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Episode No. 20 - Three Days In Three Rivers

written by Larry McGillicuddy

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Published: 1997 | Size: 22 KB (4278 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 4.0/5   4.0/5 (39 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman



Angela is lying on her bed, fully dressed for school, eyes wide open.

Patty (O.S.): Angela! You don't want to be late on the 1st day of school!

Angela (VO): There is nothing more humiliating than the first day of school, especially after, like, the worst summer of my life. I spent most of it working at my dad's restaraunt. Avoiding Rayanne. Avoiding Jordan. Avoiding everything.


Angela is sitting at her table, poking at her food. Graham, Patty, and Danielle are moving around the kitchen doing various things.

Angela (VO): What I, like, dread, is when you haven't had anything to eat, and you're still not hungry. Because you know you will be hungry later, and won't have anything to eat then.

Danielle: I wonder if Brian is back from Denver.

Angela: Danielle!

Danielle: What?

Patty: I know, I kinda missed Brian over the summer.

Angela: Well, I'm sure he'll be back. Krakow would cut out his spleen before missing a day of school.

Danielle: Yuck!

Patty: Angela! Not during breakfast.

Angela (VO): Now that I no longer hang out with Rayanne, my family overreacts to the smallest things. It's like, they have to be scared of something and they no longer have a reason, so they just latch on to anything.

Angela: I've got to catch the bus. I'll say hi to Brian's spleen for you.


Angela and other assorted students are waiting for the bus. Brian is notceably absent. The bus approaches.

Angela looks around, wondering where Brian is, then gets on the bus.


The bus pulls up to let everyone off. Angela looks out the window, and sees Rayanne and Sharon Cherski laughing together.

Angela: (VO): Today is going to suck.


A fancy white convertible pulls into the parking lot. As the camera moves in, we see it is Brian Krakow. Instead of his large blond afro, Brian has short, straight hair. He looks, well, normal. Brian seems to appreciate the attention he is receiving because of the car. He opens the door, but trips as he gets out.

A hand reaches down to help him up. Brian grabs it, and the camera pulls up to reveal Jordan Catalano.

Jordan: Nice car.

Jordan walks away, completely unaware of who he just spoke to. Brian watches him with a curious grin.


Angela is walking down the hallway alone, looking lost.

Angela (VO): There is nothing worse than being surrounded by hundreds of people, and still feeling alone.

Angela reluctantly enters a classroom.


Ms. Lerner is doing a boring introduction to the class.

Angela (VO): Great. A class of total strangers. It looks like I'll have to rely on Brian to get me through another year of math. Wherever he is.

Ms. Lerner: Adams

Adams: Here.

Mrs. Lerner: Barret

Barret: Here.

Mrs. Lerner: Barsch

Jody Barsch: Here

Mrs. Lerner continues to call out names as Angela's attention turns to Jody Barsch.

Angela (VO): Jody Barsch. God, this must be some odd cosmic twist of fate designed to punish me. I mean, what could be more awkward?

Ms. Lerner: Angela?

Everyone is looking at Angela, except Jody.

Angela: Oh, here. Sorry.


Angela is walking down the hallway, once again looking lost. She sees some kid with blonde hair (She doesnt recognize it's Brian) talking to a cheerleader. As she tries to figure out who it was, a hand touches her shoulder. The camera reveals Rickie Vasquez.

Angela: Rickie, thank god!

Angela hugs him.

Rickie: Angela, are you ok?

Angela: Yes, today has just been so awful.

Rickie: It's only 2nd period Angela.

Angela: I know, but you will never guess who is in my ....

Angela spots Jordan Catalano and loses her train of thought.

Rickie: Angela?

Jordan turns and goes to another hallway.

Angela: Oh, sorry. I'm just in a daze today, Rickie. By the way, who was that guy talking to Jennifer Kaminski?

Rickie: Ummm....well, that narrows it.

Angela: No, just a second ago, he looked familiar.

Angela sees Rayanne walking up.

Angela (VO): I always intended on forgiving Rayanne. But as each day passed, it became harder and harder to get up the nerve to speak to her.

Angela: I have to go.

Rickie: Angela, you can't avoid her forever.

Angela (VO): Rickie was right. But I couldn't talk to her now. The time just wasn't right.

Angela: I'll see you at lunch, ok?

Rickie (understanding): Ok.

Angela leaves.

Rayanne: Rickie!

Rickie: Hi Rayanne.

Rayanne: So Chase still trying to avoid me?

Rickie: Rayanne, I've told you a thousand times, don't put me in the middle of it.

Rayanne: Whatever. It doesn't bother me. If she can't forgive me after all this time, it's her problem.

Rickie looks at her concerned, knowing she is lying.


Rickie is sitting on the steps, eating lunch. Brian Krakow walks up to him.

Brian: Hi, hey.

Rickie: Hey Brian! How was your summer?.

Brian: Pretty good. so umm do you notice anything, you know, different about me?

Rickie: Yeah,. you cut your hair.

Brian: Well, thats not all. Things are gonna be different this year Rickie.

Rickie: How so?

Brian: Well, for one thing, I am going to have a social life this year. And...and

Rickie: What?

Brian: And I'm no longer going to obsess over Angela Chase. I'm over her.

Rickie laughs.

Brian: I am!

Rickie is still laughing.

Brian: What?!

Rickie: You won't make it to Friday.

Jennifer Kaminski walks up.

Jennifer (flirty): Hi, Brian.

Brian: oh, Hi, hey..

Jennifer: So, you coming Tino's party Friday?

Brian: Yep, I mean... yeah I'll be there.

Jennifer leaves.

Rickie: What was that?

Brian grins.

Brian: Told you.

Brian walks away, leaving Rickie flabbergasted. A few moments later, Angela walks up.

Angela: Hey Rickie.

Rickie: Angela, you will never guess what I just saw.

Angela: What?

Rickie: Jennifer Kaminski just invited Brian Krakow to Tino's party.

Angela laughs.

Rickie: I'm serious.

Angela: Wait a second. Brian Krakow? As in my annoying neighbor Brian Krakow?

Rickie: Yep, that's him.

Angela: Where is he? He wasn't even on the bus today.

Rickie: He was just here. I don't know, maybe he got a ride to school.

Angela: So are you going?

Rickie: To the party? Yeah, I'll be there.

Angela: With Rayanne, right?

Rickie: Actually, no. I don't know what Rayanne's doing. Angela...

Angela: You don't have to say it Rickie. I know.

Angela begins to eat her lunch.


Sharon and Rayanne watching TV.

Sharon: Ok, so Isabel and Leo just moved in together and....Raynie?

Rayanne: I saw Chase today.

Sharon: Ohhhh. Did you like, talk to her?

Rayanne: No, she bolted when she saw me.

Sharon: Just give it some time, Raynie.

Rayanne: Give it some time? Its been half a year! I mean, come on, she forgave Jordan.

Sharon: Not really. She didn't talk to him, like all summer.

Rayanne: Well, that's nice, but I just can't handle this anymore. I can;t stand passing her in the halls, and not being able to talk to her. It's just.. I just... I need a drink. Come on Cherski, let's split.

Sharon: I thought you quit drinking.

Rayanne: Oh grow up Cherski

Sharon: Raynie...

Rayanne: Stop calling me that!! (pause) Fine I can take a hint. I'll go get something to drink by myself.

Rayanne leaves. Sharon looks worried.


Hallie walks in and shuts the door. Graham gets up out of his bed.

Hallie: Hi.

Graham: Hi.

Short pause while they exchange intense glances. Then they rush to each other and meet in the center of the room, kissing each other with wild abandon.

Graham: God, I've been waiting for this for so long.

Hallie: Me too.

Graham picks Hallie up, lies her on the bed, and they continue to go at it.


Patty has just come from the stairs and walks towards the room.


Graham and Hallie continue their passionate tryst.

Patty (O.S.): Graham?

Hallie: Who is that?

Graham: Nobody.


Patty opens the door, and has a curious look on her face.

Patty: Graham?


Graham wakes up.

Patty: What are you doing sleeping? It's 5pm.

Graham. Oh, um, it was a rough day.

Graham stands up.

Patty: I understand. You've been working hard lately. I'm proud of you.

Patty kisses Graham, who seems reluctant.

Patty: Are you sure everything is ok?

Graham: Yeah honey, I was just tired. (trying to change the subject) So, what should I make for dinner, tonight?


Rickie and Sharon are talking on their way to class.

Rickie: Look Sharon, you just have to get used to it. She's gonna drink. She's gonna go off and have sex with nameless guys. That's what she does.

Sharon: That may be what she does, but that doesn't mean we can't like, try to stop her.

Rickie: Listen, I've been around Rayanne long enough to understand that she is never going to quit drinking while she is depressed. She has been depressed all summer. It's like, her way of escaping.

Sharon: That's an excuse alcoholics use Rickie. That doesn't make it right.

Rickie: Sharon, I've already fought this battle. If you want to give it a shot, go ahead.


Angela stares off into space as Ms. Lerner bores the class.

Angela (VO): Things between Brian Krakow and I have never been the same since that letter he wrote. We always tried to go on as if nothing happened, but we both knew things were different. For some reason, I missed him. I had no one to bug me all summer. Noone making up lame excuses to get into my house. Noone to sit there and listen to my problems, whenever I needed someone to talk to.

The bell rings.

Angela starts to leave class, but is interrupted.

Jody Barsch: Angela.

Angela (VO): A million things raced through my mind in one second. This was going to be awkward.

Angela: Yes?

Jody: You're Rayanne's friend, right?

Angela: Well, we were friends.

Jody: I heard. She betrayed you too, huh?

Angela: Well.... I guess. What did she do to you?

Jody: Just look out for her, ok?

Angela: What?

Jody: Just make sure she's alright.

Jody leaves with Angela just standing there in disbeleif. Then Brian Krakow walks by.

Angela: Brian!

Angela chases after him. Brian turns around.

Brian: What?

Angela: Um, hi. I haven't seen you since you got back.

Brian: Well, I've been busy.

Angela: Nice haircut.

Brian: Did you need something?

Angela (VO): I felt as if I had entered an alternate dimension. I was trying to think of excuses to be talking to him this time.

Angela: Ummm, this Algebra is pretty hard, and well I was wondering if you could, like, help me out or something.

Brian: I'm busy tonight. I'm going to that party at Tino's.

Angela: Oh, well maybe some other time.

Brian: Whatever.

Brian walks away. Again, Angela is left standing in disbeleif.


Mr. Katimski is sitting on his desk, and Jordan is sitting in a chair in the front row.

Jordan: So, I'm like starting to get some of this stuff now.

Mr. Katimski: That's wonderful Jordan. I have to say, you really made some ....... improvements last year.

Jordan: Yeah, that kid, umm Brain? He helped me out alot.

Mr. Katimski: So are you going to sign up for a tutor again?

Jordan: No, I think I can manage.

Mr. Katimski: So, what are your plans fo rthis year?

Jordan: I don't know. What do you mean?

Mr. Katimski: What do you think about drama club?

Jordan: Huh?

Mr. Katimski: Joining drama club. What do you think about it?

Jordan: Oh, I don't know. That just doesn't sound like me.

Mr. Katimski: Well, how do you know if you don't even try?

Jordan: Look, Mr. Katimski, thanks for all your help. I gotta go.


Danielle is on the couch reading a book. Patty comes in.

Patty: I'm home!

Danielle: Hi, mom.

Patty: Where's Angela?

Danielle: In her room, depressed as usual.

Patty: Oh right, school again. I should've prepared for this.

Danielle: I know, maybe she'll dye her hair purple this year.


Angela is lying on her bed, obviously depressed. "Soda Jerk" by Buffalo Tom is playing on the radio. There is a knock at the door.

Angela (annoyed): Who is it?

Patty: Angela, is everything ok?

Angela: Yes mom, I'm fine. Just let me be.

The phone rings downstairs.

Danielle (O.S.): Angela! It's for you!

Angela picks up the phone.

Angela: Hello? Oh, hi Rickie.


Mr. Katimski and many of the drama students, including Rickie, Corey, and Delia are gathered around the living room.

Mr. Katimski: So, I just wanted to have a meeting to welcome everyone ........back, and to say hi to all our new members. I've got some interesting things ...... planned this year. Hopefully, we can duplicate the success of .... "Our Town".

There is a knock at the door.

Delia Fisher: I got it!

Delia opens the door, and sees Jordan.

Delia:, can I help you?

Jordan: No.

Jordan walks in and finds a corner of the room as far away from everyone else as possible, and leans againt the wall. Mr. Katimski smiles in recognition.


Sharon is working her way through the crowd, and finds Rayanne, who is drinking.

Rayanne: Cherski! Care for a snort?

Sharon: Raynie, don't do this.

Rayanne: Listen Cherski, if you came here just to give me a lecture, you're wasting your time.

Sharon: I know why you are doing this.

Rayanne: Oh, Miss know it all, why don't you tell me?

Sharon: It's because of Angela.

Rayanne: Duh Squared.

Sharon: Raynie, drinking isn't going to help. I mean, this is what caused your friendship to end anyways.

Rayanne: Cherski, you don't know everything. It's more complicated.

Sharon: Well, then what is it?

Rayanne: I can't talk about it, not now.

Sharon: Well, at least let me get you outta here.

Rayanne: And go where?

Sharon: How about a party?


A typical chaotic party scene. Lots of people dancing, drinking beer, and smoking. Angela and Rickie work their way through the crowd.

Angela: Why did I let you talk me into coming here?

Rickie: Because you need to have fun. You need something to cheer you up.

Angela: And this is supposed to do that?

Rickie: You could go back home and depress youself thinking about Rayanne and Jordan. Or you could spend the evening with me.

Angela (teasing): Hmmm, let me think...

Rickie: ha ha, very funny.

Angela kisses Rickie on the cheek. Rickie. sees someone.

Rickie: Hey look, there's Brian.


Graham and Neal drinking beers,

Graham: So, we've got this food critic coming sometime next week.

Neal: Are you prepared?

Graham: Sure, I think it'll be fine. The restaraunt is running smoothly.

Neal: That's good. So what did you want to talk to me about?

Graham: WHat do you mean?

Neal: Well, I know you didn't invite me here to talk about the restaraunt. So what's going on?

Graham looks around, making sure nobody is there.

Graham: Ok, listen, you can't tell anyone.

Neal rolls his eyes.

Neal: Graham, who am I?

Graham: Ok. I;ve been having these dreams....about Hallie.

Neal: What kind of dreams?

Graham: You know.

Neal: Oh, THOSE kind of dreams.

Graham: Do you have to be so loud?

Neal: Graham...

Graham: What?

Neal: Graham...

Graham: What? What is it!

Neal: NO. Don't. Don't even remotely think about it.

Graham: That's easier said than done. I mean, I think about her constantly.

Neal: Why?

Graham: I don't know, there's just somethign about her. It;s just.... Look, forget I said anything.

Neal looks at his Graham, knowing the trouble his brother is getting into.


Danielle sitting down, with her ear pressed to the door.

Close-Up of Danielle, shocked at what she just heard.


Brian is leaning against a wall, drinking a beer, talking to Jennifer Kaminski. Angela and Rickie walk up to them.

Jennifer: I'm gonna go get a beer. Be right back, ok?

Brian: Sure.

Angela and Rickie are looking at Brian, stunned.

Brian: What?

Angela: Brian, you're drinking a beer?

Brian: Yeah, so, what's it to you?

Angela: Is everything ok?

Brian: Why?

Angela: You're just acting different lately.

Brian: Yeah, so, what do you care?

Angela: I care Brian. I care.

Brian: Yeah, you care so much you left me on my bike in the middle of the street so you could go off and do god knows what with Jordan Catalano.

Angela: Brian, I thought we already settled this....

Brian: No Angela, we didn't. We just ignored it. For months. Just so everything could be the same. That's the way you want things. But that's not gonna happen anymore. Things are different now.

Angela: Brian, I never meant to hurt you.

Brian: Don't worry about me. I'm over you. You're no longer the center of my universe, and you're gonna have to live with it.

Brian walks away. Angela is obviously hurt. Rickie sees Brian grab a beer and walk into the house.

Rickie: Hold on. I'll be right back.


Patty is on the phone. Danielle walks in.

Patty: Yeah, Camille, things are great.

Danielle: Mom, I have to talk to you.

Patty: Hold on a second, sweetheart. (back on the phone) Graham is just great these days. The restaraunt really picked him up. I mean, I have never seen him better. You know, there was a time, when I was really worried that things might not be working out, but I was a fool. Our marriage has never felt better. I have never felt better.

Close-up of Danielle, trying to figure out what to do.

Patty: Ok, so I'll speak to you tomorrow. Bye.

Patty hangs up.

Patty: So, Danielle, what did you need to talk to me about?

Danielle: Nothing. Good night mom.

Danielle leaves.


Angela sees Sharon and Rayanne arrive at the party. Rayanne spots Angela, and leaves. Angela goes after her, as Sharon looks on, concerned.


Brian is in the bathroom, there is a beer on the counter. There is a knock at the door.

Rickie (O.S.): Brian, open up.

Brian unlocks the door and Rickie walks in.

Brian: Shut the door.

Rickie shuts the door. He spots the beer.

Rickie: Brian....

Brian holds up his hand, as if telling Rickie to stop talking. He then opens the beer and pours it in the toilet. Then he puts the beer can in the sink and fills it up with water.Brian takes a drink.

Close-Up of Rickie coming to a realization.

Brian flushes the toilet and leaves. Rickie looks after him, concerned.


Angela runs out trying to catch Rayanne.

Angela: Rayanne...

Rayanne turns around

Rayanne: What?

Angela (VO): I wanted to tell her I was sorry. I wanted to apologize for ignoring her so long. I wanted to finally forgive her. But I didn't know what to say. I didn't know where to start.

Angela and Rayanne at opposite sides of the sidewalk staring at each other. Angela begins to cry. The camera rotates and shows us Rayanne crying as well. They walk slowly towards each other, and hug.


Brian is sitting on his bed. He picks up the Liberty Yearbook from last year. As he flips through it, he sees a picture of Angela, looking like an angel. He stares at it for a few moments. Then he closes the book, and looks out the window at Angela's house. The camera rotates to reveal Brian's face. He is crying


Angela on her way to class. Jordan walks by.

Jordan: Hey.

Angela: Oh, hi. (pause). So how was your summer?

Jordan thinks for a moment.

Jordan: Sucked.

Angela smiles.

Rayanne and Sharon start to walk up to Angela.

Jordan: Later.

Angela looks after him with a smile. Then she turns her attention to Sharon and a hyper active Rayanne.

Rayanne: Angela, I've got this great idea.

Angela: What?

Rayanne: Come on, we gotta take Cherski. We gotta do it.

Angela: What?


Sharon is pushed on screen. She goes up to an old man.

Sharon: Um, hi, could you spare some change?

Sharon cannot keep a straight face. Angela and Rayanne join in.

Angela: Yeah, see we're from .....

Rayanne: Cleveland!

Angela: Yeah, and we....

Sharon: ...need to get back there

Rayanne: Like, before dinner.

Angela: But we don't have any money.

Sharon: Right! And we....

Rayanne: Need to call someone to like.....

Angela: ..pick us up.

The old man, baffled by all this, leaves as Angela, Sharon, and Rayanne break up into uncontrollable laughter. Then they start running down the street giggling and holding hands.

Angela (VO): In your darkest hours, you never see the possibility of happiness. You cannot comprehend how things can turn out positively. Then suddenly, everything just seems to fit into place. And you realize, you'll be fine. Just fine.



To be continued.....

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  • anonymous author commented on 06 Oct 2003:
    I was totally laughing the whole time! I love when Katimpsky asks Jordan to join drama! It kept my interest and was much less unpredictaple than other fan.fic. stories. However, Sharon would not call Rayanne Raynie all the time, it is a select use nick-name, Jordan would not got to drama, but he certainly wouldn't thank Mr. Katimpsky like he does. I liked thr return to the moment between Jordan and Angela from the pilot talking about the weekend/summer --clever, it sets them up to start over if they want to. The last scen with Sharon is clever, but it should not have been such a THING with Angela and Rayanne, remember that even though we see it with every episode, it was a one day thing for them, not a ritual, instead of using it as a recognized ritual or something, just cut to the scene happening, not planned, but natural.
  • anonymous commented on 10 Jul 2004:
    This story was horrible. All of the speach seemed to be mechanical, which annoyed me. And the fact that Sharon kept on calling Rayanne "Rainie" seemed to be out of character. And also, judging by the actual series, Jordan would have never shown up at drama club. The story seemed unrealistic and stupid. Also it seemed to tie up loose ends, making no real conflict at all. If Sharon is just one of their friends, who is the enemy. And also, the Graham story seemed very forced and dumb.

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