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Episode No. 20 - Interruptions

written by Jonathan Fischer

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About this story

Published: 1997 | Size: 34 KB (6777 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.3/5   4.3/5 (38 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Author’s note: Characters and original situations are the property of ABC productions and Winnie Holzman. Remainder is © 1998 Jonathan Fischer. -- Note: A few scenes in this script match or nearly match those in Pregnant Pauses. The two scripts were worked on at nearly the same time, and a few things I really liked just ended up in both, most notably, the scene between Angela and Sharon. Additionally, my first few scripts have dealt with rather similar situations. Sort of a "do it until it’s right" thing. BTW, VO = Voice Over (the inner thought thing), OL = Out Loud (only used when combination with VO might confuse) OP = On Phone (Camera may cut to occasionally, but mostly just the disembodied voice.)

Act I

Scene I

Later that night, outside Angela’s house. We see Brian sitting on the front steps. He has been crying, the tears still show on his face, but seems calm now. Jordan’s car drives up, Angela gets out. She leans back in the window, says goodnight to Jordan (no kisses or anything) and turns to go inside. Jordan drives off while Angela walks up to the house. She doesn’t see Brian in the shadows until she is right on top of him.

Angela: (Startled, half scream) Oh my… Hi Brian… (She stops, nervous)

Brian: (Dejected) I thought I’d let you get it over with.

Angela: (Confused) Get what over with?

Brian: Look, it’s OK, I… I already hurt as much as I can. I would rather that you tell me now, before I, like, build it up any more in my mind. I mean, it’s not your fault, my feelings, but if you could just get it over with and tell me, I would really appreciate it.

Angela: Tell you…

Brian: I mean, not really knowing, even when you think you know…

Angela: (Interrupting) Know what?

Brian: (Interrupting) Look, don’t play games with me, I can’t take that anymore, alright?

Angela: (Starting to get upset) What games?!

Brian: (Almost manic) Where you, like, pretend that nothing happened, that I don’t exist. I would rather have you hate me than live one more minute ignored and forgotten. Tell me how much you hate me! Tell me you never want to speak to me again! Tell me I ruined your life! Tell me that you hate me!

Angela: (Shocked by the pain and self loathing in Brian’s voice. Very quiet.) Brian, what do you mean? Of course I don’t hate…

Brian: (Interrupting, bitter.) How can you not? Do I affect your life, anyone’s life, in any positive way? I mean, I ruined your friendship with Rayanne…

Angela: (Interrupting) Brian, that’s not your fault.

Brian: Really? I video taped it; I told you about it. All I do is stand in the background, fade in, taking pictures of a world I don’t even live in. The only time anyone notices me, even you, is when you need something, or when I ruin something. If I disappeared, how long would it be before anyone noticed?

Angela: Brian, I’d…

Brian: (Tears starting to flow, demanding an answer that will seal his despair.) Would you really notice?! Would you or anybody care?!

Angela: (VO, incredulous) For the first time, I saw Brian and the gentle soul that wrote the letter as one and the same person. And, I saw the pain he had been living with every day.

Angela sits down next to Brian. He is consumed by tears. She tries to hold him, to let him cry out his pain on her shoulder, but he is unwilling to be comforted. Graham appears at the window, sees Angela and Brian talking. Graham starts to move to the door. Angela pulls harder, and Brian finally collapses onto her shoulder. Graham sees this and stops, obviously deciding not to interrupt. Patty comes up behind him with a questioning look. She moves as if to open the door, but Graham stops her, and speaking to her (inaudible) leads her away from the window.

Angela: (Soothing, pats on back, etc… VO) I guess I’d put Brian in a box, with all the other things I abandoned when I started to grow up. I didn’t let my image of him change, even though he had. Brian’s weeping has subsided now, he has pulled away from her, can’t look at her. (OL) Better? Now, first of all, I would notice.

Brian: (Trying to go back into his shame spiral) Yeah, as soon as you needed…

Angela: (Interrupting, but gentle.) No, my turn. I listened to you, and I will listen some more later, if you want me too, but now I have some thing to say. Brian? You are a wonderful, kind, thoughtful person. From time to time, Brian tries to interrupt these kind words. Each time, he is silenced by a look from Angela. The look is gentle, but quite clear. It is her turn to talk. I would notice if you disappeared, Brian. I would miss you. I… (Pulls the letter out of her pocket) When you wrote this, was it from your heart?

Brian: You don’t understand, I wrote it for…

Angela: (Interrupting, always gentle) Was it from your heart?

Brian: (very small) Yes.

Angela: Brian, this… This letter is the most beautiful I have ever read. The person who wrote this letter didn’t ruin my life. The person who wrote this letter is special to me. I don’t hate him, and, obviously, (touch of humor) I’m still speaking to him. (Seeing doubt in his eyes, puts hand to his cheek, smoothing tears.) Brian, It’s you I’m still speaking to. You touched my heart. And… (nervous) I think this is the only way to thank you. She hugs him, softly and gently. It is a lingering hug, more than a friend hugging a friend. Then we notice that it has gotten darker, it is starting to look cold. Brian is shivering, whether from nervousness or cold we can’t tell. Angela is shivering too. Come inside, it’s too cold out here.

Mrs. Krakow: (OS, shouting) Brian?! Where are you? You should come in, it’s late.

Angela: (Shouting back) He’s over here, Mrs. Krakow. He’ll be right there.(To Brian) We’ll talk some more tomorrow, OK? (He nods, still dumbfounded by the hug.)

Brian: I… I… Thank you… (Impulsively, he kisses her.)

Angela: (VO) Kissing Jordan had always made me feel guilty, like I was doing something wrong. Brian didn’t do that. (OL) Go home, we’ll talk some more tomorrow. She breaks away, goes up the rest of the steps and inside her house. Brian stands shocked for a moment, then, with a tremulous smile, walks off camera toward his house.

Scene II

Chase house, interior. We see Angela come in the front door. She hangs up her coat on the coat rack walks toward the stairs. VO flows over all of this.

Angela: Well, I was in control with Brian until he kissed me. Then… Then the stomach butterflies came, but they weren’t guilt butterflies like with Jordan… As she nears the stairs, we see Graham sitting on the couch, watching Angela. He speaks, startling her and causing (another) half scream.

Graham: Did…

Angela: (scream from Angela interrupts him) Why do people keep doing that tonight?

Graham: Sorry. How was your evening?

Angela: Fine.

Graham: Umm, Is Brian OK?

Angela: What, I…

Graham: I went to turn on the porch light and saw you both sitting out there. He looked pretty upset.

Angela: We talked. He’s OK. He went home.

Graham: Can you tell me what was upsetting him, or is it too personal?

Angela: I… Can I talk to you about this later?

Graham: Sure. Angela goes upstairs. Graham sits there thinking.

Scene III

Sharon’s Bedroom. Sunny day, light streaming in through windows. Sharon is sitting at her vanity. Phone is sitting on the vanity. Phone rings. She picks it up and answers it.

Sharon: Good morning, Cherski residence. Sharon speaking.

Angela: (OP) Hi, Sharon, it’s Angela.

Sharon: Hi! How are you doing? What’s up?

Angela: (OP) Sharon, I need to talk, about Brian.

Sharon: I was expecting this. OK, girl, spill it.

Angela: (OP) I… Do you know about the letter I got from Jordan?

Sharon: That Brian wrote it, that he really meant it? Yeah, old news.

Angela: (OP) SHARON!

Sharon: What, I’m the queen of gossip. I know these things.

Angela: (OP) You mean everyone knows that…

Sharon: (Interrupting) No, Ricki told me. Just me, though. He thought you might need to talk about this, with a girl, I mean, and with you and Rayanne not… Sorry, you were saying?

Angela: (OP) Brian, he… he… (trails off)

Sharon: He loves you, girl. I know. At first I thought it was pathetic, him like following you around and obsessing about every little thing that you did. But then, the longer it went on, the more that I, like, felt for him. He was really hurting. He’d do anything to help you. But you never seemed to care, you just kept twisting him around…

Angela: (OP, Interrupting) Didn’t care? I didn’t know!

Sharon: (Hard pause) You knew. It was just too obvious. You just refused to think of him that way.

Angela: (OP) I never thought about it. He was just Brian Krakow, annoying neighbor, the boy we used to play with when we were little. (Long sigh)

Sharon: So, how do you feel about him?

Angela: (OP) I… I never knew…

Sharon: (Playful) What kind of beautiful soul could be inside Brian Krakow? Have you looked at the photos he has taken of you? I mean, I wish I could look that beautiful in a picture. Wait a minute, you avoided my question. How do you feel about him? You can’t torture him any longer. Or me, for that matter…

Angela: (OP) Photos?

Sharon: (Playful) Yeah, yearbook photos… You did it again! (Serious) Come on, he’s hurting. Tell me.

Angela: (OP) He cried last night, while he told me how he felt, how much he hurt. I thought we would just clear things up, and… I found all this pain in him. I… I’ve hurt him so much, where do I start to fix it?

Sharon: You start from what you feel for him. Don’t lie. He’s too smart. Last night, you were inside those walls he uses to protect himself. (Fond memory) Remember when we were little, how we used to tease him? Try to make him open up, tell us his deepest, darkest secrets? He wouldn’t do it, even when you threatened to kiss him! (Serious) Don’t let him hide behind his walls again. He won’t want to trust you. Make him. But you have to tell him the truth. How do you feel about him?

Angela: (OP) Right now, I’m stuck between "annoying neighbor" and "person who made me feel happier than I ever have before." I hugged him, then he kissed me, and, I don’t know.

Sharon: (Mock horror) You kissed?

Angela: (OP) Shut up! One kiss, that was all. You see, I just wanted to thank him for the letter, so I hugged him, then he…

Sharon: (Interrupting) Methinks she doth protest too much.

Angela: (OP) What?

Sharon: (Interrupting again) Shakespeare. Haven’t you been paying attention in English Class? It means that if you’re trying too hard to explain something, then you’re feeling guilty. (Suggestive) So what else happened? Fade out.


Scene IV

Chase Kitchen. Graham is cooking breakfast. Patty wanders in.

Patty: OK, what was going on last night with Angela and Brian on the porch. You said you would explain later. It is now later. Spill it.

Graham: (Amused) Well, what do you know about wallpaper?

Patty: Wallpaper? Graham, are you trying to change the subject?

Graham: No, but understanding wallpaper is intrinsic to understanding this. Basically Angela has been looking at this really flashy wallpaper for a long time, and last night, she finally noticed the paper she already had. And, I think she realized that she liked it.

Patty: Graham, I still don’t understand what wallpaper…

Graham: (Interrupting) Look, forget the wallpaper. Let me ask this. You did realize that Brian Krakow has had a crush on our daughter for what seems like eons?

Patty: You’re the one who brought up the wall… Brian Krakow has a crush on Angela?

Graham: Yes, and last night, Angela finally noticed.

Patty: How did you know, that Brian had a crush?

Graham: I paid attention. Well, I was like Brian. (A strange look from Patty) Well, I wasn’t smart like him, but I know what it is like to want someone who is desperately beautiful (a look to make it clear he is referring to her) and you think you can never have. That’s how I spent high school.

Patty: I remember, I… You don’t think that they’ll start dating? I mean, We’re supposed to hate her boyfriends, fear for her virtue, that sort of thing. I like Brian Krakow. It violates the tradition.

Graham: The what?

Patty: (Not serious, teasing) The tradition. My grandparents hated my mother’s boyfriends, my parents hated my boyfriends, you especially. I was looking forward to this.

Graham: Well, we ended up together…

Scene V

Sharon and Rayanne are having a snack at the mall. They’ve obviously been talking for some time.

Rayanne: Yeah, well, I’ve slept with Brian Krakow. What of it?

Sharon: Yeah, right, Rayanne.

Rayanne: I did! We got accidentally got locked in the school together last Halloween. We were trapped till morning.

Sharon: And?

Rayanne: (Suggestive) We had to share our body heat to keep warm.

Sharon: (More vehement) And?!

Rayanne: Nothing happened. I mean, Brian Krakow? I have some standards!

Sharon: So, after, like, all this time, he finally confesses that he loves her.

Rayanne: About time. (Disbelieving look from Sharon) What? It was totally obvious. I mean, I thought at first he was drooling over me…

Sharon: (Interrupting) Rayanne!

Rayanne: Anyway, ever since that whole World Happiness Dance fiasco… Sorry Cherski, I forgot you organized that thing.

Sharon: (Sarcastic) I know, the Happiness lives on… Delia still won’t talk to Brian.

Rayanne: Does she know why he did it? That stud boy dropped her the second he thought he had a shot at Angela? I mean, as if…

Sharon: No. Maybe I should tell her. Maybe it would help. (pause) Anyway, Brian was really upset.

Rayanne: Maybe he needs another appointment with Jade, hmm?

Sharon: (laughter) Oh, god, I’d forgotten about that. Did he ever find out that was you?

Rayanne: No, I remain a woman of mystery… (With anticipation of pain in her voice, very subdued. This is a completely different Rayanne then we have ever heard.) So, did Angela mention me?

Sharon: Yeah, she said Brian blamed himself for what happened. You two are going to have to talk this out eventually.

Rayanne: (Trying to hide her despair.) She’ll never forgive me.


Act II

Scene I

Angela walks up to the front door of the Krakow’s House and rings the doorbell. After a few moments, Brian answers.

Brian: Uhh, Hi, I mean… (Trails off.)

Angela: Can I come in?

Brian: No, I mean, I want to talk, but my parents are home and…

Angela: Mine are out, I mean, Danielle is there, but…?

Brian: OK. Brian shuts the door behind him. The two of them walk (close but not touching) over to the Chase residence. They go inside and find Danielle watching TV downstairs.

Angela: Danielle, could you go watch TV upstairs?

Danielle: No, I was here first. You can go watch upstairs.

Angela: Look, I don’t need the TV, I need the room, OK? Brian and I need… (look to Brian, not quite sure what to say to cover) Umm, we need to work on an extra credit project.

Danielle: (Notices Brian, she doesn’t want to leave him) What’s the project? Can I help? Can I, Brian?

Brian: Umm… (not quite prepared to deal with Danielle on top of everything else) We’re not supposed to have any help. It’s, umm, part of the experiment. The teacher said so.

Angela: Yeah, Danielle (losing patience) Out!

Danielle: Can’t I just watch?

Angela: Danielle!

Danielle: OK, OK! I’m going. Danielle goes upstairs. We see her pause at the top, then decide to listen in on the conversation below. She hides behind the railing.

Angela: (now nervous, notices that Brian is still standing) Sit down, you’re making me nervous. Umm, do you want something to drink or eat or… Brian shakes his head no to food, then sits down on the sofa. Angela sits beside him. (continuing nervous conversation) My dad made this incredible pasta dish last night, I could warm some up for you?

Brian: No, I’m fine. You, umm, wanted to talk some more?

Angela: Talk, and listen.

Brian: OK. I confessed last night. So, your turn?

Angela: OK. Brian… Brian… I don’t know how I feel about you. I… You’re suddenly this different person that I don’t even know. I mean… I don’t know.

Brian: (Having determined this is bad news) So, I’m like, a stranger? I bother you?

Angela: (Defensive) No, just… I need to get to know you.

Brian: We’ve, like, known each other since we were five. What do you mean?

Angela: (Defensive) I… I haven’t ever thought of you like this.

Brian: So, I’m not dating material, you didn’t even think about…

Angela: (Interrupting, fight is building) No, I didn’t mean…

Brian: (Interrupting, freight train steaming right toward the brick wall) No, you were just trying to be polite about saying… From time to time in this section we have seen Danielle’s reaction to what they are talking about. She seems delighted that they are fighting, that Brian might still be hers for the taking.

Angela: (Almost yelling) Damn it, Brian, why do you always have to over-analyze things…

Brian: (Interrupting, starting to yell) Me? Me!? I over-analyze? This from the Queen of Introspection!?!? The fighting goes on silently under VO. Danielle’s glee increases.

Angela: (VO) As we yelled and yelled, I realized that we sounded like my parents. It scared the hell out of me. I mean, they always claimed that you have to love someone to yell like that, that only someone you really care about can push your buttons like that. I always thought they were crazy, until now. Angela grabs Brian and kisses him. We see Danielle’s face collapse in horror, as well as Brian going stiff with shock. He breaks away.

Brian: But, I, umm…

Angela: (Exasperation and amusement in her voice) Shut up! She kisses him again, this time longer. Brian is not yet kissing back. He is clearly confused, breaks away again.

Brian: I…

Angela: (gentle teasing) Don’t speak! That’s something you haven’t learned with all your accelerated classes. When kissing, don’t try to talk.

Brian: But you said…

Angela: (Interrupting, still gentle and teasing) That I didn’t know how I felt? I didn’t. And I still don’t, not completely, anyway. But, I’m starting to figure it out. Now quiet! Angela leans over and begins to kiss Brian again. It finally becomes a mutual kiss. In the background we see Danielle stand up. She looks sad, her little heart is broken, and by her sister. She walks off camera toward her room. We pan back down just as the kiss between Brian and Angela breaks apart. He still looks a little confused. A nice quiet moment.

Angela: (Gentle, as if explaining to a small child, but lightly teasing) Yes, Brian, this means I am starting to like you. I don’t usually kiss people just to shut them up. Brian blushes, looks away, then back. Brian, I… I know what you are. I know that you are my neighbor, I know that you’re always there when I need help with something, I know you’re smart… But I don’t know WHO you are. I mean, I didn’t even have a clue until I read the letter. But even though you meant what you wrote, part of that letter was still for Jordan. Write one for me? Just for me?

Brian: I… I’d love to. Brian gets up, thinking he should leave to go write the letter. Angela stands too and grabs his arm. Over the her next line, she sits him down in the corner of the sofa, sits in front of him, between his legs, with her back against his chest. She takes his arms and wraps them around her.

Angela: (Laughing. Teasing, acting like an imperious little queen.) I didn’t mean NOW! Write it later. (Once she is in place.) Mmm, that’s better. Brian just beams. It is probably the first time in the entire series we have seen him entirely happy. All the defensive walls are gone. We also see how tired he is, the final release of emotion has left him exhausted. He squeezes her and smells her hair.

Brian: I’ve always wanted to tell you that you hair smells wonderful, like strawberries. Angela smiles at the comment, for once taking a compliment without argument. We see that she is sleepy as well.

Angela: (Mock Threat) If you mention that I need to do my roots, I will kill you. (yawns and snuggles into him.) I’m tired. For some reason, I didn’t seem to sleep too well last night.

Brian: (Eyes are closed, voice is half awake) Me neither. I think it is because of the stress and the… (opens his eyes and looks down. She is asleep. He leans back, VO, echoing Angela’s previous tone, amused) Shut up, Brian.

Scene II

Graham and Patty enter kitchen through back door. They set down groceries, then Graham starts to put them away. We see lots of fancy things, lobster, pasta, etc.

Patty: I still can’t believe what these lobsters cost.

Graham: I know. But, tonight, we’re celebrating the restaurant. These guys (indicating lobsters) are going to be fantastic.

Patty: (teasing) At that price, they better be. Patty wanders out of the kitchen, through the dining room to the living room. She sees Brian and Angela asleep on the couch. Her eyes widen.

Patty: (Whispering to Kitchen) Graham, come in here.

Graham: What? (he walks in behind Patty) Oh. Brian hears Graham, opens his eyes, turns to look at the two of them. He smiles tremulously. They smile back. Brian turns back to Angela. He speaks gently to her.

Brian: Umm, Angela, your parents are here.

Angela: (waking up) They’re what?

Brian: In the room. Looking at us.

Angela: Hmmm. Do they look upset? Brian looks up again, looks at Patty and Graham again. They are still smiling.

Brian: (Sort of surprised) No.

Angela: Ignore them.

Patty: Umm, Angela, could we talk to you?

Angela: Sure. (She doesn’t move.)

Patty: In private? Angela groans, gets up, and starts to follow her parents into the kitchen. She looks back at Brian, who is looking very unsure of what he should do.

Angela: Don’t leave.

Brian: (Not completely reassured.) OK. Brian’s hands flutter nervously for a moment, then he picks up a magazine off the table and starts to flip through it.

Scene III

Angela follows her parents into the kitchen.

Patty: Well, your father and I, I mean, we’re not upset, but…

Graham: What we mean to say is, umm, (back at Patty) What do we mean to say?

Patty: Is there something going on between you and Brian?

Angela: (Defensive) Brian and I were just talking and, well, we didn’t sleep that much last night, I mean… (Realizing how that just sounded, now shooting for anything that pops into her mind, stops on each excuse as she sees her parents continue to smile) I mean, we were, like, stressed over this, like… Brian was… I was cold and… Nothing was… (She trails off, VO) Jeez, Methinks I doth protest WAY too much. (OL, subdued.) Yeah.

Graham: (Thinks he knows the answer but wants to make sure.) Was this what he was upset about last night?

Angela: Umm, sort of.

Graham: And he’s OK now? Angela nods, slightly bashful.

Patty: (Suddenly feeling left out of this conversation.) Does he want to stay to dinner? Your dad was going to… Angela looks very nervous at this. Graham picks up on it.

Graham: (Interrupting) I wasn’t really going to cook anything special tonight, why don’t you two go out, my treat?

Patty: But Graham… (Silenced by a look from Graham)

Angela: (Relieved) Thanks. I’ll go tell Brian.

Graham: (his voice catching Angela on the way out) By the way, I think you picked the right wallpaper.

Angela: What? I… (remembering) Yeah, I think so too. Thanks. She leaves. Patty walks up to the door she left through, verifies that it is clear.)

Patty: But the lobsters, celebrating the restaurant…

Graham: I know, it’s just that Brian can’t eat here tonight.

Patty: Of course he can!

Graham: If Brian eats here, it’s just business as usual. If they go out…

Patty: (Catching on) It’s a date.

Scene IV

Dark street, Brian and Angela are walking together, close but not touching, dressed up. They are coming back from dinner.

Angela: (VO) I can’t believe I just went to dinner with Brian Krackow. We ate, we talked, it was like a real date. Not like with Jordan, I mean, Jordan and I had all these feelings, but there was no structure. We never went on an actual date. That was, like, too boring for the great Jordan Catalano. (Catches herself) That’s not fair. It wasn’t too boring, it just wasn’t what he wanted. Brian takes off his coat and wraps it around Angela. She clutches it close and smiles. (VO) Brian, like, thinks about me, not about how he looks or who might see him. I really like that. They turn a corner, they are now 2-3 blocks away from home, we recognize the street now.

Brian: (VO) A car is going to hit me. Or maybe lightning. Nothing ever goes this well for me. I mean, statistically… (looks at her, smiles) I can’t believe this. (echoing her voice yet again.) Shut Up Brian. Angela reaches out with her hand, Brian, after a slight hesitation, takes it.

Brian: (VO) This is what heaven feels like, isn’t it. I died and this is, like, God’s way of apologizing for a rotten life. I get to live my fantasy for one day.

Angela: (Gently, teasing) Shut up, Brian.

Brian: What? I didn’t say any…

Angela: (Interrupting, smiling) I could hear you thinking. Stop it.

Brian: I was just… He trails off as they reach Angela’s front steps. I need to know. I know it is, like, a stupid time to ask, and a stupid thing to ask. I… I told you how I felt about you, I mean, like, spelled it out. How do you feel about me?

Angela: I… I don’t exactly know. I know that I want to know more. Brian, I’ve ignored you for a long time. I’ve missed a lot. I know you have a lot of pain inside. We both think too much, and it always seems to mess things up. So, just feel with me, and trust me. I like you Brian Krakow. I want to find out more about who you are, actually get to know you. Angela leans in and kisses him. Brian reaches out and touches her cheek, then slips his hand behind her head. The kiss gets very passionate. Finally, it breaks, reluctantly. Goodnight, Brian.

Brian: Goodnight. Brian reaches into his pocket and pulls folded letter. He hands it too her.

Angel: What’s this?

Brian: The letter you asked for, the one written just for you.

Angela: When did you write this?

Brian: While you were getting dressed up for dinner. (We are seeing more confidence in his manner than we have ever seen before. He eyes her up and down.)

Angela: I’m sorry I took so long…

Brian: It was worth the wait. You’re beautiful.

Angela: (She blushes.) Brian! I’m not…

Brian: Yes, you are. Read the letter. Brian smiles and guides Angela up to the door. He kisses her this time, and then she goes inside. Brian walks down the steps, happy and confidant.

Scene V

Angela walks inside, into the kitchen, the letter clutched in her hand. She starts to read the letter. We see the words on the letter, as she reads. As she reaches the last lines, she unfolds the letter the rest of the way and finds a small picture of herself. It is one of Brian’s best, of Angela looking happy, with the light glinting off her hair.

Brian: (OS, VO) Dear Angela,

I’m happy to write you this because you deserve a letter written entirely for you. I don’t know what will happen tonight. I’m scared when I’m with you. I’m scared that you will wake up and realize I’m not cool enough, or suave enough. I’m scared I will say or do something stupid. I’m even scared I won’t have the courage to give you this letter, the letter that you asked for.

I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember. But, it’s been with a fantasy, since we haven’t gotten a chance to really know each. Tonight, I’m hoping I get a change to meet the real you. Somehow, I know you’ll be even better than the fantasy. Please forgive my mistakes. I know I will make a lot of them. Give me a chance to show you the real me.

When you go upstairs tonight, look in the mirror for a moment. See yourself the way I see you, beautiful, kind, gentle, caring. A person of passion, with beliefs fiery enough to match her hair. If you can’t see your beauty though your eyes, look through my mine. Look through the eye of my camera, see my picture of you. Look into my heart, see my love.


Tears start down Angela’s face. She reaches over and picks up the phone. She dials distractedly, still looking at the picture and the letter. She dials Rayanne. We cut to Rayanne’s place, see her answer the phone.

Rayanne: Hello?

Angela: Oh, god, you won’t believe this…

Rayanne: (Interrupting, shocked and hopeful) Hello? Angela?

Angela: (Suddenly realizing who she has called, not thinking) Umm, Hi. I meant to call Sharon. Umm…

Rayanne: (Disappointed) Oh, I understand, bye.

Angela: No wait… I… How are you doing?

Rayanne: (Afraid to be hurt, forceful) I thought you weren’t talking to me.

Angela: I wasn’t, but… How are you?

Rayanne: What do you care?

Angela: (Frustration) Damn it Rayanne, I do care how you are, all right? I mean you don’t stop caring about your best friend even when…

Rayanne: (Interrupting, crying, shouting) You did! You wouldn’t even talk to me. You wouldn’t even let me try to explain or apologize! You wouldn’t let me tell you how stupid I was! Or how bad I felt. Or even tell you I haven’t touched a drink since that night! That the thought of drinking makes me sick. (slows down some) I mean, you didn’t even lose anything important, just some stupid boy who never even treated you nice. I lose those all the time. They’re not great loss. They just screw you and leave. But I lost my best friend. I lost you! I…

Angela: (Interrupting, tears streaming) Just promise not to do it again, all right! I forgive you! (beat) Now get over here, you’re sleeping over tonight!

Rayanne: I… You… What?

Angela: (calmed down.) I forgave you. Now, please forgive me, and get over here. I have to tell you about my date with Brian.

Rayanne: You went on a

date with Brian? As in Krakow? As in Mr. Extra Credit, as in…

Angela: (Interrupting) Yeah. Brian Krakow. And, I can’t believe this, but I think I really like him.

Rayanne: No! I’ll be right over. Angela hangs up the phone, walks over to the window, and looks out at Brian’s house. Then she looks back down at the letter, then at the picture.

Angela: (VO) Part of me inside doesn’t want to accept it, but this is a beautiful picture. (pause) Of me. (pause, incredulous) I look beautiful. (looks back out at Brian’s house) Regardless of what happens, Brian, I will always love you for this picture, for this note. Thank you.

Camera reverses to show Angela through the window. Tears are running down her face, tears of happiness. The view pulls back until Angela is first reduced to silhouette, then fades to black.


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