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Episode No. 20 - Pregnant Pauses

written by Jonathan Fischer

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Published: 1997 | Size: 32 KB (6438 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.6/5   3.6/5 (47 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Author’s note: This is the third script I wrote. The first two I really like, but I stupidly password protected the files and can’t figure out what the password is. Something MSCL related, but… Anyway, please enjoy/comment/thrash. I wrote this for me, but if someone else out there likes it, so much the better. The title is actually a theatre term. A "pregnant pause" is a pause by an actor so long that a baby could be conceived, grow, and be born before the actor deigns to speak again. Another term for the same process is "Milking the bull" but that one didn’t fit the script. By the way, you may notice a tendency in my scripts toward solving the unresolved situations rather quickly. I guess I just want to get the characters into a neutral state so I can write my own story. Enjoy!


Scene I

Black screen, legend "Later that night. . ."

Outside the Chase house, 2nd floor, bay window, very late at night. Traditional sitting in the window in the dark shot. Angela stares out at the rain. POV changes to inside of window, rain sheeting down the glass, reflection of Angela in glass. LONG pause. Pan to single lit window in second story on the Krakow’s house, Brian’s room. A very climbable tree is VERY near the window. Zoom in to Brian just long enough to watch him stare out his window for a moment, then turn away. Return to POV on Angela’s face, deep in thought, holding THE LETTER.

Angela: (VO while writing in journal) This letter is the most beautiful thing I have ever read. When I thought that Jordan wrote it, it was, like, every feeling I had ever had for him was returned, like I had found my soul mate. And now I find out that Brian wrote it. . .?

Commercial Break / Intro

Cut to Brian lying on his bed still fully dressed.

Brian: (VO) Well, I told her. Rickie said I needed to tell her, so I told her. It’s not like I expected her to kiss me or return feelings, or even talk to me or anything. But she said that my letter made her happy, … , then she left with Jordan.

Back to Angela, still staring out the window. . .

Angela: (VO while writing in journal, Cut to flashbacks of scenes described) Jordan was so weird when we talked tonight. I know he cares, that he is truly sorry about what happened with Rayanne. (Cut of them talking parked, dark car.) And when I thought he wrote the letter, I was ready to forgive him. And, even now, I guess I do forgive him. But he also acted like he wanted me to forget. Then he kissed me, and .(Kiss over last section, proceeding to the break away as per dialog ) For a moment I did forget. While we kissed, I realized that we wanted different things. I pushed him away. (back to journal) He wanted physical love. I wanted more. But, I, like, settled for what Jordan could give me and filled in the rest with my imagination. He was a better boyfriend in my dreams then he ever was in real life, and I had accepted that. Until I got the letter, then I fell in love with more than a picture. I thought I had my dream. (back to car, show dark houses moving past, finally ending with Brian’s tree and Angela’s house. Angela stares into the branches.) But now I know that Jordan didn’t write the words that touched my heart. It was… (last line incredulous, with her looking across the street at Brian’s still lit window, after a few tense moments, the light goes out.)

Scene II

Brian’s Room

Brian: (Lying down in the darkness. Bitter/Hopeless) I tried. All this time I loved her from a far because it was like, safe. I pretended that I was telling her with all these hints, that someday she would notice how much I loved her. I thought I was being obvious. But I was just being pathetic. I just wanted to be close to her, even when she was telling me how much she loved Jordan. It was all I had. Thanks to Ricky, she finally knows. For a second, she even seemed to care. (Cut to Angela downstairs picking up the phone, looking at the clock, seeing that it is too late to call, and putting it back on the receiver.) Then she left, with him. I was a fool to think she could ever ‘like’ me. I mean, who could?! I’m a geek, I like, treat people like garbage. I mean, it didn’t even take one date to make Delia Fisher hate me. And she barely knew me. Angela has known me for, like, forever. Well, she tolerated me, anyway. At least until Ricki told her about that stupid letter, and I, like and idiot, confirmed it. She was probably horrified that I could be in love with her. She’s probably filled with pity for poor, stupid…(there is the sound of a pebble hitting the window.) What? (He goes to window, opens it roughly and is hit in the nose with another pebble.) Oww! (Cut to Angela with a sheepish expression)

Angela: (Whisper-shouting) Brian, I need to talk to you!

Brian: What, are you kidding? It’s the middle of the night. Besides, you probably just want to give me some "We’re just friends" speech. Well, save it. I’m not in the mood. (turn away, then back.) Consider your obligation to let me down easy fulfilled and leave me alone. (Shuts the window)

Angela: (quiet, then slowly louder and exasperated but still whispered) brian, Brian, BRIAN. (she picks up a couple more pebbles and tosses them at the window.)

Brian: (opening the window just long enough to speak) Go home, I don’t have the energy to deal with this.

Angela: (Looking at the tree VO) Well, we used to climb this tree all the time when we were kids. (She starts to climb. (OL) Brian, open the damn window. (as she moves up the tree, we see Brian staring out incredulous)

Brian: What are you doing? You’ll, like, fall. . .

Angela: Shut up, we used to do this all the time.

Brian: But you’re like, twice as heavy (Angela flashes him a look) I mean, twice as big (second look, more exasperated this time) I mean, the tree has probably gotten older and weaker and even a little more weight at the end of a long branch is, I mean the angle…(trails off, opens the window, lost for words as Angela finishes climbing in. They stare at one another, shocked)

Angela: (VO) I stared into his face for a moment, and saw pain, fear, and love, all mixed together in a swirling mass. I was sort of in control of the situation. I’d never been in control with Jordan. The power frightened me a little. (Angela walks over and sits in Brian’s bed. Brian starts to dazedly grope for a chair, but Angela pats the bed next to her and Brian, as if mesmerized, sits beside her.

Brian: (with no power behind the words, babbling) What do you think you are doing, just barging in like… (Angela stops him with a look, takes the letter out of her pocket)

Angela: (Gentle) Brian, about this letter, how long have you…

Brian: (Interrupting) It’s late, I need to… (again, stopped by a look, Angela’s apparent confidence in what is going on is confusing the hell out of him)

Angela: (Still gentle, coaxing) How long have you felt this way?

Brian: (tries to temporize, gives up, tells the truth. The dam has broken, he has been dying to tell her these things as long as he can remember) I… A long time. We used to be friends, and then one day. . . . I mean, remember how you and Sharon and I used to play when we were little? It didn’t matter that you were girls and I was a boy? One day, it mattered. You two girls were playing together and I was excluded. I was just… I was alone. I lost my only two friends that day.

Angela: (Interrupting) Brian, we were still friends. . .

Brian: No, we weren’t. We knew each other. We weren’t friends. There’s a difference. Sharon’s starting to be my friend again. She asks how I am doing and remembers things that are important to me. You only remember me when you need something, like my bike or a book or….

Angela: (Getting defensive) Brian, I…

Brian: (voice begins to thicken with emotion) Please, don’t interrupt. I really need to tell you this. (Angela agrees, slightly confused. Her control of the situation is slipping away.) I missed you when we stopped being friends I missed the talks we used to have, when we really seemed to connect. (shot of Angela with trying to remember these moments that were so important to Brian.) And just when I thought I could accept that we would never be close like that again, you turned into this beautiful girl. (Angela goes bashful) And you talked to me again , but you were, like, almost embarrassed to know me. But it was all I had, do I put up with it. Then you fell in love with Jordan Catalano. And I was jealous, even though I had, like, no right to be. But I was. And I shouldn’t have shown you that tape of Jordan and Rayanne. I’m sorry.

Angela: (Not sure why this has come up) Brian, that wasn’t your fault…

Brian: (Interrupting) You’re still not talking to Rayanne, are you?

Angela: (Guilty) No…

Brian: I know what it feels like, to lose you. Now Rayanne does too.

Angela: (With a shake of her head, wanting to get back to the subject at hand) Brian, I’m sorry I…

Brian: (Interrupting, Fighting to get through this) I… I… (He pulls a wrapped gift from underneath his bed. The bow is a little smashed, and the wrapping paper is obviously Christmas type.) I made this for you last Christmas. I knew that it wasn’t appropriate for me to give it to you. But I’d decided to anyway. But then I realized I didn’t have the courage to give it to you. That I never would. So I chickened out and shoved it under my bed, as like, a symbol of what a coward I am. It got closer to Christmas, and when my parents went on that stupid ski holiday, and I thought I could distract myself with studying for my PSAT’s . (tears start, slow) But I couldn’t like, concentrate. So I just tried to go dead inside. I needed to stop feeling, stop hurting, because I couldn’t take it anymore. And I bugged you and your family all of Christmas Eve. So I wouldn’t be alone. And I accepted the fact that you would never notice me. (broken up, tears falling unheeded) But here, I want you to have it even though… (pauses, overcome for a moment

Angela: (Deep surprise/confusion) Even though what?

Brian: (Desperately held control slipping though his fingers) Even though you’ll never talk to me again. I CAN’T DO THIS! I CAN’T LOVE YOU AND KNOW THAT YOU WILL NEVER LOVE ME BACK! I Can’t LIVE This Way! I (He dissolves into tears. Angela has wrapped her arms around him, holding him very close. He fights for a moment, then accepts the shelter she is offering. She pulls him back against the pillows, and holds him while he cries his soul into her shoulder, gently stroking his hair. She closes her eyes, also bright with tears. His crying slowly calms down and the last of the tension eases from his body. Fade out)

Scene III

The next morning, light is streaming in through the window. Angela and Brian have spent the night together. They are in the same position as they were, Brian’s head cradled on Angela’s chest, her arms wrapped around him. Brian wakes.

Brian: (Eyes open, pleasant for a moment. Then he realizes where he is. He freezes, VO) Oh My God! (Normal) Uh, Angela?

Angela: (Not really awake) Brian, shut up and let me sleep.

Mrs. Krakow: (OS) Brian, wake up. You wanted to go in to the library early this morning. Something about a test?

Angela: (Still not awake) Brian, why is your mother in my house, waking me up early on a Saturday?

Brian: (Whispering urgently) Actually, she’s waking me up, and we’re in my house, in my room.

Angela: (Eyes open, instantly awake) We’re…. Oh my god! (Both of them scramble to their feet. Jumble of half formed sentences, running around, etc. Brian goes to block his door, and yells a response through it.)

Brian: (To Door, restraining panic) I was up, like, late last night studying, Mom. I’ll go this afternoon!

Mrs. Krakow: (OS) All right, breakfast will be ready in a few minutes. You know how important it is for the body to…

Brian: (To Door, more panic) Yes, I know, I’ll be down in a minute. (To Angela) You, like, can’t be here right now.

Angela: (Already opening the window) My parents are going to kill me! (She climbs out the window, down the tree, and runs across the yard to her house.)

Scene IV

Angela slips in the back door, then creeps up the stairs. She is halfway up when she hears a voice from behind her. She jumps in shock, almost falling

Graham: (Controlled) What do you think you’re doing?

Angela: I, um, going upstairs?

Graham: (Angry) Where were you last night?

Angela: (Cautious) Umm…. When I was out with Jordan? We were just driving. Mom said it was OK.

Graham: No, after that.

Angela: Asleep?

Graham: Then why wasn’t your bed slept in?

Angela: I was… I was… (trails off)

Graham: Then where were you? (Patty comes down stairs, angry as well)

Patty: I trusted you, let you go out with that boy? Damn it, where were you?

Angela: (Can’t lose the smile to save her life) I was just next door, OK? I kind of fell asleep. I’m sorry.

Patty: No, it’s not O… Next door?!

Graham: You mean at the Krakows?

Angela: Uh huh.

Patty: Why would you stay at the Krakows?

Angela: I was talking. With Brian, and we kind of fell asleep.

Patty: You slept with…

Angela: NO! He needed someone to talk to. (with realization) He’s… He’s my friend and he needed me. That’s all.

Graham: (Calming down significantly) Well, if you helping Brian Krakow, I suppose we can get over this. Is there anything we should know?

Angela: It’s a little too personal.

Patty: Graham, you’re not just going to…

Graham: (Graham shoots a "I’ll explain in a minute" look and is so confident in his manner that Patty actually relents) Trust me. (Patty acquiesces. Angela goes upstairs)

Patty: OK, what was going on? Why did you let Angela off without even a warning?

Graham: (Amused) Well, what do you know about wallpaper?

Patty: Wallpaper? Graham, are you trying to change the subject?

Graham: No, but understanding wallpaper is intrinsic to understanding this. Basically Angela has been looking at this really flashy wallpaper for a long time, and last night, she finally noticed the paper she already had. And, I think she realized that she liked it.

Patty: Graham, I still don’t understand what wallpaper…

Graham: (Interrupting) Look, forget the wallpaper. Let me ask this. You did realize that Brian Krakow has had a crush on our daughter for what seems like eons?

Patty: You’re the one who brought up the wall… Brian Krakow has a crush on Angela?

Graham: Yes, and last night, Angela finally noticed.

Patty: How did you know, that Brian had a crush?

Graham: I paid attention. Well, I was like Brian. (A strange look from Patty) Well, I wasn’t smart like him, but I know what it is like to want someone who is desperately beautiful (a look to make it clear he is referring to her) and you think you can never have. That’s how I spent high school.

Patty: I remember, I… But she said she slept with him!

Graham: No, she said they fell asleep. With the emotional conversation they had building up, I’m not surprised. I just wonder what set it off; and how it turned out. But she seemed happy.

Patty: Well, that’s something. How did you know she wasn’t that happy about Jordan instead?

Graham: Instinct. (Another look from Patty) Actually, because she called Brian a friend. She’s denied it every time that you or I has ever referred to Brian as her friend. This morning, she finally admitted it.

Scene V

Angela is in her room, considering crawling into bed to sleep some more. The present sits on her bed, apparently forgotten.

Danielle: (Enters, looking sleep rumpled) Angela, what’s with the present?

Angela: (Suddenly remembering she was holding it) It’s from Brian.

Danielle: Why is it in Christmas paper? (a look from Angela) Well, did he get me anything?

Angela: No, he…

Danielle: (Interrupting) Well, open it!

Angela: (She gently opens the paper, Danielle almost twitching in the background. She opens the box, finding initially a cloud of tissue paper. She digs through and an oval piece of glass. As she unwraps the last of the paper, she finds a scene painted on the glass. It’s a pair of birds in flight, with a blue sky, clouds, bits of trees in the distance. One of the birds has a crimson head ruff. It is absolutely beautiful. Camera travels to bottom right of plate to show signature. B. Krakow.)

Act II

Scene I

Sharon’s Bedroom. Sunny day, light streaming in through windows. Sharon is sitting at her vanity. Phone is sitting on the vanity. Phone rings. She picks it up and answers it.

Sharon: Good morning, Cherski residence. Sharon speaking.

Angela: (OP) Hi, Sharon, it’s Angela.

Sharon: Hi! How are you doing? What’s up?

Angela: (OP) Sharon, I need to talk, about Brian.

Sharon: I was expecting this. OK, girl, spill it.

Angela: (OP) I… Do you know about the letter I got from Jordan?

Sharon: That Brian wrote it, that he really meant it? Yeah, old news.

Angela: (OP) SHARON!

Sharon: What, I’m the queen of gossip. I know these things.

Angela: (OP) You mean everyone knows that…

Sharon: (Interrupting) No, Ricki told me. Just me. He thought you might need to talk about this, with a girl, I mean, and with you and Rayanne not… Sorry, you were saying?

Angela: (OP) Brian, he… he… (trails off)

Sharon: He loves you, girl. I know. At first I thought it was pathetic, him like following you around and obsessing about every little thing that you do. But then, the longer it went on, the more that I, like, felt for him. He was really hurting. He’d do anything to help you. But you never seemed to care, you just kept twisting him around…

Angela: (OP, Interrupting) Didn’t care? I didn’t know!

Sharon: (Hard pause) You knew. It was just too obvious. You just refused to think of him that way.

Angela: (OP) I never thought about it. He was just Brian Krakow, annoying neighbor, the boy we used to play with when we were little. (Long sigh)

Sharon: So, how do you feel about him?

Angela: (OP) I… He gave me this present, that he was too afraid to give me last Christmas.

Sharon: What, a book or something?

Angela: (OP) No, a glass window ornament. It’s got this incredible scene of two birds flying free, one of them with red feathers on her head. And its signed. He signed it.

Sharon: You mean he, like, dedicated it?

Angela: (OP) No, he like painted it. This and the letter, I would never have believed…

Sharon: (Playful) What kind of beautiful soul could be inside Brian Krakow? Have you looked at the photos he has taken of you? I mean, I wish I could look that beautiful in a picture. Wait a minute, you avoided my question. How do you feel about him? You can’t torture him any longer.

Angela: (OP) Photos?

Sharon: (Playful) Yeah, yearbook photos… You avoided my question again! (Serious) Come on, he’s hurting. Tell me.

Angela: (OP) He cried last night, while he told me how he felt, how much he hurt. I just went over there to just clear things up, and… I found all this pain in him. I… I’ve hurt him so much, where do I start to fix it?

Sharon: You start from what you feel for him. Don’t lie. He’s too smart. Last night, you were inside those walls he uses to protect himself. (Fond memory) Remember how we used to tease him? Try to make him open up, tell us his deepest, darkest secrets? He wouldn’t do it, even when you threatened to kiss him! (Serious) Don’t let him hide behind his walls again. He won’t want to trust you. Make him. But you have to tell him the truth. How do you feel about him?

Angela: (OP) Right now, I’m stuck between "annoying neighbor" and "person who made me feel happier than I ever have before." I fell asleep holding him after he stopped crying, and I felt so good, so safe, so…

Sharon: (Mock horror) You SLEPT with him?

Angela: (OP) Shut up! Nothing happened. We were just talking and…

Sharon: (Interrupting) Methinks she doth protest too much.

Angela: (OP) What?

Sharon: (Interrupting again) Shakespeare. It means that since your’re spending all this energy, like, protesting your innocence, your actually guilty. So what else happened? (Fade out)

Scene II

Brian and Ricki are sitting in Brian’s room. Ricki looks incredulous, like he doesn’t exactly believe what he has been hearing.

Ricki: So, you broke down and cried?

Brian: Yeah, I totally lost it.

Ricki: What did she do?

Brian: She held me until I stopped crying, then I, we, fell asleep.

Ricki: And she was still holding you?

Brian: Yeah.

Ricki: That’s like, amazing. She trusted you, Brian. She trusted you enough to fall asleep with you there.

Brian: No, she, like, pitied me.

Ricki: Angela Chase does not sleep with guys she pities.

Brian: I… We… (beyond embarrassed)

Ricki: (Interrupting) I think you’re her first.

Brian: We didn’t….

Ricki: I know, but sleeping with a guy and doing "that" with a guy are completely different things.

Brian: (Surprised) But didn’t she… um…. with Jordan?

Ricki: No.

Scene III

Sharon and Rayanne are having a snack at the mall. They’ve obviously been talking for some time.

Rayanne: Yeah, well, I’ve slept with Brian Krakow too. What of it?

Sharon: Yeah, right, Rayanne.

Rayanne: I did! We got accidentally got locked in the school last Halloween. We had to spend the night.

Sharon: And?

Rayanne: (Suggestive) We had to share our body heat to keep warm.

Sharon: (More vehement) And?!

Rayanne: Nothing happened. I mean, Brian Krakow? I have some standards!

Sharon: So he gave her some Christmas present, some painted glass thing that’s supposed to be, like, exquisite. Apparently, he made it himself. Hey, who knew?

Rayanne: Brian, Mr. Extra Credit, artistic? I find that hard to believe. Wait a minute, Christmas was months ago.

Sharon: I know, he was too scared to give it to her at Christmas. He was also, like, really depressed when they talked last night. He even cried and stuff.

Rayanne: Maybe he needs another appointment with Jade, hmm?

Sharon: (laughter) Oh, god, I’d forgotten about that. Did he ever find out that was you?

Rayanne: No, I remain a woman of mystery… (With anticipation of pain in her voice) So, did Angela mention me?

Sharon: Yeah, she said Brian was sorry about what happened between you two, sorry for his part. He said he knew what it was like to lose a friend. I think it might have helped.

Rayanne: Maybe he’s not such a geek after all.

Scene IV

Patty and Graham’s bedroom. Patty is sitting on the bed, folding laundry. Angela enters, hesitantly, the glass ornament is in her hands, wrapped in tissue paper.

Angela: Mom?

Patty: (looks up from work) Yes?

Angela: Can we talk?

Patty: (Stuck between being testy and really happy that Angela has come to her) Sure. Do you want to start by explaining last night? Your father tried, but as usual, he didn’t make any sense.

Angela: Alright. (Angela sits down on the bed)

Patty: So, what happened with Jordan last night?

Angela: I… He… I’m not going to be seeing Jordan anymore.

Patty: You do know I talked with him? He seems really sorry about what happened. Are you still angry with him?

Angela: No, it’s… We want different things. I don’t hate him anymore, but I don’t want to see him anymore.

Patty: (Teasing) Oh, I see. I finally meet him and suddenly you don’t like him anymore. I better not meet any other boys that you like, you might end up as a nun!

Angela: Mom!

Patty: So, what happened last night? Why were you and Brian talking?

Angela: He… (VO) I don’t know what came over me, but I actually decided to tell my mother the entire truth. I’m sure the lightning bolts will hit me any moment now. (OL) A couple days ago, I got this letter from Jordan. It was incredible. Then I found out that Brian actually wrote it. Supposedly to help Jordan, but Brian… He loves me. He’s been in love with me for a long time and I never noticed. And, mom, this letter, it, like, touched me. It made me feel loved, and special, and… confused.

Patty: So?

Angela: So after I got back from driving with Jordan, I just sat up in my window thinking. I decided I needed to talk to Brian and that it couldn’t wait. I was gonna call him, but it was already really late. So I went over. He, like, confessed his love, and, he cried out his pain, his loneliness, his despair. Then he was just, like, so tired from all the emotions that he fell asleep on my shoulder. And I just closed my eyes for a second, and suddenly Mrs. Krakow was yelling about breakfast.

Angela: Did she see you?

Angela: No, I snuck back out.

Patty: Did you tell Brian how you felt?

Angela: No, I… I’m not sure how I feel.

Patty: You know, it’s kind of like how your father and I got together. We… (Teasing) What’s wrong? You’re not interrupting me. You actually want to hear this?

Angela: No, I want to this time. Dad was, like shy, and awkward, right? In high school?

Patty: (First defending, then giving in) No, your father wasn’t… Actually, your father was a disaster.

Scene V

Brian’s house, Brian in his room, sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed. He is staring deeply into space.

Brian: (VO, slightly manic) I blew it. I mean, it’s not like I had some highly probably chance with Angela, it was more improbable than probable, really. I thought that not saying anything hurt a whole lot, but saying everything badly is, like, infinitely worse. I mean, the tension is gone, which is good, but the knowledge that I screwed it up is a thousand times more painful than the tension was. I…

Mrs. Krakow: (OS) Brian, Angela is here.

Brian: (VO) Oh god!

Angela: (Pushes door open, stands at threshold of doorway, unsure if she should enter) Uh, hi? Uh, we need to, like, talk, some more, when it’s light out. Can I come in?

Brian: Umm, sure.

Angela: (Angela enters, closing the door behind her. She grabs the chair from the desk and pulls it over and sits. We notice that she is still holding the tissue paper and ornament from the last scene) Brian… (She unwraps the ornament. We see tension in Brian’s eyes as he sees it.)

Brian: I’m sorry, I’ll get rid of it, I mean, it wasn’t fair of me…

Angela: Brian, It’s beautiful! I… Did you make it?

Brian: Yeah, um, I just had that picture, and that bird looked so much like you, and… You like it?

Angela: YES! I love it. But Brian, I…

Brian: I know, you just want to say that we’re just friends, so it isn’t appropriate…

Angela: Brian, I…

Brian: (continuing on like a freight train) …for me to give you this, and it makes you feel uncomfortable and…

Angela: Shut up.

Brian: You’re, like, sorry, but you want me to never mention this again…

Angela: (amused at the tirade, stands) Shut up!

Brian: And I shouldn’t talk to you at school and…

Angela: (Interrupts him finally by moving down onto the floor and kissing him lightly on the lips. Brian stares at her, shocked.) Well, that worked. (She smirks, Brian blushes. Pause) You should have kept talking, I might have kept kissing.

Brian: (Trying to recover…) I…

Angela: No, too late. Last night you got to do all the talking. Today is my turn. I… I uhh… ARRGHH! Finally silence and I don’t know what to say. Except for this. You’re wrong.

Brian: About what?

Angela: I don’t want to give you the "We’re just friends" speech. ‘cause we’re not. (Brian’s face falls, Angela sees it and realizes he is misinterpreting) Damn it, Brian, we’re more than friends. I don’t know how much more, not yet, but…

Brian: (afraid to hope) I don’t understand.

Angela: I’ve been so obsessed with everything in my life that I just assumed you were there. I was learning and changing, but my image of you didn’t change. I just assumed you were, well, the same. You were the boy next door that I could depend on when things really went wrong. I guess that was all I let you be. I… I’m sorry.

Brian: It’s OK, I…

Angela: No, it’s not OK, but please really believe, I am sorry. I… (VO) I didn’t know what to say to him, I think I know how Lois Lane felt when she finally found out that the drab reporter she knew was actually Superman.

Brian: I’m sorry, I, like, fell apart last night, that’ll never…

Angela: (Smirks, leans over and kisses him again, this time a little more than a peck, pause) Worked again. (Smirk) We’re not going to get through this if you hide from me, if we hide things from each other.

Brian: I’m… confused.

Angela: (kisses him on the nose, then light, teasing) Confused? About what? You talk, I kiss you. Seems simple to me.

Brian: (Refusing to believe) Why?

Angela: (Kissing him again, longer kiss, but still a single kiss, then very shy) Because I think I like you too, Brian. Now, why don’t you kiss me for a while. (Brian moves in hesitantly, not quite sure what to do, where to put his hands, etc. As they start to kiss, Angela takes his hands and wrap them around her. After a hesitant moment, his confidence grows. He holds her gently but firmly, with one hand slipping up to her hair. His fingers run through it, then cup the back of her head. After a few moments, they reluctantly break apart. Angela squirms around until her back is against his chest, and wraps his arms around herself. She leans back into him, and we notice Brian smelling her hair.)

Brian: You’re hair smells wonderful. I sort of always wanted to tell you that.

Angela: I’m not going anywhere, we’ve got time.

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Episode No. 20 - Interruptions by Jonathan Fischer
Published: 1997 | Size: 34 KB (6777 words) | Language: english english | Rating: PG-13
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  • Jenn commented on 23 May 2005:
    I enjoyed reading your story; it was nice change to see most of the attention focused on the plot line of Angela and Brian. I thought the beginning was the strongest part overall. I especially liked the way you set the scenes, they were very detailed and it made it easier to visualize what was taking place. However for me you story fell a little short when it came to depicting some of the other characters for example Patty and graham. I just can't imagine graham reacting the way he did to Angela spending the whole night at Brian's place. As for patty's reaction well, you made her aloof to Brian's crush on Angela. If you watch the Brian's life episode it clearly show s that she is aware of his feelings for her daughter. For example when she says to graham: "gram did you see her face when he told her that other girl wasn't coming, there going to have a horrible time." Your depiction of Angela was well done but I think your story would be more realistic if you had studied the episodes a little more clearly, just to get a better idea of the others characters. Even those there roles are not as significant they are still pivotal in the development of the over all feel of the show.

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