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Chapter 13: Dinner and a Movie

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Chapter 13: Dinner and a Movie

written by Michi

added on: 15 Dec 2003 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Patty: (Surprise) Oh sorry....Hi Jordan.

Jordan: (Shy smile) Hey...Hi Mrs. Chase.

Patty: Call me Patty. (To Angela) It's ok for you and Jordan to visit in your room, but leave the door open ok. (She walks away)

Angela: (Embarrassed) Trust my mother to ruin the moment.

Jordan: (Chuckles) She didn't ruin anything....she's pretty nice.

Angela: (Rolls her eyes) Try living with her.

Jordan: (Distant look) I never knew my mom.

Angela: (Curious) Really?

Jordan: She left when I was 2 or dad never talks about it or her....we really don't talk a lot.....really.

Angela: I'm sorry.

Jordan: (Blinks) You dad is a lot nicer than mine.....(Bitter) My dad used to knock me around a lot.....

Angela: (Shocked) Jordan.....

Jordan: (Sighs) He doesn't anymore....

Angela VO: There are things I didn't know about Jordan I think I can understand him more. (She hugs him)

Jordan: (Hugs her back) My life sucked....until I met you....

Angela: I didn't know....

They just hug in silence.....the scene fades.


Angela and Jordan are sitting on the living room couch, watching ROCKY IV. Jordan has his arm around her, and she has her head on his shoulder.

Angela: (Watching the scene where Rocky and the Russian fight) I'd have to be out of my mind to get in the ring with that guy.

Jordan: (Grins) This was always my fave part of the Rocky movies.

Angela: (Rolls her eyes) I'm sure.

Jordan: No really, it's like....everytime I see it....It's like different but the same.

Angela opens her mouth to say something but the door bell rings.

Angela: I'll be right back.....(Gets up and opens the door)

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