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Chapter 13: Child Support

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Chapter 13: Child Support

written by Joie

added on: 22 Jun 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(BRIAN, stands, the entire class' eyes on him. BRIAN stares, horrified, at the teacher.)

TEACHER: Brian, are you okay?

BRIAN: (stammers.) Ye-yeah. I-I-I mean, I mean. God, I'm sorry, I just... can I get a drink of water?

TEACHER: Sure. (TEACHER gives him a worried look, then turns back to the class. BRIAN exits silently.)


(BRIAN trudges down the hall. He reaches a drinking fountain, takes a drink, then splashes his face. He runs his wet hands through his hair.)

BRIAN (VO): I really think... I need to stop thinking. About Angela Chase. I'm gonna... lose my mind, if I don't. Like, really soon. I'll just stop... one day at a time.

(BRIAN walks back toward the class, enters. RAYANNE and RICKIE pass the classroom on their way to the GIRL's TOILETS.)

RICKIE: Really? I never thought Sharon was like that.

RAYANNE: (laugh.) What, like a slut?

RICKIE: She's not a slut, I'm not saying that, I was just surprised she'd... well, in a way, almost use someone like that.

RAYANNE: (shrug.) What can I tell you?

(RICKIE shrugs, they enter the GIRL's TOILETS.)


RAYANNE: Sharon also told me something interesting. About you.

RICKIE: What about me?

RAYANNE: That Delia Fisher has a thing for you.

RICKIE: Oh. I know. Delia told me.

RAYANNE: Delia told you? Woah. She should start giving lessons. First student? Brian Krakow! Da da dum!

RICKIE: (laugh.) Rayanne.

RAYANNE: Seriously. The guy needs some kind of, I don't know, emotional support or something. He's gonna fall apart.

RICKIE: How d'you know?

RAYANNE: Please. I know these things.

(Listening inside a stall is:

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