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Chapter 8: Love or Lust?

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Chapter 8: Love or Lust?

written by kristen

added on: 24 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Jordan: Look Angela! You can't love me. You just can't! so stop!
Angela: You know what? I thought I loved you but the real person I love is Brian! he's been here for me when all you cared abot was getting me into bed. I think its best you leave. Now!

Jordan glances at Brian. Brian smiles weakly. Jordan turns around and looks back, spits, and drives away.

Brian: So are we going to talk about what you just, like, said.
Angela: There's nothing to talk about.
Brian: Is it, um, true though? I mean, you , like, love me or something?
Angela gets up and looks into brian's perfect blue eyes.

Angela: Yes. Brian I love you.

Angela: (voice over) i can not believe i just told Brian Krakow that I loved him. its so weird yet, I don't regret saying it.

Brian: (voice over) This is so unreal. This only happens to like, cool people.

Brian: I love you too.

Angela grabs Brian's hand and they walk down to Brian's yard.

Angela and Brian stnd there holding eachother's hands, looking at eachother.

Angela leans in and kisses brian on his chin. then his cheek, and finally his mouth.
Brian kisses Angela back.

Brian: (voiceover) All these years obbsessing over Angela Chase, and here I am, kissing her, lik ein my own yard and everything!

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