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Chapter 12: Housewarming

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Chapter 12: Housewarming

written by Joie

added on: 11 Nov 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

JORDAN and ANGELA. In the car. In front of the CHASE HOUSE.

ANGELA: So... do you wanna come in? It's okay, my mom shouldn't be around, and my dad... probably won't take too much notice... but you don't have to, I mean...

JORDAN: No, I like your house. And I never really saw it properly.

ANGELA and JORDAN get out of the car, and walk up the drive.

ANGELA: Well, it's not that interesting or anything. Um... my room, I'm just gonna say it now, is like a disaster area, so... just don't look. Pretend there isn't junk all over the floor.

JORDAN: Hm. I never expected you to have a messy room.

ANGELA: Oh, *thanks*. (teasing) What, is it like a turn-off or something?

JORDAN: (laughs) No, it just... I mean, everyone I know, has a messy room. It's kinda... good, in this way.

ANGELA: Okay, well... good.

ANGELA and JORDAN enter the house.

GRAHAM (OS): Angela! Is that you?

ANGELA rolls her eyes, anticipating the weirdness when her father sees JORDAN. Again.

ANGELA: (calls) Uh-huh!

GRAHAM (OS): Listen honey--

GRAHAM comes into the room, spots JORDAN, stops.

GRAHAM: Uh, hi.


ANGELA: It's okay if Jordan stays over, for a little while, right?

GRAHAM: Uh, sure, do you... want something to eat?

ANGELA: (to JORDAN) Are you hungry?

JORDAN: Uh, sure.

GRAHAM: Well, good. (Exits to KITCHEN)


"Follow You Down" by the Ginblossoms plays on the stereo. ANGELA lies across the bed, eating, JORDAN is sprawled across the floor, also eating.

JORDAN: Your dad is actually... pretty easy-going.

ANGELA: Mm. Most of the time, I guess.

Beat. They eat.

JORDAN: Angela, what I said before.... I didn't mean, to say something stupid about Rayanne or anything, I just... I dunno. That's all. It was just this stupid thing to say.

ANGELA: (sigh) It's okay.

JORDAN: (heavily) Tino has been getting at me like so badly since everything.

ANGELA: (stunned) *Tino* has?

JORDAN: Yeah. He really... hates, like, the idea of Graff... and me...

ANGELA: (quietly teasing) Hmm. Maybe I should go out with Tino.

JORDAN: (laughs) Oh, trust me, you don't wanna go out with Tino!

ANGELA: (cheeky) Oh, yeah, why not?

JORDAN reaches over to kiss her.

JORDAN: Because Tino isn't as charming as me.

ANGELA laughs, and they kiss. The door opens, and there stands:

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