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Chapter 12: Telepathic Screams

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Chapter 12: Telepathic Screams

written by Lauren

added on: 30 Dec 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela: Brian?!
Brian: (shaken from his trance of confusion and amazement) Uh, yeah, well, I mean, like, of course someone would write a letter like that to you.

**BBRRRIIIINNNGG** (the bell rings)

Brian:(trembling w/nerves)uhh, I have calculus and I can't, like, afford to miss anything, so, um, bye...

He walks away before she can reply, still in a daze.

In calculus, Brian ends up the notes and explanations anyway
because he's too busy yelling at himself.

Brian VO: God, I'm such an idiot! That was my chance to be honest and open but I just ran away! She wanted to know how I felt about her! Sure, she had a disguised way of asking but that doesn't really matter. I know I'm a craven but I truely am clueless when it comes to articulating, you know, my feelings. Why does Angela even do this to me? Does she really need me to spell it out for her? She should know how I feel by now, can't she hear my telepathic screams?!

"CHRIST" Somehow Brian went from quietly tearing himself down in his seat to standing and shouting, interuppting the teacher. Brian blushes as everyone turns to look at him.

Teacher: Do you need to excuse yourself Brian?

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