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Chapter 9: Chapter 1

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Chapter 9: Chapter 1

written by zuly

added on: 23 Jul 2004 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela:so you want to talk or something.
Angela:so whats up.
Jordan: I wanted to talk to you about the letter(long pause)I know you know that i didnt really right that letter.
but I like want you to know that even if i didnt write it I meant everyhing it Iam sorry.
Angela:No its ok i forgive for everithing and i believe you.
(jordan grabs her hand)
jordan:So everything is cool between us?
Angela:Yeah everything is just fine.
angelaV.O:(no not everithing is fine because iam still thinking about brian and the letter and what almost happenned that night)
Jordan:so i guess bye.(he kisses Angela on the lips)
Angela:Yeah bye see yah tommorow.
Jordan:Do you want me to pick you up.
Angela:yeah ok see you tommorow.
(angela gets out of the car and waves as Jordan leaves. As she starts to wakk toward her house she bumps into Brian.)
(angela looks at brian sort of smiles at him)
Angela:Oh hey
Angela: so i have to go.
Brian:so bye.
(brian starts to walk away from angela. But all of a sudden Angela calls him )
Angela:Brian do you want to talk.
Brian:about what.
Angela: about the letter you wrote to Jordan.
Angela:so I wanted to know if you really feel this way about me.
Brian:look i just wrote that stupid letter to help Jordan to get you back.
Brian:(laughing in a nervous way)What did you think I really felt that way about you.
Angela:Oh just shut up.
Brian: I am sorry. ok well bye then.
Angela:Yeah bye.
(angela walks away and gets in to her house.)

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  • Jordan sheats on Angela again and they break up.:
    Chapter 10: ch.2 by zuly (23 Jul 2004)
    no more subchapters.

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