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Chapter 10: ch.2

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Chapter 10: ch.2

written by zuly

added on: 23 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

(Angela and Riky are talking in the hallway)
Riky:so has jordan told you about the concert that is going on tonight at the loft.
Angela:no he hasnt.
Riky: so do want to go.
Angela well yeah but ill have to ask my mom first.
Agela: so how about call you and get bak to you.
Riky:Ok so later i Have to get to english
Angela:yah ok bye.
(As riky leaves jordan appears and kisses angela on the cheek)
Jordan:So do you want a ride home.
Jordan: ok so see yah i have to go talk to tino>
angela: oh ok see yah

(angela and Jordan are in fron of angelas house in his car)
Angela: So what ar you doing tonight?
Jordan I Dont know i Guess ill just hang around at home.
AngelaV.o:(I dont know why but I had the feeling that he was lying to me)
Angela: well ok
Jordan:Yeah bye then.
(jordan kisses.Angela on the lips)

(Angela walks into her house and calls her mom)
PAtty:Oh hi honey
Angela:Oh hi mom.
Patty:so do you want to tell me something.
Angela:Yeah mom see riky invited me to the loft becaue thi band is playng their...and I really want to go
So can I.
PAtty:Well ofcoures you can go but make shure you call me when you get their ok.
Angela:Gees mom thanks alot well iam going to go call riky.
(she kisses her mom and then runs upstairs to call rick.
Riky:so youre mom said yeah.
Riky:well ill be their in like about an hour ok.
Riky:bye then
Angela: Wait Riky I forgot to tell you something.
Angela:whose going to take us.
Riky:oh......brian is
Angela:What.. how.. why
Riky:angela dont worry hes just taking us their..oh yeah sharon is going to.....and oh I forgot to metion Ryan is going to.
Angela:What o my gosh how could you! I just wont go forget it !
Riky:Oh common Angela you can just ignore her besides sharon is going to you can hang with her.
Angela:Well fine i guess.
Riky:well bye then.

(Angela,Riky,sharon,and ryan arrive at the loft.They all get out of the car and wave to Bryan as he leaves)

Sharon:oh my gosh this night is going to be so much fun.
(they all smile )
Angela:HEy sharon want to go get some drinks or something.
Sharon:yeah sure.Hey ryan do you want to come to.
Ryan:I dont know maybe angela doesnt want me to go
Angela:(roles her eyes)Whatever
(As they are walking sharon sees something and her eyes widen.Ryan sees the same thing too.
Angela:Whats wrong what did you see?
Sharon oh i thought i spotted Kyle
Angela:oh common stop lying what did you see
Sharon:nothin really.
Ryan:Oh common sharon stop lying to her.
(Ryan points to were jordan is at making out with this tall blode girl)
Angela:(ABout to cry)Oh my gosh I cant believe this.
Sharon:So what are you going to do.
Angela:What can I do
Ryan:yeah you can you can go up their and humiliate him in fron of his freinds.
Sharon:Yeah graff is right go up their and houmiliate him
Angela:ok I will
(angela wipes her eyes and starts walking toward jordan when she gets were jordans at she taps on his shoulder He looks at angela surprised and the blonde girl leaves)
Jordan:Oh hey
Angela:I cant believe you lied to me an sheated on me!
Jordan:Hey Angela you mine going some were else to talk in private.
Angela:Just shut up Jordan! I cant believe i thought we could have a serius relationship with And most of all I cant believe I forgigave you!how could ive been so stupid!
Jordan:let me explain
Angela:their is nothing to explain here!
Jordan:Yeah their is.
Angela:what that you ..........That you know what never mine theirs know use of me ....All I can say its over Jordan!
(as she starts to walk away she sees brian coming her way
then she run to him and hugs him.Jordan sees them and with jealosy turns away.

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