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The Interactive FanFiction Story

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Chapter 9: Party?

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Chapter 9: Party?

written by Nadia

added on: 10 Jul 2001 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

AC- So Catalano, are we still on for this party tommorow?
JC- Tino said he's going so i'll probly go to. I could meet you there if you want. I think Graff is going.
AC (Vo) Rayanne always seems to be going.
AC- So ok, i'll meet you there. (VO- Kiss me)
JC- i've got to go. I'm meeting Tino for a smoke.
AC- Bye... (VO- you couldn't we go together?)

RG- Hay Angel Cakes!
RV- Hi Angela
AC- Hi. Jordan mentioned that you were going to some party this weekend. Are you still?
RG- Larry's party?
(AC shrugs)
RG (cont.) yea, i'm going. You coming to?
AC- i think so. He said we should meet there tho.
(AC turns to look at Jordan who is leaning on a locker, head tilted back. Zoom in on JC who is putting in eye drops)
AC- he leans great...
RG- do you want to come with me?
AC- i'm notr sure, if i go then won't it seem needy?

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