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Chapter 9: Secrects in the Girlsroom

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Chapter 9: Secrects in the Girlsroom

written by Tundra

added on: 28 Aug 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Sharon: Angela you need to tell brian the truth. Truth
and comunication are the main thing.

Angela: (laughs) like how you communicate with Kyle.
(VO) People like expect there to be like one truth. Like
you can even know what it is. (looks down) sorry.

Sharon: No, No, you're right. It's just with Kyle..........

Angela: (interupts and walks toward Sharon) Besides
what is the truth anyway. (plays with paper towel
despencer) Like, how do I know.......or something.

Sharon:(large grin on face) Angela! are you saying you
might like actually have feelings for Brian Krac....

Angela:(bending to see if anyone is in bathroom stalls)
SHHHHH. God. It's not like you have to say it so loud.

Sharon: (softer) no you two would make a good a twilight zone kinda way.

Angela: (laughs and covers her facewith both hands) I
can not belive we are actually having this coversation
about *Brian*.

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