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Chapter 8: Never Understand

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Chapter 8: Never Understand

written by Joie

added on: 18 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

SHARON: Well...

SHARON turns to the mirror. She spots her hair is a little out of place, groans in frustration and pulls a clip out.

SHARON: Ugh... this clip... is driving me crazy....

ANGELA: Sharon! What things, what did you hear?

SHARON: What? Oh... yeah. Well, I was talking to Brian, 'cause, um, he wants to change tutoring with me, right?

ANGELA: He's tutoring Jordan.

SHARON: Uh-huh, right... so (realises) Angela, I'm sure it's nothing personal. Anyway. So, I'm like, well, "why should I?" and he says that Jordan expects too much of him or something, and he said that Jordan asked him to write you this letter or something. I dunno, he was kinda vague, and I was kinda in a hurry, so... yeah.

ANGELA: So you knew too? About the letter.


ANGELA: I can't believe this... is there anyone he *hasn't* told about the letter?

SHARON: So, what was the letter?

ANGELA: It was just this... letter. That I thought that Jordan Catalano had like written. For me.

SHARON: After...

ANGELA: Yeah. And, I really liked it. And then it turned out that *Brian Krakow* wrote it... and maybe.. that he meant it? Oh God...


SHARON: But, I mean, seriously, Angela... how can this be like such a big surprise to you?

ANGELA: (stunned) How can it be a big surprise? Are you crazy, how can it *not* be a surprise?!? He's Brian Krakow, we've known each other since we were like 5 years old, it's like having feelings for your cousin or something.

SHARON: Well, people do--

ANGELA: Your *first* cousin!

SHARON: I see your point.


SHARON tucks her hair neatly back into place, and thinks. Finally, she turns.


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