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Episode No. 21 - Secrets and Lies

written by Larry McGillicuddy

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Published: 1997 | Size: 24 KB (4536 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.9/5   3.9/5 (18 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Angela, Sharon, Rayanne, Rickie, and Delia are all seated at a booth. Delia has her work uniform on. They are all looking at the Liberty High yearbook from last year.

Angela (VO): For once in my life, things have settled down. No more bickering with Rayanne or Sharon. No more being worried about Rickie finding a place to live. I was like, happy for a change.

Rickie: Look, there's Rayanne in "Our Town".

Everyone laughs as Rayanne tries to cover the picture.

Rayanne: Vasquez! Thou shalt die!

Rayanne takes a plastuc fork and fake stabs Rickie.Everyone continues to laugh. Sharon points at the yearbook.

Sharon: Hey look, there's Jennifer Kaminski.

Rickie: Where?

Rayanne: Isn't she the nutcase that is like hot for Brian Krakow?

Angela is noticeably uncomfortable with the mention of Brian.

Angela (VO): I can always count on Rayanne to bring me back to reality.

Rickie, trying to cover Rayanne's mistake turns the page, and points at something else.

Rickie: Look, there. Ms. Lerner as Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Delia: Oh my god, I can't beleive she actually did that.

Sharon: Just be glad you weren't here to witness it.

Rayanne: I gotta go. I promised Amber I'd help around the house. Later.

Rayanne gets up and leaves. Sharon walks after her.

Sharon: Do you need any help?

Rayanne: No thanks Cherski. I really think we can handle it.

Rayanne leaves. Sharon walks back to the table, defeated.

Delia: Well, break time is over. Bye.

Delia gets up and goes back to work. Sharon sits back down, looking upset.

Angela: What's wrong?

Sharon: How come everytime I offer to go over Rayanne's house she totally blows me off?

Rickie: Rusty is probably over. I think he's been hanging around there alot lately.

Sharon: Who's Rusty?

Rickie: Amber's alcoholic sex maniac boyfriend.

Angela: They always get into a fight. It's not pleasant.

Sharon: Well, I've just never met her mom. I mean, like all summer, we were at my house.

Angela: Don't worry, it was a while before I met her. Be patient.


Graham, Patty, Danielle, and Hallie are seated at the table.

Hallie: So I said, that's why they have an adding machine Mike.

Everyone but Danielle laughs.

Hallie I mean, where did we find that guy?.

Graham: Oh come on, he's a good kid.

Hallie: Exacly, he's a kid.

Graham: I think you have a crush on him.

Patty: (playing along) Maybe you should set them up.

Hallie: I don't have a crush on him!

Graham: Ha, looks like you're blushing to me.

Danielle: Do I have to listen to this?

Patty: Danielle!

Danielle: Sorry.

Patty: Sorry about that, Hallie.

Hallie: Oh that's ok. I was a kid once.

Danielle: I'm not a kid!

Graham: Danielle!

Hallie: No, no, it's ok. I shouldn't have called you a kid. I'm sorry.

Danielle: Whatever.


Sharon walks up to the door and knocks. No Answer. She knocks again. No answer. Sharon looks around, sighs, and then leaves.


Danielle is lying on her bed, looking very upset. There is a knock at the door.

Danielle: Who is it?

Graham (O.S.): Danielle honey, is everything ok?

Danielle: Go away!

Graham (O.S.): Danielle!

Danielle: Go away. I don't want to talk to you.

Graham opens the door and walks in. Danielle gets up and walks to the other side of the room from Graham.

Danielle: I said I don't want to talk to you.

Graham: What's wrong?

Danielle: Nothing, just leave me alone.

Graham: Danielle, I just want to know why you were so rude to Hallie.

Danielle: I just don't like her, ok? I have a right not to like her.

Graham: I don't understand. Is it something she said? or..

Danielle: OK, you want me to spell it out for you? I heard you!

Graham: You heard me?

Danielle: I heard you talking to Uncle Neil.

Graham: When?

Danielle: Last week. About Hallie.

Graham sits down on Danielle's bed, resting his head in the palm of his hand.

Graham: Did you tell anyone?

No response.

Graham: Danielle?

Danielle: Look, I didn't tell her, ok?

Graham: Listen, sweetie.....

Danielle: Do you still love mom?

Graham: Of course I do. I will always love your mom.

Danielle: Then why are you having dreams about someone else?

Graham: Dreams don't mean anything.

Danielle: If it doesn't mean anything, then why are you trying to keep it a secret?

Graham: Because everything has been going so great lately. Your mom is feeling wonderful. I don't want to ruin that.

Danielle: Yeah, well, that's why I didn't say anything either.

Graham walks over to Danielle, gives her a hug.

Graham: I promise you, everything's gonna be ok.


Rickie and Sharon are walking to class.

Rickie: Why were you at her house?

Sharon: Rickie, I'm worried about her.

Rickie: Why? I thought everything was fine. She's friends with Angela again. She stopped drinking. What's the problem?

Sharon: How do you know she's stopped drinking? She's hardly ever around. I'm surprised she actually showed up yesterday. I just don't understand why she wasn't home when she said that's where she was going.

Rickie: Maybe she was asleep.

Sharon: Maybe so, but there just seems like something is wrong.

Rickie: I'm sure everything is ok.

Sharon is unconvinced.


All the drama students, including Rickie, Corey, and Delia, are seated in the first 3 rows.Mr. Katimski is sitting on the edge of the stage.

Katimski: So, I've been racking my brain trying to decide which .... play to do for the fall.

The door opens. Jordan peeks his head in. Everyone turns their attention to him.

Katimski: Jordan! Come on in.

Jordan is hesitant.

Katimski: Well, come on. We don't bite.

Jordan slowly makes his way to the 4th row, and sits down.

Katimski: As I was saying. This year, I want to try something... ambitious. So this year's fall play will be Hamlet.

Everyone looks surprised and interested.

Katimski: So I expect all of you to ...audition. We need as many people as we can get.

Close-up of Jordan, thinking he may have made a mistake.


Angela and Sharon are walking through the cafeteria, looking for an empty table.

Sharon: God, it's like packed today.

Sharon sees a table.

Sharon: There we go!

Sharon rushes towards the table, as if trying to beat someone to it. Angela stands still.

Sharon: Angela?

Angela sees Brian and Jennifer Kaminski sitting at a table, talking.

Sharon: Angela?

Brian hears this and looks up. As soon as his eyes meet Angela's, Angela quickly turns away and walks to the table Sharon is at. The camera now focuses on Jennifer and Brian.

Jennifer notices Brian looking at Angela.

Jennifer: Who is that?

Brian: Nobody.

Jennifer knows he is lying. Brian tries to change the subject.

Brian: So, what's that you're reading?

Jennifer puts the book in her bag. The camera reveals it is a book of Shakespearean sonnets.

Jennifer: Just some stupid romance novel.

Brian nods.

Jennifer: So what's the deal with you, and Angela Chase?

Brian: Who?

Jennifer: That girl you were just looking at.

Brian: I thought you didn't know her.

Jennifer: So I lied, sue me.

Brian: She's just, like, someone I know.

Jennifer: Is that all?

Brian (defensive): Yes!

Jennifer: Just asking, no need to shout.

Long Pause.

Brian: Ok look, she's like, a friend of mine, I guess. I've known her for a while, or whatever.

Jennifer is about to say something. Then Derek Porter, a jock, proudly wearing his lettermen jacket, walks up and sits down next to Brian. He puts his arm on Brian's shoulder.

Derek: Hey Krakow!

Brian looks very uncomfortable, but tries to pull off a fake smile.

Brian: Hi......Hey.

Derek: So Krakow, you trying to score with my girl?

Jennifer rolls her eyes.

Jennifer: I'm not your girl anymore, Derek.

Derek: Like I'm devastated.

Jennifer: Like I am.

Derek: So, Krakow, there's like, this party this weekend. You should come. (smiles) and bring Jennifer.

Brian looks at Jennifer. She nods affirmitavely.

Brian: Um.....sure.

Derek: Cool, later Krakow. (sarcastically to Jennifer) Bye sweetheart.

Derek leaves. Jennifer rolls her eyes.

Brian: You actually like, went out with him?

Jennifer: Yeah, sure, why?

Brian: He's just so....

Jennifer: Oh, tell me about it. He gets like that sometimes. But he's ok.

Brian: Oh, ok.


The bell rings. Everyone gets up and leaves, except for Jordan who walks up to Mr. Katimski.

Katimski: Hey Jordan, isn't this exciting? Hamlet.

Jordan: Well, you know Mr. K, I was thinking. I'm not so sure if this is for me.

Katimski: Wha.. what do you mean?

Jordan: I mean, I'm starting to get better you know, at reading or whatever. But this is like, Shakespeare.

Katimski: Oh, I see. Well, gee whiz, we really need you.

Jordan: I don't know.

Katimski: Well. hey! Why don't you ask that kid who tutored you last year? Maybe he can help you understand it.

Jordan: Yeah, I guess I could do that. Thanks Mr. K.


Rickie and Rayanne are looking in the mirror, applying makeup.

Rayanne: So, what are you saying?

Rickie: Sharon is like concerned or whatever.

Rayanne: Why?

Rickie: Because you've never invited her to meet Amber.

Rayanne: And?

Rickie: And well, she was like at your house yesterday and noone was there.

Rayanne: She was at my house?

Rickie: Well yeah. She was like worried.

Rayanne: You know, she is gonna drive me up the wall. I can't do anything these days without goody two shoes getting all concerned.

Rickie: That's not necessarily a bad thing. At least she cares.

Rayanne: If she cared, she would get out of my business.


Angela is getting some books out of her locker.Jordan walks up.

Jordan: Hey

Angela: Hi! What's up?

Jordan: Um, you know that kid Brain who like tutored me last year?

Angela looks disappointed.

Angela (V.O): Why can't I make it through one conversation without someone mentioning Brian Krakow?

Angela: Yeah, I know him, why?

Jordan: I kinda need to talk to him or whatever.

Angela: Why?

Jordan: It's just this thing I need him to like help me out with. So do you know where he is?

Angela: No, I haven't seen him at all.

Jordan: Well, if you do, could you tell him I'm looking for him?

Angela: Sure.


Sharon is at the mirror, checking out her hair. Rayanne walks in.

Sharon: Hi Raynie.

Rayanne: Don't Hi Raynie me.

Sharon: What?

Rayanne: I heard you were at my house yesterday.

Sharon looks worried as to where this conversation is headed.

Sharon: Well, yeah, I was like... worried.

Rayanne: Listen Cherski, stay out of my business, ok?

Sharon: Raynie....

Rayanne: And stop calling me that! I'm getting sick of it. Just leave me alone!

Rayanne storms out with Sharon looking after her, obviously hurt.


Angela spots Brian and catches up with him.

Angela: Hey Brian.

Brian: What?

Angela: I have to talk to you.

Brian: So talk.

Angela: What's wrong with you?

Brian: Nothing!

Angela: Why are you acting like this?

Brian: Did you need something?

Angela shrugs.

Angela: Ok fine, be that way, Brian. Jordan just wanted me to tell you he's looking for you. He needs your help for something.

Brian: What, did he screw up again? Do I have to write him another letter?

Angela (VO): I'm not a violent person, but If I had a weapon, he would be dead right now.

Angela: Brian, quit acting like a jerk. Grow up!

Angela walks away. Brian just stands there, pondering what Angela said.


Rickie and Sharon walking down the steps, leaving school.

Sharon: So is everything going ok at Pride House?

Rickie: What do you want Sharon?

Sharon: What do you mean?

Rickie: I know you don't want to talk to me about Pride House. So, what did Rayanne do this time?

Sharon: She was like, really upset. Because I went over her house.

Rickie: Oh, I see.

Sharon: I guess I went too far.

Rickie: Don't worry, she won't stay upset for long. That's not her style.

Sharon: Still, I feel terrible. I want to make it up to her somehow.

Rickie: The best thing you can do is like, let her cool off.

Sharon: But don't you think something is wrong? I mean, why else would she be acting like this?

Rickie: Maybe, but there is no way we're gonna find out. She'll tell us when she's ready, Sharon.

Once again, Sharon isn't convinced.


Jordan is leaning against his car, smoking. Angela walks up.

Jordan: Hey

Angela: Hi.

Angela (VO): Oh great. Hi. That's the best I could think of. How brilliant, Angela.

Jordan: So...

Angela: Yeah, um...

Angela (VO): It's getting worse. Ok, I'll get the easy part out of the way.

Angela: So I talked to Brain....I mean, Brian.

Jordan: What did he say?

Angela: Um, I don't think he's interested.

Jordan: Interested in what?

Angela: You know, helping you, or whatever.

Jordan is confused.

Angela: Look, Jordan there's something I have to tell you.


Patty and Graham are in bed.

Patty: So we landed the Johnson account today.

Graham: That's great.

Patty: Why do you sound like that?

Graham: Like what?

Patty: Nevermind. So anything exciting happen at the restaraunt?

Graham: No, just the same boring stuff. Hallie wasn't there today, so noone got fired.

Patty rolls over on top of Graham and starts kissing him.

Graham: Whoa, where did this come from?

Patty: Nowhere, I'm just in a good mood tonight.

Graham seems reluctant.

Patty: What's wrong?

Graham: Nothing. I'm just beat. You know, rough day.

Patty: Oh, I see.

Patty rolls back over to her side.

Close-up of Patty. She looks worried.


Brian pulls into a parking spot. He opens the door, but someone shuts it. Brian looks up. The camera reveals Jordan.

Jordan: Hey Brain.

Brian: Excuse me, I have to get to class.

Brian opens the door and gets out. He begins to walk to class.

Jordan: You should've told me.

Brian turns around.

Brian: Told you what?

Jordan: How you felt, about Angela.

Brian: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jordan: She told me Brain. How you like, love her, or whatever.

Brian: I do not love Angela Chase!

Jordan looks at him, knowing he is lying.

Brian: Ok fine. I love Angela chase. What do you care?

Jordan: You should have told me. If I had known, I wouldn't have used your letter. Because that's not right.

Brian looks surprised.

Jordan: That's not me. I'm not like that.

Jordan walks away.

Brian: Jordan.

Jordan turns around.

Brian. You're right, I should've told you.

Jordan nods.


Ms. Lerner is once again doing what she does best. Boring the class to tears.

Ms. Lerner: Ok, tomorrow is going to be the 1st test of the year. Since I have alot of grading to do, why don't you all pair off and quiz each other.

The person in front of Angela has already picked a partner. Angela turns around and sees Jody Barsh.

Jody: well, turn your desk around. I don't bite.

Angela smiles and turns her desk around.

Angela: God, I'm not getting any of this.

Jody: Me neither. I hate math.

Angela laughs, but still looks uncomfortable.

Jody: is Rayanne doing?

Angela looks surprised.

Angela: Um, she's fine. She's actually doing pretty good now.

Jody: Are you sure?

Angela: Well yeah, why?

Jody: She just..I don't looks like something is troubling her.

Angela: I didn't know you still talked to her.

Jody: I don't. But I see her around once in a while. It's hard.

Angela: I know.

Long pause. Both girls stare into their textbooks.

Angela: never told me what she did to you? I must've been pretty bad.

Jody looks around. Thens he looks at Angela. She is about to say something.


Graham is coming out of the bathroom. Patty is at the doorway, not looking happy.

Graham: Hey, what's wrong?

Patty: What did you and Danielle talk about the other night?

Graham: What night?

Patty: You know, when she was so rude to Hallie.

Graham: Um, she was just in a bad mood. Bad day at school. You know how it is.

Patty: Graham, tell the truth.

Graham: What truth?

Patty: Graham!

Graham: What?

Patty: Fine then. Get out!

Graham: What!?

Patty: You heard me. Get out of this house!

Graham: Patty! What's the matter?

Patty walks over to the closet and starts throwing Graham's clothes out of it.

Patty: If you're not willing to even tell me the truth, then I don't want you here! Just get the hell out!

Graham: Patty....I.....

Patty: I don't want to hear it. I gave you a chance to explain. Now I just want you to leave.

Graham moves near Patty trying to calm her down.

Graham: Patty...

Patty pulls away from him.

Patty: You want to be with her, fine. Go to her house. I hope you two are happy.

Graham: I don;t want to be with her. I'm here with you.

Patty: You're lying. I can tell you don't love me anymore.

Graham: Patty, I do love you!

Patty: No. You don't look at me with love anymore. You look at me with pity. I can see it in your eyes.

Graham doesn't know what to say. Patty goes in the bathroom and slams the door shut.


Patty is sitting down, against the door, crying.


Sharon sees Rayanne getting into a car, about to drive off. She looks around, and sees Brian. Brian is leaning against his car and talking with Derek Porter.

Sharon: Krakow!

Brian turns around. He is obviously annoyed.

Brian: What?

Sharon walks up to him.

Sharon: I need to go somewhere. Let me borrow your car. I'll bring it back.

Brian: My car? You want to drive my car? No way, noone drives this car but me.

Sharon: Ok, then can you give me a ride? Please?

Brian looks at Derek. Then he looks at Sharon, and sees this is important to her.

Sharon: Please.

Brian: (to Derek) I gotta go.

Brian gets into his car.

Derek: Yeah sure, later.

Brian: (to Sharon) Hop in.

Sharon: Thank you so much.

Brian: So where are we going?

Sharon points to the car that Rayanne got into, that is now leaving the parking lot.

Sharon: Follow that car!


Jordan, Shane, and Troy are hangiung out. Jordan is sitting in a chair fiddling with his guitar.

Shane: Damnit, where is Tino?

Troy: Man, I'm getting tired of this. He never shows up.

Shane: Why did we even allow him back into the band?

Troy: Would you rather have Graff?

Shane fake chokes himself. Troy laughs.

Jordan: Hey!

Shane and Troy look at him.

Jordan: Leave Graff alone.

Shane: Sorry man.

Troy: Yeah, you know, whatever.

Long Pause.

Shane: I'm tired of waiting for Tino. Let's get outta here.

They all get up and start to leave, except for Jordan.

Shane: Catalano, you coming?

Jordan: No, there's something I gotta do.

Troy: Whatever, later.


Brian and Sharon are in the car, whcih is travelling down a road that seems in the middle of nowhere.

Sharon: Way to go Krakow, you lost her.

Brian: Well look, I'm sorry, they were going fast.

Sharon: Krakow, it would help if you would like, at least approach the speed limit.

Brian: Look, I'm not gonna risk getting into an accident so you can find out where Rayanne Graff is going.

Sharon: What's the matter with you?

Brian: What do you mean?

Sharon: You've been acting like a total jerk lately.

Brian: So, what's it to you?

Sharon: Brian!

Brian: Listen, I don't wanna talk about it.

Sharon: So there is something wrong?

Brian: No, there ... look... I said I don't wanna talk about it, ok? !

Sharon: Does this have anythign to do with Angela?

Brian: Why can't I go one conversation without someone mentioning Angela Chase?!

Sharon: Well, she is really...

Brian: Ok, we are NOT discussing Angela Chase. No way.

Sharon: Is that why you're doing this?

Brian: Doing what?

Sharon: You know what I'm talking about. New hair, clothes, friends.

Brian: So?

Sharon: Well, why? Is it to impress her?

Brian: No.

Sharon: Or is it your way of hiding, trying to get over her?

No answer.

Sharon: Brian, you can't just try and lead this new life just to get over her. This isn't you.

Brian: Why? Because I'm no longer the geeky, socially inept, straight A student?

Sharon: No, you're still the geeky, socially inept, straight A student.

Brian: What?

Sharon: Just because you change your hair and your attitude doesn't mean you .....

Sharon sees something.

Sharon: There she is! Stop here.

Brian: Here?


Jordan, carrying several books on Shakespeare, walks over to a study table. He puts the books down on the table. He sees everyone at the other tables staring at him.

Jordan: What?

Everyone goes back about their business. Jordan sits down and begins reading.


Brian parks the car. Sharon gets out. Rayanne can be seen in the distance.

Brian: What is she doing here? Sharon?

Sharon: Stay here, Brian.

Brian: Sharon?

Sharon: Just stay here.

Sharon starts to walk to where Rayanne is.


Rayanne is standing in front of a tombstone. Sharon comes up behind her.

Sharon: Rayanne?

As Rayanne turns around her head moves out of the way of the tombstone. Sharon moves closer to the tombstone. The name on it reads "AMBER VALLONE".

Close-up of Sharon, in shock.


Angela and Danielle are on the couch. Shouting from Patty and Graham's previous argument can be heard, more or less, upstairs.

Angela (VO): When your parents get into a big fight, you can't make out what they're saying. It's just alot of noise, and the louder the noise gets, the more it frightens you.

Angela: Danielle, what's going on?

Danielle: Nothing.

Angela: Danielle, I'm serious, what is it?

Danielle: I promised dad I wouldn't tell.

Graham comes down with a suitcase, and walks towards the door.

Angela: Dad? What's going on?

Graham opens the door.

Angela: Dad?

Graham turns around and looks at Angela and Danielle.

Graham: I love you.

Graham leaves.



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    I liked this story alot. But I couldn't find where it said how Amber died. But it's a really good story.

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