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Episode No. 20 - Too Close to Comfort I

written by Jonathan Fischer

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About this story

Published: 1997 | Size: 33 KB (6781 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (26 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Author’s note: Characters and original situations are the property of ABC productions and Winnie Holzman. Remainder is © 1998 Jonathan Fischer. Note -- My first few scripts have dealt with rather similar situations. Sort of a "do it until it’s right" thing. This is the first one that lent itself to a continuation, as the "Part 1" above signifies. As of the posting of this, Part 2 is complete.

Act I

Scene I
Angela sitting in her window box writing in her diary. Next to her is a folded letter. She writes for a moment, then pauses. She looks at the letters, smiles, then leans back, pen in her mouth.

Angela: (VO) I never should have gone off with Jordan tonight. I mean, all we did was fight. I forgave him, but I can’t forget what happened. We were never really right for each other, we just look at the world too differently. I want someone who will care about me and let me care about them. Jordan… I don’t know what he wants. So, when I got out of the car tonight, we said goodbye. And he and I both knew that wasn’t goodbye for tonight, but goodbye forever. (Long pause, picks up letter.) I can’t believe that Brian wrote this letter. Heck I never would have believed that anything Brian did could make me this happy. I mean, if anyone had told me six months ago that Brian Krakow would profess his love to me in a letter he wrote for Jordan Catalano, I would have told them to get their head examined. (Smirk) And if they told me it would make me happy, I would have had them committed. (Pause, serious) But Brian, I can’t really seem to figure it out, he’s… he’s always been there for me. Like the night the policeman brought me home from Let’s Bolt. He told Brian to watch out for me. But, it wasn’t really necessary. Brian has always been watching out for me. Why else would he have been in that tree that night, waiting for me to come home? I hadn’t been nice to him. But, his first words were to ask if I was OK. Then, as usual, we argued about something stupid. He told me I was acting pretentious, I told him he had no idea what he was talking about. Unfortunately, he knew exactly what he was talking about. He always cuts me down to size when I get too full of my own introspection. I guess I go to him for that; I go to him whenever I have a problem. I trust him. I mean, I know he’ll torment me, but in the end, he will help me however he can. He’s never asked for anything in return, it’s like being close to me was enough. I guess he really cares about me. (Realization, happy.) I guess I care about him too, why else would I torment him so much. God, Rayanne will never believe… (Catches herself, steels herself against the pain, angry) No, she… (realization again, suddenly calm) What did she really do? She slept with a someone who didn’t really love me, who I wasn’t even dating at the time, who I had claimed I was over a million times. And she’s sorry. I haven’t even let her tell me, but I know she is. She almost told me during the Our Town rehearsal yesterday, but I didn’t give her a chance. I left before she could talk to me privately.

Angela gets up, goes downstairs and into the kitchen. Angela reaches over and picks up the phone. She starts to dial, then pauses, puts down the receiver.

Angela: (VO) No, Rayanne and I need to talk in person. She deserves that.

Angela crosses into the living room, where Patty is sitting on the couch reading a book. Angela walks straight to the door, grabs her coat off the coat rack, and is stopped by her mother’s voice.

Patty: Angela, where do you think you are going?

Angela: Umm, Rayanne’s?

Patty: At this time of night? Wait a minute, I thought you were mad at her.

Angela: Yeah, I was. I… She and I need to talk this out.

Patty: Well, it’s way to late for you to go traipsing across town. Can’t you call her?

Angela: I need to do this in person.

Patty: I understand, but it’s really late. How about first thing in the morning?

Angela: OK, I guess I can go over tomorrow. It’s gone on this long, I suppose one more day won’t make a difference.

Scene II
This scene covers a phone call between Brian and Rayanne. The camera cuts from one to the other as appropriate. To start, Brian is sitting at his desk in his room. He is leaning back in his chair, staring at the ceiling.

Brian: (VO) I actually made her happy. Something I did made Angela Chase happy. Of course, then she left with Jordan, but…

The phone rings, interrupting his train of thought. Brian picks it up.

Brian: Hello?

We see Rayanne huddled in a phone booth. We see a Denny’s sign across the street. It is very dark. Rayanne is dressed VERY simply, no fancy braids, no fancy makeup, etc.

Rayanne: Hi, umm, Brian?

Brian: Who is this?

Rayanne: (Quiet, subdued) It’s me, Krakow. Rayanne? You, like, remember me, right?

Brian: Of course I remember you.

Rayanne: (Nervous) Brian, could we talk? Like, in person?

Brian: (Defensive) Why?

Rayanne: (Straight, honest) Because you know what it’s like to hurt.

Brian: (Angry) Oh, I see, just called to make fun of me, huh? Thanks a lot. What are you, drunk?

Rayanne: (Nervous, scared) Nope, I haven’t had a drop. I didn’t even call to make fun of you. Look, I really need to talk. You have, like, psychiatrist parents, and so you, like, understand this depression stuff, right?

Brian: Sort of… You haven’t had anything to drink?

Rayanne: (Breaking up) No, I… I can’t, like, drink, because the alcohol makes me depressed, and I can’t not drink because it’s the only way I know how to deal with all of this. I find myself, like, fixating on tall buildings and razor blades, and… Help me, Brian, please? You help Angela all the…(breaks into tears)

Brian: (still wary, but believing some) You’re really not OK, are you? You should be talking to someone adult, someone professional. We could call a hotline or a counselor… I mean, just because my parents are psychiatrists…

Rayanne: (Between sobs) I can’t talk to some counselor or hotline, Brian. I can talk to you. I don’t know why, but I can. Will you help me?

Brian: (Very unsure of what to do) I could, like, call…

Rayanne: (Interrupting, pleading) Please?!

Brian: But the people on those hotlines are, like, trained to…(Then with more confidence than we have ever heard from Brian in the whole series) Where are you?

Rayanne: (Still sobbing) In a phone booth across from Denny’s.

Brian: (He has abandoned fear and finally decided to act, consequences be damned) The one on Howard and 2nd?

Rayanne: Yeah.

Brian: I’ll be right there. Just wait for me. Can you do that?

Rayanne: Yeah. (Incredulous) You’re, like, coming? You’re not blowing me off?

Brian: No, I’m not. I’ll be there in five minutes. Wait inside the restaurant, OK? It’ll be safer.

Rayanne: (Ashamed to admit this to Brian) Brian, you have to buy something to sit in there. I don’t have any money.

Brian: I’ll be there in five minutes, OK? Just pretend you can’t decide what to order.

Rayanne: (Timid) OK. Bye.

Rayanne hangs up the phone, sniffles and starts to pull herself together. She walks across the street to the restaurant. She grabs the handle to the door, hesitates for a moment, then goes inside. Cut to Brian grabbing his coat from a closet, then going out and locking the door behind him. He walks away down the street.


Scene III
Denny’s, cause it’s late, and they’re open. Half the restaurant is full, the remaining section has a "This Section Closed" sign blocking it. Rayanne is standing in the entryway, looking at the door. Brian comes in, looks around. Rayanne waves weakly at him, he sees her and comes over.

Rayanne: (Unsure, nervous) There weren’t any tables, so…

Brian: Hold on.

Brian goes over to the cashier, talks for a moment, then the cashier grabs a couple of menus and leads them all the way to the back of the closed section, to a nice private table.

Cashier: (To Brian) So, Brian, you finally brought someone with you. This that girl you’re always muttering about?

Brian: (Embarrassed) No, this isn’t her.

Rayanne: (Softly) Angela? (Brian nods)

Cashier: (To Rayanne) Hi, I’m Sarah. What can I get you?

Brian: (To Rayanne) Have you eaten?

Rayanne: (A little embarrassed) Umm, no.

Brian: (To Cashier) Could we give us a minute?

Cashier: Sure, I’ll be right back. (She leaves)

Rayanne: How did you get her to give us a table? She told me there would be at least a 25 minute wait?

Brian: I eat here a lot when my parents are out of town. I guess they kind of know me.

Rayanne: Why’d you have her seat us back here?

Brian: You wanted to talk, didn’t you? I thought this would be a little more private.

Rayanne: Thanks. So…

Cashier: (Brings water, Brian and Rayanne continue to study menus.) So, Brian, where are you’re parents off to this time? New York, California?

Brian: Mexico. Vacation this time.

Cashier: Leaving you alone, as usual. So, did you figure out what you want, or should I come back?

Brian: I’ll just have an order of Mozzarella sticks. Rayanne?

Rayanne: I’ll… (she scans menu, obviously looking at prices)

Brian: Don’t worry about the money. Just order.

Rayanne: OK, I’ll have a club sandwich with fries.

Cashier: (Collecting menus) I’ll have those right out for you.

Brian: Thanks.

The Cashier leaves, Brian and Rayanne sit there in silence for a moment.

Brian: Well?

Scene IV
Cut to Angela’s room, even later that night. Angela is sitting once again in her window box, staring out at the Krakow’s house. She is in pajama type clothing now, t-shirt and sweats, with a blanket wrapped around her. As we establish the scene, the camera moves past a clock that reads 12:07 AM.

Angela: (VO) I can’t sleep. Too much has happened for my mind to, like, process before I can sleep. I need to talk to Rayanne. Or Brian. If I don’t talk to one of them soon, I’m going to go nuts. I mean, I still can’t believe that Brian wrote that letter, that he meant what it said. I guess what I really can’t accept is that the person who made me feel that happy and the person who annoys me every day of my life are both Brian Krakow. This must be one of those signs of the apocalypse they always talk about on those Christian channels.

We see Graham walk by the doorway, then pause, walk back to the door and enter.

Graham: Angela, what are you still doing up? Something wrong?

Graham walks in and sits down on a chair, turning it first to face Angela.

Angela: No, Yes, I mean… I don’t know.

Graham: You don’t know if something is wrong? That in itself sounds like a problem to me. What’s going on?

Angela: Umm, Brian Krakow wrote me this letter.

Graham: What kind of letter?

Angela: Sort of a love letter. You see, I was mad at Jordan and I wouldn’t talk to him. So, Brian wrote this letter for Jordan, and Jordan signed it and gave it to me. But, Brian, like, meant all the things that he wrote. Then… Oh, this is so hard to explain.

Graham: No it isn’t. Have you ever heard of Cyrano De Bergerac?

Angela: That French guy with the long nose?

Graham: Yeah, you see, Cyrano was in love with this girl, Rosalind. Cyrano is a great man, a gentleman and a poet, but he thought he was too ugly for Rosalind to ever love him. So, he helped another young man to woo her, telling the boy what to say and writing poetry for the boy to send to her.

Angela: So, Rosalind fell in love with the young man?

Graham: No, Rosalind fell in love with the man who wrote such beautiful poetry for her. Unfortunately, she didn’t find out that it was Cyrano until it was too late.

Angela: Too late?

Graham: Yeah, she only found out when Cyrano was dying.

Angela: That’s awful. So, Brian’s like Cyrano, right?

Graham: Yeah, and so was I.

Angela: Huh?

We see Patty reach the doorway. She notices the conversation, sort of pulls back into the shadows to listen.

Graham: I loved your mother from afar for a long time. But, I didn’t think I was good enough for her, so I never said anything. Not that it would have mattered. At that point in her life, your mother thought the sun rose and set with her popularity. She and I both learned a lot in college. I learned to like myself, which let other people start to like me. Your mother learned that there was more to life than being popular. And we both learned that we loved each other very much.

We see Patty smile, remembering that moment. She walks in.

Patty: I also learned that a guy’s mind and heart were more important than what kind of car he drove or how cool he was.

Patty wraps her arms around Graham’s neck, hugging him. There is none of the tension we are used to seeing between them.

Angela: (VO) I suddenly understood why my parents loved each other. They had always seemed so, mis-matched before. But, now I could see that they were a perfect fit.

Graham: (To Angela) Make sense?

Angela: Yeah. Can I go over to Brian’s? To talk to him for a while?

Patty: Honey, it’s really late, and…

Graham: (With a look at Patty) Sure. Somehow I think he’ll still be awake.

Angela: Thanks.

Angela grabs a sweatshirt, pulls it over her head, and heads downstairs.

Patty: (Curiosity only in her voice, no blame) Why’d you let her go?

Graham: (As he stands and starts to lead Patty toward their bedroom) Because I know she won’t get any sleep until she and Brian talk this through. (in the hallway now, close to their bedroom) And, because Danielle is out like a light. I wanted us to have some time to ourselves for a while. I love you.

Patty: (Cynicism fights for a moment in her face, then loses. Very honest, very simple.) I love you.

They push inside and close the door.


Scene V
Angela grabs her coat and exits the house. She turns out toward the Krakows and sees Brian and Rayanne coming down the street, quite a ways in the distance. They are laughing together. Rayanne is wearing Brian’s coat. They appear really close. They pause and we see them talking, though Angela obviously can’t hear them talking yet. We cut to Angela’s face changing from resolved purpose to confusion. She fades back into the shadows to watch them.

Brian: Look, it’s hopeless. Angela will never be interested in a guy like me, OK? I’m not flashy enough. I don’t drive a fancy car or play in some rock band or…

Rayanne: That’s it! That’s what you do!

Rayanne grabs onto Brian and dances around wildly in a circle. Angela still stares at them, her expression widening.

Brian: What’s it? Join some rock band?

Rayanne: Interesting idea, Krakow, but no. You write her a song.

Brian: What do you…

Rayanne: (Interrupting) Look, a couple of months ago, Angela thought that Jordan had written her a song. It was called Red. She thought it was written about her. (Brian looks confused) Red? Like her hair? (Brian acknowledges the point but still looks confused.) Anyway, Angela was, like, totally psyched! Well, she was until she found out it was actually about Jordan’s car. (Brian continues confused) Which is also red?

Brian: But I can’t…

Rayanne: (Interrupting) Krakow, you can really do that romantic writing thing. Hell, with a note as good as the one you wrote Angela, you might have even gotten me. (Brian shocked) Just kidding Krackow. Anyway, you also play, like, instruments. Be romantic. Write her some sappy love song, telling her all your secret feelings. She’ll melt.

Brian: I sort of already wrote one. I was just too chicken to ever play it for her. Be romantic, huh?

Cut back to Angela. All we can hear is faint laughter from Brian and Rayanne who have finally reached Brian’s door. Tears course down Angela’s cheeks. Cut back to Brian and Rayanne who have been laughing together as Brian unlocks the door.

Brian: Would this be romantic enough for Angela?

Brian picks up Rayanne and carries her over the threshold. Rayanne squeals in laughter.

Rayanne: Yeah, but only if you carried her and not me.

The door closes behind them. Camera slowly moves back to Angela, her eyes full of tears. Then, resolutely, she straightens up and walks toward Brian’s door. She tries to wipe the tears from her face but only makes it more obvious that she has been crying. We just hear a couple of Saxophone notes as Angela reaches the door. She knocks, and the music stops. Brian opens the door with Rayanne just behind him.

Angela: Brian… Raynie… (Tears, almost can’t speak, to Rayanne) I was going to forgive you until… I mean, it’s not like Brian and I were going… But… You’re supposed to be my best friend… (To Brian) And you didn’t even give me a chance! You told me you loved me and then a few hours later… (Bitter) Did you right her a letter too? (To Rayanne) Or did you get drunk again and decide to sleep with every guy I’ve ever met? Well, I hope you’re both very happy!

Brian: Chase, what the hell are you talking about?

Angela: You. And her. Together.

Rayanne: Me and Brian? What are you, insane?

Brian: Look, Angela, I don’t know what you think is going on here, but…

Angela: (Interrupting) Oh, I think I have a very good idea what is going on.

Brian: (Very forceful, sure of himself) No, you don’t. Nothing is going on between Rayanne and I. She just needed someone to talk to, especially since you, her best friend, wouldn’t even say hello to her. She feels really bad about what happened. You won’t even let her apologize for…

Angela: (Interrupting) For betraying…

Brian: (Interrupting right back) No, for making a mistake. She’s sorry, she’d give anything to take it back, but she can’t.

Angela: You… You’re… Damn it, you’re right. (Her anger breaks) Rayanne, I’m sorry. I… I don’t even know how to tell you. All I do every time I open my mouth is make things worse. And Brian… Brian, I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions and freaked out on your front porch. Look, I need to talk to both of you, figure all this stuff out before I really go insane. Raynie? Can I talk to you first? (Rayanne nods) Brian, do you mind?

Brian: No. I’ve got something I need to finish. (Turns to go, looks back) You do promise that we’ll really talk about this, that you won’t disappear in a car with Jordan as soon as the conversation gets uncomfortable?

Angela: I promise. As long as you promise that you won’t try to evade my questions.

Brian: Deal.

Rayanne and Angela move and sit down on the porch swing. Brian goes inside.

Rayanne: Look, Angela, I’m sorry, all right? I was drunk and I was stupid. I… I’m not going to drink anymore.

Angela: Raynie, I don’t care about you sleeping with Jordan anymore. Consider yourself forgiven. But, you’ve said you wouldn’t drink anymore, and that only lasted a few weeks.

Rayanne: This time it’s different.

Angela: How?

Rayanne: I… I’m scared to drink, OK? I mean, it used to be fun, I could, like, talk to people when I’d been drinking, without being, like, nervous. And I didn’t have to be the one in control, like I was when my mother would come home drunk. But… I don’t want to give up control anymore. Not when I can do something stupid like screwing Jordan…

Angela: (Interrupting) Rayanne, I forgive you for that.

Rayanne: I know, but I need to say all this. I’m starting to see some of the consequences of my actions. Getting drunk that night caused me to lose you as a friend. Directly, one thing caused the other. (Pause) I’m not drinking and I’m not giving up control anymore.

Angela: How’d you figure all this stuff out?

Rayanne: Brian. He… He sort of analyzed me. Not, like, professionally, but he’s sort of grown up being analyzed by his parents every time he didn’t want to eat his broccoli that he knows a lot about it. Anyway, we talked, and at first, he just listened and let me pour my heart out. Then, he sort of repeated back to me what I had said, only pointing out things that I hadn’t noticed. Then I listened to him, as he talked about his life. Angela… His parents meant well, but they’ve totally screwed him up. Sort of like my mom. I mean, she tries, but…. Anyway, we figured out that Brian and I, we’re sort of the same. We’re both lonely a lot and we both have parents that are too into psychobabble, his real, my mother’s new agey. And both of us found ways to deal with it. He got, like, all anal, and I just got drunk. We’re both a little jealous of the way you and your parents talk.

Angela: Jealous?

Rayanne: Yeah, I mean, you think your parents like, really rail on you, but at least they actually notice what is going on in your life. All my mom ever does is ask if she needs to see the principal this week.

Angela: Rayanne, that’s not true, your mother cares.

Rayanne: She’s tries to be my friend more than my mother. I think I make her feel too old.

Angela: Raynie…

Rayanne: (Serious, sad) Angela, my mother left me in the apartment so drunk I couldn’t stand so she could go on a date. Your mother got up in the middle of the night to take me to the hospital. She saved my life. You have no idea how lucky you are.

Angela leans back, sort of shocked by this exchange.

Rayanne: I… I thanked your mom, but I never really thanked you for calling her. Thank you.

Angela: I was so scared, I thought you would never speak to me again for calling her. But you wouldn’t wake up, so I decided I would rather have you hate me and be alive, than…. Anyway, about the stuff with Jordan? I was more upset with you for getting that drunk than for actually sleeping with him. Rayanne, I don’t know if I can deal with you drinking again. If you ever get that drunk again, and you need help, call me. I’ll do whatever I need to do to make sure you’re safe.

Rayanne: Angela, I said I’m not going to…

Angela: (Interrupting) I know, and I believe you. But I believed you last time, too, so I need you to know this. If you ever get drunk like that again, I will help you. I will make sure you’re safe. Then I will say goodbye.

Rayanne: Angela…

Angela: (Interrupting) And if I find out you got that drunk and didn’t call me? I will say goodbye then too. And don’t think for a minute that I wouldn’t find out, OK? I love you Rayanne, but I will not watch you destroy yourself.

Rayanne: (Very small) OK. I understand.

Angela: Not so fast. I have one more condition. You need to get help. Real help.

Rayanne: But Brian…

Angela: (Interrupting) From what you told me, Brian has his own problems to deal with. I mean, you can call him too if you have an emergency. In fact, I think it’s a good idea. But overall, Brian needs to focus on himself for a while and you need to learn to stand on your own two feet without alcohol.

Rayanne: I… OK. I’ll start that teen alkies thing.

Angela: Good. (Long pause) What do I do about Brian? (Rayanne looks confused) When you guys talked, he did explain about the letter and stuff, right? (Rayanne nods) So… I really liked that letter! I mean, ordinarily I wouldn’t even consider going out with Brian Krakow but…

Rayanne: You’re thinking about going out with him?!

Angela: Shhh!!! (Pause) You’re right. It’s crazy.

Rayanne: (Quiet) No, it isn’t. He, like, likes you. A lot. And, he cares about people the way you do. Even when it’s inconvenient or in the middle of the night.

Angela: Rayanne, he’s…

Rayanne: I know. I felt the same way when I was dialing his number tonight. But, he’s really, like, smart, and you need that instead of some cool guy or some stoner.

Angela: Rayanne! I was expecting you to be talking me out of this! I mean, this is BRIAN KRAKOW I’m talking about!

Rayanne: Hey, stranger things have happened. Well, not lately, but we could always call that Ripley guy and see if…

Angela: RAYNIE! So, what do I do?

Rayanne: Kiss him. (Notes Angela’s stunned look) Nothing tells you the truth like a kiss. Either you realize that he’s just a nice guy and there’s no spark, or…?

Angela: Or? Or what?

Rayanne: Or you’ll just love the fact that his parents are never home.

Angela turns bright red while Rayanne giggles.

Rayanne: I’m serious. Kiss him!

Angela: Maybe I should talk to him at least a little bit first?

Rayanne: In my opinion, a waste of time. You’re never going to know for sure until that moment. All right, talk to him first. Just don’t let it drag out too long or get too philosophical. That would just ruin the moment.

Angela: OK. Well, I guess I better go in and face the music.

Rayanne snorts in laughter. Angela looks at her like she’s crazy.

Rayanne: Nothing. You’ll find out. (Rayanne yawns)

Angela: Is anyone home at your house?

Rayanne: I don’t know. I can’t keep track of my mother anymore.

Angela: Go ahead and crash in my room then. The back door is unlocked.

Rayanne: Can I, really? I promise that Patty won’t see me, I’ll be out before she wakes up.

Angela: Don’t worry about it. My mom likes you, no matter how much she tries to deny it.

Rayanne smiles at that. Both hug, then Rayanne walks over to Angela’s. Angela goes over to Brian’s door, makes as if to knock, thinks better of it and just opens the door and walks in.

Scene 6
Brian is sitting on a couch in the living room writing in a notebook. His sax is sitting beside him. Angela enters quietly, and watches him write for a few moments before clearing her throat to get his attention. He jumps slightly, setting the notebook on the coffee table upside down.

Angela: Umm, I just sort of let myself in.

Brian: Umm, sit down. Can I get you anything? Something to drink, maybe some hot chocolate or something?

Angela: Maybe later. Brian, about that letter…

Brian: (Interrupting) Look, I’m sorry that I…

Angela: (Interrupting) touched my heart? Brian, that letter was beautiful. It made me happy. It still makes me happy every time I think about it. Did you mean all of it, or was some of it for…

Brian: (Interrupting) No, no, it was all from me. I’m sorry I deceived you.

Angela: Don’t give it another thought, Cyrano.

Brian: What, Cyrano? (pause) Oh my god. I am, aren’t I.

Angela: (Nods yes) So, I don’t quite know how to say this, so…

Brian: (Brian’s face falls) You don’t have to say anything. I understand, OK?

Angela: What do you understand? What do you think I am going to say?

Brian: The whole "I like you as a friend" speech. I mean, can we just pretend we had that whole "friends" conversation and not actually go through it? I don’t think I’m up to it.

Angela: Brian, I’m not sure how I feel yet. I don’t know if I just want us to be friends or…

Brian: Or never want to speak to me again?

Angela: Brian, no! I… I have these two different images of you in my head and they are not really meshing together. I mean, you’ve just been the boy next door for so long that… And then… Brian, Sharon and I used to practice kissing on you so we would know how to kiss our boyfriends. Now…

Brian: You’re embarrassed to…

Angela: (Interrupting) Brian! Stop that! While you usually can see right through me and right into my thoughts, this time you have no idea at all how I feel! I’m trying to tell you, so please stop interrupting.

Brian: Look, I’m tired, and I guess the specifics of why you’re rejecting me just aren’t that important to me right now. I’d rather just get it over with.

Angela: Brian, I’m not rejecting you!

Brian: Oh, so you think that saying that we should just be friends isn’t a rejection? Maybe you don’t think…

Angela: (Interrupting) When did I say we should just be friends?

Brian: Oh? So you don’t even want that? One stupid letter and now you don’t even want to talk to me again?

Angela: It wasn’t a stupid letter!

Brian: Oh, so what else did I do?

Angela: Nothing!

Brian: What, so you don’t even have a reason for…

Brian’s rant is interrupted Angela grabbing onto him and kissing him, full on the mouth. The kiss lasts long enough to get passionate, then breaks apart. We can see the sparks in both their eyes.

Brian: What was…

Angela: (Interrupting) Shut up.

Again, Angela kisses Brian.

Brian: Chase?

Angela: I said shut up.

Angela kisses Brian yet again. They finally break the kiss very slowly, looking into each other’s eyes. Brian makes as if to speak one more time, but Angela gives him a quick kiss before he can even make a sound.

Angela: Are you done with all this ranting and raving? (Brian nods) Good. Now, as I was trying to tell you, the letter you wrote was beautiful. I had no idea that you felt this way. I need some time to figure out exactly how I feel about you, OK? (Brian nods again) Now, Brian, I want to ask you for something. (She digs the note out of her pocket) This note is beautiful, but it still has some connection to Jordan. Would you write something for me, only for me?

Brian: Sure, I mean, I already have. I… I wrote you a song. Well, I wrote you music, then Rayanne said it needed to have words, so… (Brian indicates the pad on the table.)

Angela: Can I hear it?

Brian: Umm, the words should be, like, sung with the music, but you can’t really do that with a sax. I suppose I could transpose it to piano, or something, or maybe record it on a tape, then…

Angela: Brian! Just give me the words. I’ll read along while you play.

Brian: But how would you stay in the right place, I mean…

Angela: Brian, I took piano lesson, remember. I think I can still read music.

Brian: Yeah, but you only took, like, a year, and…

Angela: (Interrupts him with a brief kiss) You know, I used to hate arguing with you. Now it’s kind of fun. Give me the words! (She takes them from him.) Now PLAY!

Brian nervously picks up his sax and starts to play. The music is beautiful, but in the first verse is marred by Brian’s playing style. Years of band practice have sucked all the feeling out of his playing. But as he plays, his eyes watch Angela’s, which in turn follow the words. She starts to smile, and as she does, Brian’s playing improves, until the last chorus is full of all the love and all the feeling that the first part was missing. Angela’s VO flows over the music, and the last bar fades into the end credits.

Angela: (VO) As I listened to Brian play, and read the words he had written, my image of him finally started to change. Here was an artist, where I had only seen a scientist; A soul mate, where I had only seen a friend. The words… The words were as beautiful as the letter had been, but this time only from him to me. What he wrote somehow transcended how sappy a love song could be and again, touched my heart. They made me nervous to sit beside him, the two of us alone together with no parents to possibly intervene. The music just filled me. I knew Brian was good, but I had never heard him play with this kind of feeling. For that one song, as long as it lasted, my so-called life was perfect.


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  • anonymous commented on 01 Jul 2004:
    that sucked. everyone wants jordan and angela to be together. not brian and angela.
  • Anonymous gave this story a 5.0/5 5.0/5 rating and commented on 14 May 2009:
    anonymous 2004-What do you mean EVERYONE wanted Jordan and Angela to be together. I for one don't like Jordan. He's such an airhead. Brian, on the other hand has had a sense of protection over Angela for a long time. He deserves her much more than Jordan and Angela deserves someone better than Jordan. I love this series of stories and I also like reading the different variations of similar stories. The one thing that bothers me though is that Angela would never call Rayanne Raynie. The only person who calls Rayanne Raynie is Amber.

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