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The Greatest Sword Ever Made

written by Larry McGillicuddy

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Published: 1997 | Size: 4 KB (824 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 2.7/5   2.7/5 (18 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

The Greatest Sword Ever Made
by Brian Krakow

Once upon a time, there lived a Great Warrior. He had stayed in the same lands with his Fair Love for many years. One day she decided she was bored, and travelled to a new land, filled with hope and wonder. The Great Warrior resisted this at first, but eventually realized he could not let his Fair Love go. He put aside everything he was doing in his town, and followed her to this mysterious place, which was bizaare and frightening at first. As he began to learn to understand this world, he felt more comfortable, that is until The Great Villain came along.

The Great Villain was an odd and mysterious creature. The Warrior did not understand him, and became haunted by the notion that his Fair Love chased after the Villain. The Warrior did not know what do to. In this new land he was powerless, and the Villain was almighty. The Villain could be cruel to his Fair Love, but was such a towering and alluring figure, he could get away with it.

Then one day, The Fair Love discovered The Villain did not know how to craft his own weapons. The Warrior was an expert craftsman, and had pledged to the town that he would help teach someone how to make their own weapons. Unbeknownst to the Warrior, The Fair Love had asked for someone to help the Villain. The town leaders told The Warrior he would be helping The Great Villain make his own weapons.

The Great Warrior tried to get out of this at first, having no respect for The Great Villain. But he soon began to see what the Villain could offer him. The Villain could teach him how to be more alluring and powerful in return for weapon making lessons. The Great Warrior liked this idea, and these two enemies began to help each other overcome their weaknesses.

Then one day, The Great Warrior was walking through the forest. He spotted The Great Villain, who was using his sword outside of town. The Great Warrior, having witnessed this event, didn't know how to break the news to his Fair Love. He began to tell people around town, who were friends of The Fair Love. When all the townsfolk confirmed this incident to the Fair Love, she was angry and hurt, and vowed never to speak to The Villain again.

The Great Villain came to The Great Warrior for help. He wanted to craft weapons that would dazzle The Fair Love, so she would forgive him. The Great Warrior first told him no, saying that he should not be involved. But The Villain persisted, and The Warrior finally gave in. He made a few small weapons for The Villain to use. The Fair Love was definitely impressed with these weapons, but wanted more. The Villain came back to The Warrior, this time asking him to craft a sword. The Warrior, realizing how happy his weapons made The Love, this time decided to put all his heart and energy into creating the greatest sword ever made. But he did not have the courage to use this sword himself, at least not in this town. Instead he gave it to The Villain, and watched to see how happy his sword made The Fair Love. Unfortunately, this made The Fair Love so happy, she fell in love with The Villain all over again.

Then one day, The Fair Love looked closely at the sword, and found The Great Warrior's initials carved into it. She came to The Warrior and asked him why this was. The Great Warrior explained that he just sharpened the sword for the Villain, and put his initials on it by accident. The Fair Love was furious, wanting to know why The Warrior would sharpen such a great sword. She then accused the sword of being fake, made just to trick her. The Warrior said this wasn't true, that he crafted it from his heart. The Warrior, thinking he was still powerless in this town, tried to cover himself by saying The Villain crafted it from his heart. He told the Fair Love to forget this whole discussion, that it didn't matter. Then The Fair Love told him how happy this sword made her. The tension was unbearable, and The Warrior was standing very close to his Fair Love. He decided that this was the time to risk everything. This time he would stand up and be victorious in this town. No more hiding behind other people's swords. This time he would be courageous and his Fair Love would fall in love with him. But before The Great Warrior spoke, The Great Villain came along and took her away.

The End

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Rating Distribution:
Average: 2.7/5   2.7/5 (18 votes)
  • anonymous author commented on 16 Jan 2001:
    This was quie good actually
  • Paul commented on 29 Apr 2003:
    It starts out decent enough but the ending needs work. Life is depressing enough to have this happen in a fantasy setting.
  • anonymous author commented on 18 Aug 2004:
    I liked it but the whole using the sword out of boundries seems a little weird. I think you could have come up with something better to symbolize what Jordan and Rayanne did.

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