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Chapter 15: She's just oxygen to me

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Chapter 15: She's just oxygen to me

written by anonymous author

added on: 20 Mar 2000 - based on characters created by Winnie Holzman

Angela spots Jordan's car in a empty parking lot there is someone with him but she can't make it out who it is

AngelaVO: Even though me and Jordan were like not together I still couldn't feel somewhat jealous that he had someone to like talk to about things and not me
This better not turn into the scenario where I see them get into the backseat because I seriously will kill him this time

Cynthia: Jordan what happened why did you call me out here with you?

Jordan: It's that girl Angela Chase the "weird" one

Cynthia: What about her? Aren't you like her boyfriend?

Jordan: Yea I am and not that Brain kid.....

Cynthia: What who is that?

Jordan: Nevermind I mean no we are like not together I'm not seeing her
I don't even care about her she and Brain can just go compare instruments or something see if I care

Cynthia: Ok whatever you say, so now could you take me home?

Jordan: Oh just run away just like her?

Cynthia: Catalano you're not making sense....
You can't fool me I have known you way too long
What happened with this Angela girl?

Jordan: Nothing she is just different I guess and for once I like felt something other that sadness or anger I like loved her and she made this stupid letter a big deal...she just loves to make things so complicated

Cynthia: So why are you here with me and not with her?

Jordan: Because I can like talk to you about stuff like this..

Cynthia: Ok I see so you like want her back right?

Jordan: I guess

Cynthia: No you either want her or you don't

Jordan: Yea I do ok I can't help it

Angela gets out of the car to try and listen to what is being said..

Cynthia: Do you mean it?

Jordan: Yes god ok,,,

Cynthia looks skeptical....

Jordan: yells Yes I do want Angela Chase.
Yes I love her and I want to be together with her.
looks up at the sky.....
I need her to like live, I can't get over it she is like oxygen to me.

AngelaVO: Just like that it happened I forgave him I truly did and I see that I love him and I can be with him...

Angela runs across trying to meet with him
it seems like she is running forever....

Angela stops when Jordan turns around and Cynthia then takes the cue and ....

Cynthia: Well I'll guess I will leave you guys alone

Jordan: Angela.....

Angela: Shut up

Jordan: Angela

Angela goes over and passionatly kisses him....
it starts to rain and they don't even notice the rain....

Angela: Take me away....tonight

Jordan: Where to?

Angela: My house....My parents are out of town.....

Jordan: Ok, first I gotta take Cynthia home..
he turns around to see his car gone,
I guess she already left

AngelaVO: I can't believe he trusts someone with his car like that maybe someday he will trust me like that

They make it back.......

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