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About the author: Jonathan Fischer

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About the Author Short Version

Jonathan Fischer. 25. From Spokane, WA USA. By day, a computer support
tech. By night, a theatrical technician and designer. (Guess which one
pays bills?) Bohemian artist (Real not a pretender. My great grandparents
came from that area!) E-mail:

From the first moment I saw MSCL, I was enraptured by the writing. The
dialog felt like my high school, the situations real. The character of
Angela gave the series a central spirit I had never seen before, yet the
other characters were not lost in this occasion first person point of view.
I found fan fiction shortly after I lost an incredible job. The stories
touched me as much as the original series had. But more than that, they
made me realize that I had my own stories to tell. My view of what should
(not would) have happened.

About the Author Long Version

I am a bohemian artist. Truly, my great grandparents came from that area.
My true passion in life is for the theatre, for drama. I am a theatrical
designer, working with Sets, Lights, and Sound. Of course, I spend most of
my time running lights and sound for shows. That’s where my appreciation
for good acting began. On the few nights that I wasn’t in the theatre, My
So-Called Life caught my attention like no other drama ever had. There, on
the screen, were the people I knew in high school. They talked the way my
friends talked; they went through the same situations that we went through.
As I was a geek in high school, I, of course, identified the most with the
character Brian.

I found all this fan fiction one late night after I had lost the best job I’
ve ever had. I had been working for Egghead Computers as a Repair
Technician before they closed EVERY SINGLE RETAIL STORE! I was rather
depressed, and searching the net on a lark, found this site. I read, and I
was amazed. After a while, I realized I had to contribute. I had something
to say. I wrote the episode for me. There are more, I will submit them
when they are done. But, I am happy to share them. My theatre life has all
been behind the scenes. I light the actors, I provide them with microphones
and props… The audience never sees me. These stories that I write are my
art. Through them, I explore topics that I feel are important, things that
I want a reader to think about. I try to create a situation with words and
style that paints a picture in the reader's head. My next few projects will
involve dealing with several things from my past, several important topics
that I think the show would have addressed eventually. They will include
real depression, fear of the future, and suicide. There is much to be
explored here, and if anyone is interested in discussing it, e-mail me at

Fanfiction contributions by this author

“Do we have to keep talking about religion? It's Christmas.”

Danielle Chase, Episode 15: "So-Called Angels"