angela rushes in to answer it. She drops her bag on the bed and picks up the phone.

Angela:Hello? Hi, Mrs. Krakow? I’ll get Brian for you. (Pause) You want to talk to me first? (Pause) Sure. (Pause) Yeah, I’ve got one right here. Flight 1729? Seven thirty? Yeah, got it. (Angela grabs a pen and paper and starts to take notes.) OK, so we should just take cabs tomorrow? Sure. (Pause) My parents gave me plenty of cash. (Pause, confused) Yeah, I can get receipts.

Brian:(From the door) Who is it?

Angela:Your mother.

Brian walks in with pizza. He sets it on the table and takes the phone from Angela. He answers the phone

Brian:So, what time is the flight? (Pause) Angela’s got all that? (He looks at Angela, who nods) Why don’t you give it to me again, just to be sure.

Angela rolls her eyes and hands him the paper. While he talks on the phone, Angela opens her bad and takes out a few thing, including a walkman that she sets on the night table. Brian writes down a few more things, mumbles a goodbye and hangs up.

Brian:You didn’t write down the gate.

Angela:I know. That’s why they put it on those little TV screens all over the airport.

Brian:Oh, sorry.

Angela:So, how’s your room?

Brian:Same as this one.

Angela:Why did your mother ask me to get receipts from the cab drivers?

Brian:She was cheated by one once. I guess she want to be able to catch the next one at it. Don’t worry about it.


Brian nervously picks up Angela’s walkman and starts fiddling with it.

Brian:Look, Angela, thanks. I’m sorry I sort of asked to leave the room at the hospital.

Angela:Brian, I… I came back to the room… To see if you wanted a soda or something. Brian, you asked to leave so that you could cry, didn’t you?

Brian:Look, it was, like, dusty, and my allergies…

Angela:(Interrupting) Dusty? In a hospital?

Brian:I mean, I was a little bit upset, of course, but…

Angela:(Interrupting) You were in tears. Why won’t you admit this to me? Why won’t you admit anything to me without some stupid argument?

Brian:(still making excuses) Angela, I…

An entire range of bad emotions ranged over Brian’s face, pain, rage, anger, frustration. His hands grip tightly, till finally he flings the walkman at the headboard of the bed. The walkman shatters into several pieces. Brian stares at it in horror

Angela:(a little afraid) Brian? (pause) Brian?

Brian slowly walks over, sits down on the bed, and picks up a couple pieces of the walkman. He stares at them dumbly, then turns to look at Angela. His start to shake, as if with stress and sobs rolled into one. No tears, no sound. Angela stares in shock. Long pause.

Angela:(scared) Umm, Brian, are you OK?

Angela edges away.

Angela:(trying to get a response, panicked) Look, you don’t have to admit anything to me. I had, like, no right to say any of those things to you. Brian? Brian, your sister’s gonnna be OK. I know she is! Brian, please say something? Please?

Brian continues to shake,


Scene VIII

Brian is on the bed in Angela’s room, lying down. He has been covered with the comforter from the hotel bed wrapped around him. He is obviously still fully dressed. The walkman parts are sort of in a pile on the far side table. He seems to be asleep. Angela is sitting on a chair by the bed. She is covered by a blanket, and also seemingly asleep. Brian stirs as if to wake, and Angela looks up immediately, apparently she was only dozing. Brian turns over toward Angela and opens his eyes.

Angela:(scared) Are you okay?

Brian:I… , umm, yeah.

Angela:Are you hungry? We’ve still got that pizza?

Brian:No. (Brian tries to clear his throat.)

Angela:Here, let me get you a glass of water.

Angela quickly gets up, goes to the bathroom, and returns with a glass of water. Brian takes it, drains it, and then rolls over to set it down on the table by the bed. He notices the walkman parts.

Brian:Umm, Angela, I’m sorry about…

Angela:(Interrupting, but gently for once) It’s not important. I can always get another one. It’s you I’m worried about.

Brian:But still, I didn’t mean to… (trails off)

Angela:Do you want to talk about anything? You sister, us? No pressure, but if you want to… (trails off)

Brian:My sister… (deep breath) My sister is really important to me. I… I owe her a lot.

Angela:Owe her?

Brian:Yeah, well, my parents… It isn’t easy having parents with doctorates in psychology. I mean, any time I get angry, or happy, we have to discuss why. Plus, any time I don’t get angry or happy, we have to discuss that too. Basically, I’ve been in constant therapy for the last 15 ½ years. My sister sort of buffered me from all that, whenever she could. She’d just tell mom and dad I was angry because I was angry or sad because I was sad, and they would listen to her and leave me alone. Elisabeth was always there if I needed to talk. (Pause) When she moved out, there wasn’t anyone left for me to talk to. If I did well in school, my parents sort of left me alone. We didn’t talk much, but they were there. Then they finished their book, and… They’re never home anymore. That’s why I’m at your house all the time.


Brian:All this is why I, like, come over to your house any chance I get. I know it, and I’m not proud of it, but sometimes… Sometimes I just can’t be alone anymore. I need to be around other people even if they don’t want me there.

Angela:Brian, we…

Brian:And I let people borrow stuff, I mean, lots of stuff. Not because I’m nice, but because they’ll have to return it someday. (wry smile) Ok, with you I have to come get it myself, but it’s the same thing. (back to serious) But then I feel guilty, because everyone’s thinking that I’m being so nice, and (starts to break down, starts to fight the tears) I’m just so lonely… (still won’t let himself cry)

Angela:(Moves closer to him) Brian, you’re not alone right now. I’m here. Now, cry.

Brian:(Barely able to speak) I can’t! Not with you!

Angela:Why? Because you love me?

Brian stops, stunned.

Angela:Why, Brian, if you love me, why won’t you love me?

Angela moves close enough to put her arms around him.

Angela:(Very Gentle) Cry. Brian, it’s OK. Let yourself cry.

Brian:(still resisting) No… I…

(Long Pause, softer voice) Darlin’, shut up, let go, and cry.

Brian finally lets go, crying into Angela’s shoulder. She holds him gently while he cries. The tears are far more gentle than last night. As Brian finally cries out his pain, the view moves back to Angela.

Angela:(VO) Two days ago, I would have bet everything that I owned that I wouldn’t be here, holding Brian Krakow, while he finally lets out the pain inside. (She kisses his forehead gently) Now, there isn’t a place I’d rather be. Holding Jordan Catalano never made me feel this way. Or, I guess, Jordan and I really never held each other. We kissed, but he didn’t hold me.

Angela adjusts her position so that her back is to the headboard. She leans against it, still holding Brian against her shoulder. His tears have more or less stopped, but they are still holding each other tight.

Angela:(VO) And, if two days ago, someone had said that I would start to fall for Brian Krakow…

Angela looks down at Brian. Then, she reaches out with one hand. She puts it on his cheek, brushing a tear away, then glides it under his chin. A little bit of pressure makes Brian look up, into Angela’s eyes.

Angela:(VO) Or told me I would want to kiss him…

Angela kisses him. Brian’s eyes incredulous as he looks into Angela’s. The kiss is very young, very innocent. Brian is kissing back, though. They break apart for a moment.

Angela:(VO) And that he would be a great kisser…

Brian kisses Angela, then both begin to kiss, gently, lovingly.

Angela:(VO) They’d have been right.


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  • anonymous author commented on 24 Jul 2004:
    well johnathan i think people who read ur stories can tell u dont like jordan i dont think he even says a word
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    I LOVE this story. I think that it is the best one so far. I've always wanted Brian to get Angela. He deserves her much more than Jordan! He's always been there for her while Jordan just wants her. I think that Brian's love just goes much deeper!

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