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Extra Credit Assignment

written by Lark Wadsworth

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Published: 1997 | Size: 3 KB (595 words) | Language: english | Rating: PG-13
Average: 3.1/5   3.1/5 (12 votes)

based on stories and characters created by Winnie Holzman

Hi all!

In a fit of empathy for our UK listies, I watched "Betrayal" and "In Dreams" last night (and cried! I always do!), and while I was watching "In Dreams", I noticed something interesting. There is a scene in that episode where everyone is in Katimski's class and he has a bunch of vocabulary words written on the blackboard and has given out an Extra Credit assignment to the students, to use each of the words in a sentence. Knowing by now that the makers of MSCL just simply don't overlook details, I slowed my tape down and took a closer look at the words on the blackboard. Quite interesting. Among others (I couldn't read all of them) I found:

Capture, dehydrate, dessicate, parallel, perpendicular, serendipity, extraneous, sacred, mendacity, dubious, vituperative, specious, superlative, procrastinate, ulterior, sycophant, vacuous, temerity, loquacious, conundrum......

I just thought it was interesting how many of those words seem to reflect the mood of the episodes from Betrayal on....mendacity, vituperative, specious and ulterior in particular. So, I came up with the idea of doing some of the characters' extra credit assignments for them. You know......

Angela: When you stop to think about people, and how sometimes they have these, like, ulterior motives, it really makes you wonder about things. Like, why did Rayanne sleep with Jordan? Is nothing sacred?

Sharon: Why did I give that scum Jordan such a vituperative look after class? Oh, please, that is like, so known. I mean, that he even had, like, the temerity to speak to Angela, after what he did!

Brian: What? Does writing that letter for Jordan constitute mendacity, if what I wrote was really the truth about how I felt? I don't know. I meant every word. Leave me alone.

Jordan: If behaving like a sycophant would get Angela to like me again, I'd do it.....or whatever. It's like, you think someone is just extraneous, that you don't need them. You don't need anyone. And then you find out you're wrong. And...and....and.....and knowing that, it's like some kind of serendipity thing. Or whatever. Gotta go.

Rayanne: I guess my chances of getting Angela to forgive me are pretty dubious, since basically I screwed up, and now she finds everything I do or say specious. I used to think I was so cool, because that's how she saw me. She admired me. Now, lately....I just feel kind of dried up inside. Dehydrated or dessicated or something, like some kind of derelice cretin scum. It makes me want to get drunk. But that's how this whole thing started.

Rickie: What a conundrum. I like Corey Helfrick. Corey likes Rayanne--I think. Delia Fisher likes me. Brian likes both Delia and Angela, but he treats them both like wallpaper! Angela wants to be experienced. Rayanne wants to be innocent. Jordan wants to be forgiven. Brian wants to be heard. Delia wants to be safe. I want to be normal. But I'm gay. It's enough to drive a sane person crazy.

Mr. Katimski: Ah, gee whiz....such loquacious responses. I'm ah.....impressed by it all, really. It's just, well, hmm, how to say this? You've all managed to capture your feelings so well, I have to wonder, ah.....why did you procrastinate so much in doing this assignment?

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