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Episode No. 22 - Identities

written by Larry McGillicuddy

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Published: 30 Jul 2003 | Size: 23 KB (4525 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.6/5   3.6/5 (64 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman


Angela is eating breakfast.

Angeka (VO): The one constant thing in my life. The one thing I could always count on. My parents being together and in love was now in jeopardy.

Patty walks in and looks at the refrigerator.

Angela (VO): My mom is constantly checking the refrigerator, like my dad is suddenly gonna pop out of it or something.

Patty: So, did you get a good night's sleep?

Angela: Yeah.

Patty: Everything going ok at school? Is Rayanne okay?

Angela: I don't know about Rayanne, but I'm fine. Mom, how are you?

Patty: Are you sure, because you know if this stuff with Amber is upsetting you, you can talk to me. You know that, right?

Angela: Yeah mom, I know.

Patty: So do you need a ride to school?

Angela: No, the bus is fine.

Patty looks disappointed.

Patty: OK. Have a good day.

Patty leaves. Danielle walks in.

Danielle: Mom is still acting weird.

Angela: Well Danielle, get used to it. She's gonna be this way until dad comes back.

Danielle: When is that gonna be?

Angela: How should I know?

Danielle: What did I do?

Angela: Nothing. I'm just ... I'm sorry.

The sound of a bus passing by outside.

Danielle: Isn't that your bus?

Angela runs out the door after the bus.

Angela is getting her books out of her locker. Rickie and Sharon are waiting for her.

Angela (VO): The news about Rayanne's mom was a shock to us all.

Rayanne walks down the hall talking to a couple guys. She is very hyper and looks happy.

Angela (VO): But Rayanne went on as if everything was normal.

As Rayanne passes, Rickie and Sharon give each other a concerned look.

Angela: Come on guys, let's go.

Jordan walks up to Mr. Katimski.

Katimski: Jordan! Can I help you with something?

Jordan: Well, Mr. K, you know, I tried to study Hamlet, or whatever.

Katimski: Uh-huh.

Jordan: I just couldn't get some of it. You know, Hamlet.

Katimski:  Well, I thought you were gonna ask your ... tutor from last year.

Jordan: Well see, I kinda learned something new about him. And you know, it's just this new situation, and it wouldn't be right. Because I would be using him, or whatever.

Katimski: Gee whiz, that's too bad. OK, meet me during study hall. I'll think of something.

Jordan: Ok. Thanks, Mr. K.

Jordan starts to walk away.

Katimski: Oh, Jordan.

Jordan: Yeah, Mr. K?

Katimski: You've already taken a big step. I'm proud of you.

Jordan doesn't know what to say.

Katimski: I'll see you at study hall.

Jordan: Thanks.

Brian is getting books out of his locker. Jennifer is standing really close to him.

Jennifer: So, are you ready for the party tomorrow night?

Brian: Um...sure.

Jennifer: So I guess it'll be like our first date, huh?

Brian (unsure): Yeah ... I guess.

Jennifer leans in to kiss him. Brian shuts his locker and turns the other way. Brian begins to walk to class. He turns around.

Brian: Come on. We're gonna be late.

Jennifer, looking slightly hurt, follows him.

Patty is on the phone.

PAtty: So what are you saying. (pause). Oh I see. Well listen, if you don't like our prices, you can take your damn business some place else....Yeah, well deal with it!

Camille Cherski (O.S.): Patty?

Patty turns around and sees Camille.

Patty: Camille? What are you doing here, you frightened me.

Camille: Well, I was in the neighborhood. I wanted to see how you were doing.

Patty: Camille...

Camille: How are you doing?

Patty: I'm fine. Why?

Camille: Patty...

Patty: Ok, I'm doing terrible. Is that what you wanted to hear?

Camille: Patty, just give it some time. Everything will be alright.

Patty: I just can't stand it anymore. I mean, the thought of him staying at Hallie's. It's just ....

Camille: He went to Hallie's?

Patty: Well I don't know, but where else would he be?

Camille: At Neil's?

Patty: You think he went there?

Camille: Why don't you call and find out?

Patty thinks for a moment.

Patty: I can't. I mean, what if he's not there. I'm not ready to deal with that possibility right now.

Camille: I'm sorry you have to go through this Patty. If you need me for anything, I'm here.

Patty: Right now I'd just like to get this out of my mind. And the only way to do that is by working. So I should get back...

Camille: OK.

Camille walks away. Patty starts to cry, but regains her composure and gets back to work.

Angela is waiting by while Sharon is fixing her hair.

Sharon: Oh my god. It looks horrible.

Angela: Sharon, your hair is fine.

Sharon: Really?

Angela: Yes.

Sharon: Well hold on a second. I'm almost done.

Jennifer Kaminski walks in and goes to a mirror near Angela.

Angela: (to Sharon) Um.. I'm gonna wait for you outside, ok.

Sharon: Ok.

Angela leaves.

Jennifer: Something I said?

Sharon: Ok. So what's the deal with you ... and Brian Krakow?

Jennifer: Oh, I see.

Sharon: No, no, no. Its just... I mean, I was just wondering.

Jennifer: Sure.

Sharon: So, why Brian Krakow?

Jennifer: Why not?

Angela comes back in. She sees Sharon and Jennifer talking. She talks without looking at them.

Angela: Sharon, we're gonna be late.

Jennifer rolls her eyes. Sharon leaves with Angela.

The room is empty except for Rickie and Mr. Katimski.

Rickie: I'm not sure Mr. Katimski. I'm not feeling very well these days.

Katimski: Enrique, you know I wouldn't have come to you unless I really need your help. I really want to help this kid.

Rickie: But why Jordan?

Katimski: He has been neglected by the school system throughout his entire life. I've seen what's happened in the past. It's gotta stop and I want to do that.

Rickie: Well then why me?

Katimski: Because you understand Hamlet. You studied it last year.

Rickie thinks for a moment.

Rickie: Ok, I'll do it.

Katimski: Thank you, Enrique. And I promise I'll make it up to you.

Angela and Jody Barsch are helping each other with an assignment.

Angela (VO): I felt guilty about talking to Jody Barsch before. But with everything that has happened recently, I felt even worse. Like I was betraying my friend in her time of need.

Jody: So you divide both sides by 4, and there's your answer.

Angela: God, this just isn't coming to me at all.

Jody: You'll get it eventually. It just takes time.

Angela: I just wish it didn't take so much time.

They laugh.

Angela (VO): And now we're laughing. God I'm low.

Angela: Ok, so x=7 here, right?

Jody: Right! There you go!

Angela (VO): It's only a matter of time until she asks about Rayanne.

Jody: So, how is Rayanne doing?

Angela (VO): And there we go.

Angela: Why do you keep asking me about her?

Jody is taken aback by this comment.

Angela: I'm sorry, but I mean, why don't you just talk to her?

Jody: I can't.

Angela: Sure you can. I mean, just walk up to her.

Angela (VO): I am such a hypocrite.

Jody: It's not that easy. It's been a while.

Angela: But the longer you wait, the harder it gets.

Jody just looks down. It's clear she is not ready to deal with this.

Angela: No.

Jody: What?

Angela: She's not fine.

Jody nods understandingly.

Jordan looks lost.

Rickie: Um, hi Jordan.

Jordan: Oh, hey. Um...I'm supposed to meet Katimski here or whatever.

Rickie: Well, um he kinda sent me, because you know I studied Hamlet last year or whatever.

Jordan: Oh, ok.

Long Pause. Rickie looks nervous.

Rickie: So, we don't have much time. Auditions are tomorrow.

Jordan: Yeah.

Rickie: So we should get started or whatever.

Jordan: Sure.

They both sit at a table and start to work.

Rayanne is leaning against the lockers flirting with a couple of jocks. Angela runs into Sharon who is watching Rayanne with a concerned look. They both walk up to her.

Angela: Rayanne, can I... we talk to you for a second?

Jock: Well anyways Graff, you up for the party tonight?

Rayanne: Sure, why not? You only live once.

Only Angela and Sharon realize how inappropriate that comment is.

Jock #2: Cool, well we'll see you there, later.

Rayanne: So you guys busted up the fun. What do you want?

Angela: Rayanne....

Rayanne: Oh no, you want to heal me. I get it. I'm not interested Chase.

Rayanne begins to leave.

Sharon: Rayanne, wait! It's just that you don't seem like yourself lately.

Rayanne: No, I'm acting the same way I always have. Everyone just expects something different from me now. IT would be better if I was depressed or weeping or sobbing. It would make everyone feel easier to approach me. Oh poor girl, she's hurting, let me go cheer her up. Well, too bad. I'm gonna deal with this in my own way. I'm not gonna be a walking sympathy case just so you can feel better about your life.

Angela and Sharon don't know what to say.

Rayanne: Later...

Rayanne leaves.

Patty opens the front door and walks in.

Patty: Hello? Danielle? Angela?

Danielle runs down from upstairs.

Danielle Hi mom!

Danielle gives her mom a big hug.

Patty: Thank you! I didn't mean to bother you. Just checking to see if you were home.

Danielle: Are you ok, mom?

Patty: Of course I am. Go back to what you were doing.

Danielle: Are you sure?

Patty: I'm fine sweetie. Everything's fine.

Danielle: I love you mom.

Danielle runs back upstairs.

Patty sits down to rest. After a few moments, she gets an idea and picks up the phone.

Patty: Hello? Oh hi, Marla. Is Neil there? Oh. Well I was just wondering if Graham was there.
Well has he been there at all this week? Oh, ok. No, that's fine. I just thought he might be. Thank You.

Patty hangs up. She begins to cry.

Danielle appears behind her. She has been listening. Danielle walks over to her mother and hugs her.

Danielle: I love you, mommy.

Patty: I love you too.

Graham is busy cooking. Lots of orders are being called out to him.

Hallie walks into the kitchen.

Hallie: How are things going in here?

Graham: How many times are you going to ask that?

Hallie: Whoa, what's wrong now?

Graham: Nothing. I'm just trying to concentrate, Hallie.

Hallie: Well, you've been in a bad mood recently. What's going on?

Graham: I don't want to talk about it.

Hallie: Ok, but I'm gonna wear you down, eventually.

Neil walks in.

Neil: Hey, Graham.

Graham: Oh, uh, Neil what are you doing here?

Neil: Marla got an interesting phone call today.

Graham: Can this wait? I'm really busy.

Neil: How long has it been?

Graham: What are you talking about?

Neil just stares at him.

Graham: Just a few days.

Neil: What happened?

Graham: Patty found out.

Neil: So you left.

Graham: She threw me out. I tried to talk to her, but she wouldn't hear me out.

Neil: Try again.

Graham: I Can't. She doesn't want me there.

Neil: I don't think that's true. She called asking for you. And besides,
your daughters. They need you. You owe it to them.

Graham has no response.

Neil: Look, just think about it. Don't ruin this. Call me if you need

Brian and Jennifer at his locker again.

Jennifer: Brian, is something wrong?

Brian: Ummm, no.

Jennifer: Then what is it? Is it me?

Brian: What do you mean?

Jennifer: You've been acting kinda weird lately. Have I done something wrong?

Brian: Weird how? I mean, um, I don't think I'm being weird.

Jennifer: Then why won't you kiss me.

Brian: Kiss you?

Jennifer: Yes, kiss me!

Brian: I.. um... well

Jennifer moves in closer to him, just like last time, but he turns his
head again.

Jennifer: See?

Brian: I don't know. I'm just not used to this...

Brian watches Angela and Sharon walk by.

Jennifer: Or is it because you'd rather be kissing her?

Brian: Who?

Jennifer: Duh.

Brian: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jennifer: Right.

Brian: Look, this party, I'm not feeling up to it.

Jennifer: What do you mean.

Brian: I just don't really care about parties, or whatever.

Jennifer: Oh, ok.

Jennifer walks away, dejected. Brian follows her.

Brian: Wait. Maybe the party doesn't sound so bad.

Jennifer: Yeah?

Brian: Yeah.

Jennifer beams. They walk to class. She holds his hand. As they pass
Angela, she is visibly upset. The sight of the two of them doesn't help.

Sharon: Oh, Angela, don't let it get to you. You have far more important
problems to deal with.

Angela: Thanks.

Sharon: Ooooh, No! I didn't mean it that way. I'm sorry. I'm just talking

Angela: Priorities.

Sharon: Right! And right now your priorities should be your father and

Angela: Right. Except..

Sharon: Except what?

Angela: I have no clue what to do about either of them.

Lots of students are milling about, preparing for the audition. Jordan
walks up to Mr. Katimski.

Katimski: Jordan! So nice to ... see you.

Jordan: Yeah. Look, Mr. K, I tried really hard. That guy, Rickie. He
really helped me out. But I don't think I'm ready. You know, for all of this.

Katimski: Oh, I know.

Jordan: You do?

Katimski: Jordan, this is a very complex piece. I didn't expect you to be ready for all of this, already.

Jordan: I don't understand. I mean, I tried really hard. I can barely read and I did everything I could to try and understand this play. I tried!

Mr. Katimski gives him a knowing look as Jordan gets it.

Jordan: Yeah.

Jordan gives a slight smile and walks away.

Graham is working on several orders. Hallie walks up to him.

Hallie: Hey Graham. Things still goin' good in here?

Graham: They're going fine, Hallie.

Hallie: Look, Graham, I can tell something is wrong. Stop lying to me.

Graham doesn't respond. A lightbulb goes off in Hallie's head.

Hallie: So, where have you been staying?

Graham: I don't want to talk about it.

Hallie: Graham. What happened? Did it have anything to do...

Graham cuts her off.

Graham: Didn't you hear me? I don't want to talk about it.

Hallie looks at him curiously.

Graham: I don't.

Hallie: (silently) Okay.

Music is playing. People are dancing, smoking, and drinking beer. Derek is off ina  corner hitting on some girl. Brian and Jennifer enter.

Jennifer: Wow, I wasn't expecting quite a turnout.

Brian: Me either.

Brian is very awkward.

Jennifer: Do you want a beer?

Brian: Um...

Jennifer: Look it's ok. Relax. I'll go get you a beer.

Jennifer leaves as Brian stands there, trying to blend in but doing a bad job of it. Derek spots him and comes over.

Derek: Hey Krakow, how's it going?

Brian: Um, pretty good, you know.

Derek: Yeah, cool. Where's Jennifer?

Brian: She went to get a beer.

Derek: Cool. Well, just don't stand there, let's party.

Brian laughs nervously.

Rayanne is at Amber's grave. She bends down to straighten up a rose. Someone walks up behind her.

O.S.: I miss her.

Rayanne turns around. It's Jody Barsch. Rayanne is taken aback for a moment, but then she turns back towards the headstone.

Jody: Hi.

Rayanne: I was wondering if you'd show up.

Jody: Why didn't you tell me? Why didn't you tell anyone?

Rayanne: I just couldn't deal with it. Everyone just trying to make me feel better. Consoling me. Telling me how it's gonna be okay. I just can't handle it. They don't know. They don't know how much I loved her. They don't know how I feel right now. Except you.

Jody nods. Rayanne is in tears.

Rayanne: Thank you for coming.

Jody: I had to come. And you know, I don't think that's true. It looks like you've got lots of people who care about you. What about Rickie? And that one girl? Angela?

Rayanne: You know about Angela?

Jody: Well, yeah. Just because we weren't friends anymore doesn't mean I stopped paying attention. I didn't stop caring about you.

Rayanne: I almost screwed it up with her too.

Jody: But you didn't.

Rayanne: I almost did. Jody?

Jody: Yeah?

Rayanne: I don't understand. I'm still friends with Angela. Why aren't we still friends?

Jody: You apologized to her. Didn't you?

Rayanne shakes her head affirmatively.

Jody: Well that's the difference. That's why.

Rayanne nods as she understands.

Jody: Look Rayanne. I didn't come here to dredge up the past. I didn't come here to make you feel worse. Amber was a great person. I miss her. And I'm sorry.

Jody walks up to Rayanne and hugs her. Both women are crying now.

Rayanne: Thank you.

They break apart. Jody wipes her eyes and waves as she walks away.

Jennifer has come back with a beer for Brian, who is having a hard time blending in.

Jennifer: Here you go.

Brian: Thanks.

Jennifer: So, are you ever gonna kiss me?

Brian: Um, I'm just a little um... nervous, or whatever.

Jennifer: Don't be.

Brian is shaking, but he summons enough courage to lean in to her. Jennifer is surprised.

Derek: Hey guys!

Before they kiss, they turn around and see Derek, along with his jock friends.

Brian: Um, hi.

Jennifer: (sarcastically) Hi, Derek.

Derek: I'm sorry. I'm not interrupting anything, am I?

Jennifer: Shutup, Derek.

Derek: Hey Krakow, bottoms up.

Derek holds his beer up.

Brian: Actually, I have to ... um ... go to the bathroom.

Brian starts to walk to the bathroom, but Derek stops him.

Derek: Come on, just take a swig.

Brian: I like, really have to go.

Derek: What's wrong, Krakow?

Brian: (defensive) Nothing! I just have to go.

Jennifer: Look Derek, just leave him alone.

Derek: No, no it's no big deal. I just want to know why Brian won't take a drink.

Brian knows that they're on to him now.

Derek: Do you think we're stupid? We know you've been putting water in your beer. Who do you think you're trying to fool? You thought you could hang with us? You thought you could be cool? Dude, you can change your hair, your dress, your car, but you know what? You'll always be a geek. Forever.

Derek has moved closer to Brian, who is frightened. Jennifer tries to break it up but two of Derek's friends hold her back.

Jennifer: Leave him alone, Derek!

Derek: What is your problem, Jenny? You're the one that told us he was drinking water. You brought him here and you knew what was gonna happen.

Brian looks at her. Her face drops, acknoledging the truth.

Brian: Jennifer?

Jennifer: I'm sorry!

Derek: See? You couldn't get the girl either. It was all an act.

Jennifer: That's not true!

Brian tries to leave, but Derek holds him back.

Derek: Where do you think you're going?

Another jock shows up behind Derek. It's Kyle.

Kyle: Look, man leave him alone.

Derek: Stay out of it, Vinovich.

Kyle: Come on man, you've had your fun. Let him go.

Derek: What is it to you? You friends with this geek.

Kyle: No, I'm not.

Derek: So what's the problem?

Kyle: This is supposed to be a party. Come on.

Derek: I suppose you're right. I think I'll be taking this though.

Derek grabs the beer bottle out of Brian's hand and pushes him towards the door. They walk away. Brian starts to leave. Jennifer runs over to him.

Jennifer: Brian, I'm sorry.

Brian: Stay away from me.

Brian opens the door and looks at his car. It's covered with toilet paper and words such as "geek", "dork", "nerd", and "loser" are painted all over it.

Jennifer: Oh no.

Brian: Did you know about this too? Or did you actually help them paint?

Jennifer: I swear Brian. I didn't know!

Brian: You expect me to beleive you now? That is so like, laughable.

Brian gets in and starts his car.

Brian: (tersely) Do you need a ride?

Jennifer nods silently.

Brian: Well get in.

Jennifer: Thank you.

Brian: Don't thank me. Don't say anything. You have nothing to say to me.

Jennifer: Then why are you driving me?

Brian: So you can see.

Jennifer: See what?

Brian: That I'm not like you.

Graham is parked outside. He considers getting out of the car and going inside. Patty can see him from inside. Neither of them know what to do. GRaham opens the door and starts to get out. Patty looks hopeful. At the last minute, Graham gets back in and drives off. Patty closes her eyes.

Rayanne is still there. She turns around and sees Angela, Rickie, and Sharon walking towards her. She begins to walk away.

Rickie: Rayanne!

She is startled a bit and turns around. Rickie walks towards her. The others stay behind.

Rickie: You can't keep doing this. You can't keep shutting us out. Let us help. Please.

Rayanne: It's hard.

Rickie: I know it is. But we're you're friends. You have to trust us.

Rayanne looks at Rickie, taking in what he says.

Rickie: Look, you either talk to us or I'm gonna have Sharon sing.

Rayanne: Alright, you win. We wouldn't want to raise the dead, now would we?

Sharon puts on a mock offended face.

Rayanne: Well, come on over here, Chase. You too Cherski. You wanted to talk. Now let's talk.

Angela and Sharon walk over to join them.

Angela: So, what happened? I mean, how?

Rayanne: Well, my mom was away with Rusty. And they went out. On their way back, he was a little drunk. And he didn't see the pick up truck coming from the other direction.

Angela: How did you find out?

Rayanne: I got a phone call in the morning. And you know, I'm all like rude, "who's this?" and theyre like "do you know amber vallone?" and i'm like "yeah, what of it?" because i dont know, it could be like a bill collector or something. But I could tell something was wrong, even before she said it. I could feel it.

Angela: I'm so sorry, Rayanne.

Rayanne begins to cry.

Rayanne: I really miss her. I'm sorry I didn't tell you guys.

Sharon: It's ok, Rayanne. It really is.

Rayanne: No, I should've told you. You guys are my friends. You're all I have left now. I don't want to lose you.

Rickie: Rayanne, that's silly. You'll never lose us. We'll always be here for you.

Rayanne: (to Angela) I almost lost you.

Angela: But you didn't.

Rayanne: Right. I didn't.

Rayanne smiles and they hug.

Rickie: She was a great person.

Rayanne: Yeah she was.

Sharon: What was she like? I never got to meet her.

Rayanne smiles.

Rayanne: Kinda like me.


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  • ChaseFace888 commented on 03 Aug 2003:
    The story's a bit too dramatic for mscl, but you got some of the dialogue down really well, and i could actually picture some of the characters, especially rickie, kaminsky, brian, and angela saying the lines in my head
  • Saria commented on 05 Aug 2003:
    I thought this was a good story, MSCL is dramatic - read the Xmas episode. Please continue this story line, its really great! :)
  • Ashley commented on 16 Jun 2004:
    This story was really awesome. I enjoy reading your stories! You should continue them if you have time. good job.
  • Bonnie commented on 04 Jul 2004:
    it is awesome!But they need to get Jordan and Angela back 2-gether again, they were such a good couple, hahaha
  • Sydney commented on 02 Oct 2004:
    oh my gosh- your stories are good- you should soo
    continue them- i like can totaly see one of the
    characters saying your lines- it very dramatic and fits
    the show very good- and nothing seems rushed--sp
    keep on going- MSCL ROCKS!!!

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